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15th Southern Croydon, St Peters Scouts Group

  • CB168
  • Corporate body
  • 1927

The 15th Southern Croydon, St Peters Scouts was formed in November 1927 under Scoutmaster Rev. Peter Thornton. By the time of their first concert in November 1928 the membership was over 100 Rovers (17 to 25 years), Scouts (11 to 16 years) and Cubs (7 to 11 years). The Troop met in their headquarters on Selsdon Road. Reports of their activities appear in the St Peters parish magazine.

In 1935, the Rovers leave the 15th and set up a new Troop (St Peters parish magazine, May 1935, p.7).

1st Sanderstead Scout Troop

  • CB165
  • Corporate body
  • 1938 - 1939

Although the postal address of the 1st Sanderstead Scout Troop HQ was on Sanderstead Road, the Troop actually met in a hut next to the allotments north of Sanderstead Road. The entrance to the path was next to Broomhall Road and the path ran alongside the railway. The hut was situated at the point that the path diverged. It is shown on the 1988 aerial survey but has gone by the 2001 Ordnance Survey map.

64th Croydon Scout Troop

  • CB169
  • Corporate body
  • 1935

The 64th Croydon Scout Troop was formed on 01 April 1935 at South Croydon Methodist Church Hall, Bartlett Street. The General Scout Master was Eric C. Cleaver of 77 St Peters Road.

Adult School

  • CB228
  • Corporate body
  • 1798 - 1914

All Saints Infant School

  • CB075
  • Corporate body
  • 1967

All Saints Infant School was opened on 1 September 1967. The Infant School, unlike the Junior School is not a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School. In October 2005, the Infant School and CE Junior School were federated under one head and, from 2008, in one building.

All Saints Junior School

  • CB068
  • Corporate body
  • 1838

Founded circa 1834, perhaps as a dame school or as a school attached to All Saints Chapel. Made a Church of England school by trust deed, dated 1849. Enlarged and became a National School in 1864. Infants school founded probably 1838; Girls school founded probably 1838; Boys school founded probably 1838; National school opened Jan 1866; Girls and Infants schools amalgamated 1 January 1905; Girls and Infants and Boys schools amalgamated 1 September 1924 to become Junior Mixed [Boys and Girls] and Infants: became known as the Academy on the Hill, recruiting only graduates and enjoying a considerable reputation; school lost aided status in 1953 and became a controlled school; reorganised as separate infants and junior schools, 1 September 1967; old junior school buildings demolished 1971. From 1967 - 2005 the Infants and Juniors were separate schools.

All Saints Infant School and All Saints CE Junior School federated in October 2005 with one Headteacher and one Governing Body. The schools federated because the Infants is a Community School and the Juniors is a Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) School.

In September 2008 the school became a joint building with one main entrance, administrative office and staffroom.

Ancient Order of Shepherds

  • CB176
  • Corporate body
  • 1866 - 1889

Sanctuary Pride of the Sea was opened in January 1866, with officers from Sancuary 3146 of the Order in attendance. Pride of the Sea was the South Norwood Sanctuary (i.e. branch): the first meeting took place at the Alliance Hotel, South Norwood ( no location is given for any other meeting); and several of the officers can be identified as South Norwood residents.

One Croydon lodge of the Ancient Order of Foresters friendly society (opened at the Ship Inn in 1862) was named Pride of the Ocean: this may explain the Shepherds choice of name.

Meetings took place monthly (although minutes have not been completed for four meetings in the latter part of 1881). Officers, who were elected in December and June for six - month terms, included the following: Ancient Pastor [Chairman]; Sub Pastor; Treasurer; Scribe (or Secretary); First Attendant; First Keeper; Second Keeper; and Auditor. Not all these posts existed throughout the period of the minute books.

Like most friendly societies, Sanctuary Pride of the Sea supported its members (Brothers) or their dependants at times of sickness, hardship or death. The minutes, however, are more concerned with the Sanctuarys administration and ceremonial ( the election of officers and new members, and the imposition of fines dor absence from meetings, or for breaches of regulations such as not wearing a scripp, etc.)

Applegarth Infant School

  • CB060
  • Corporate body
  • 1967 - 2007

Applegarth Infant School opened in January 1967, followed by an official opening on 12 October 1967.

Applegarth Junior School

  • CB047
  • Corporate body
  • 1966 - 2007

The first pupils were admitted to Applegarth Junior School on 05 January 1967 and the school was officially opened on 12 October 1967. Delays in completing the buildings meant that the Infants school initially shared premises with the Juniors for a short period.

Ashburton Community School

  • CB026
  • Corporate body
  • 1931 - 2000

Opened as Ashburton Senior School, 7 September 1931 in Long Lane, Croydon. Reopened as Ashburton Secondary Modern School in Shirley Road, 4 April 1950. Boys and Girls departments became separate schools on 1 Jan 1952. The two schools then amalgamated to form Ashburton High School on 1 September 1970. The school was renamed Ashburton Community School in September 1999.

The school is moved to new buildings on the Shirley Road site in April 2006 as part of the Ashburton Learning Village project. The former school buildings on the Shirley Road will be demolished to make way for housing.

Ashburton Infant School

  • CB011
  • Corporate body
  • 1950 - 2009

Ashburton Infant School opened on 20 April 1950. Between July 1928 to April 1950 there had been a combined Junior and Infant School at the site on Long Lane. This had been known initially as Long Lane School.

Both Ashburton Infant and Ashburton Junior Schools closed in July 2009 and the buildings taken over by Oasis Academy, Shirley Park.

Ashburton Junior School

  • CB017
  • Corporate body
  • 1928 - 2009

Ashburton Junior School opened on 20 July 1928 and was known for the first few months as Long Lane School. It was a combined Junior and Infant School until 19 April 1950 and became a Junior School on 20 April 1950. Ashburton Senior School had opened on the same site in 1931 although it was a separate school administratively. It transferred to Shirley Road on 04 April 1950. Ashburton Junior School closed in July 2009 when the buildings transferred to Oasis Academy, Shirley Park.

Atwood Primary School

  • CB116
  • Corporate body
  • 1960

Atwood Primary School opened on 13 June 1960. On 31 August 1994 the school became Grant Maintained and ceased to have a Local Authority responsibility until 1999 when it became a Foundation School.

When the foundations for the School were being dug in 1960, the site was examined by archaeologists. The Sanderstead Archaeological Group, under the leadership of Roger Little, investigated the area and discovered Iron Age and Romano British occupation material, 500 BC to 200AD. Subsequent excavations by Gillian Batchelor, when the school was extended in the late 1980s, revealed an extensive early Roman area of occupation and resulted in the recovery of over 5000 pieces of 1st and 2nd century pottery.

BH Live

  • CB163
  • Corporate body
  • 2009-present

BH Live is a registered charity and social enterprise based in Bournemouth. It specialises in leisure and events and were appointed as operators of Fairfield Halls in July 2017.

Beaumont Primary School

  • CB109
  • Corporate body
  • 1920

The school originated in 1858 as part of the Asylum for Fatherless Children. From 1904 it was known as Reedham Orphanage and by 1917 there were 310 pupils on the roll.

Shortage of funds after World War 1 caused the school to be taken over by the LEA on 1 September 1920, the then Headmaster H.E. Clarke remaining in post.

Pupils were evacuated to Aspley, Nottingham, 18 July 1944 to 18 June 1945.

By 1950 numbers had dropped to approximately 200 and the school was opened to local children who increasingly outnumbered those from Reedham Orphanage.

The school transferred to a new building and opened as Beaumont Primary School on 1 September 1968. The school was finally closed and demolished in 1980.

Beulah Infant School

  • CB088
  • Corporate body
  • 1873

By 1864 there was a Surrey Congregational Union Chapel on the site of the present school. It was then in use as a school room. The Croydon School Board took over the building on 1 August 1871 and it was used as a girls and infants school until 1873 when the infants moved to a separate room. The Infant School became a separate entity on 20 January 1873. It is currently known as Beulah Infant and Nursery School.

Board for the Repair of Highways

  • CB009
  • Corporate body
  • 1836-1849

The Board for the Repair of Highways was established by the Vestry of the Parish of Croydon in March 1836, under the terms of the Highways Act 1835. (This Act abolished statute labour on highways, and permitted the levy of a highway rate.) Its function was to supervise the maintenance of the highways of the parish. The Board had eleven members, or Surveyors; and they employed an Assistant Surveyor (the first being Joseph Willoughby). The Board was superseded when Croydon Local Board of Health was established in 1849.

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