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Courtwood Primary School

  • CB076
  • Corporate body
  • 1969

Opened 1 January 1969. The School has always been for both Infant and Juniors.

Coulsdon CofE Primary School

  • CB077
  • Corporate body
  • 1846

By 1834 there was a school held in a cottage and supported entirely by the Rector, the Reverend William Wood of St. John the Evangelist in Old Coulsdon. He applied for a grant on 25 March in that year towards it becoming a National School. In 1845, Thomas Byron III, the Lord of the Manor, gave a parcel of land being part of a garden as a site for a school for poor persons and for the residence of Schoolmaster or Schoolmistress133and for no other purpose whatever. But the Mistress, Ann Webb, continued to live in a nearby cottage, the schoolhouse being occupied by William G. Shepard, a schoolmaster who was only 18 at the time of the 1851 census.

By 1846 there was a National School of 80 mixed pupils, with a master and mistress in two rooms. The school was described as a School of Industry and the master received 1d per week per boy and 3 hours gratuitous labour each afternoon on his land in return for instruction in the morning. It was the only school in the area, meaning that some of the children had to walk for miles to get there, even as far as Hooley and Kenly.

The building and site were privately owned and remained so until October 1923 when they were conveyed to the Rector by a Canon Dickson who had acquired them from the Lord of the Manor. This was probably not the same building or site as that of 1845, an exchange of site being affected by the Lord of the Manor in 1888 and a new building then being erected thereon.

On 19 September 1939 the school transferred to the Keston School buildings and remained there 7 January 1946 with the exception of the period 3 June to the 23 August 1940, when the school was briefly based at the Purley Girls School.

Coulsdon Nursery School

  • CB078
  • Corporate body
  • 1946

The school commenced on 4 April 1933 as a Day Nursery and on 1 July 1946 as a Nursery School. The initial premises was a private bungalow in Woodman Road. It was founded by Mrs Finn who had advanced ideas on nursery education. Later, a bungalow, Greenacres, was built in Linden Avenue and the Nursery was built in its garden; the Nursery staff slept in the bungalow.

The school came under the Authority of the London Borough of Croydon in 1964.

A Trust was established in 1953 by the Charity Commission Scheme, for the Regulation of a charity to be known as the Coulsdon and District Day Nursery.

The school has shared a governing body with Chipstead Valley Primary School.

Red Gates Special School

  • CB079
  • Corporate body
  • 1935

The School was opened as a Training Centre in 1935. It was housed in an old church hall; its founder was Miss L.B. Cooney.

In 1937 it moved to another church hall and came under the care of the Local Health Authority. During the War the Centre was closed. It resumed in another church hall in 1945 and two years later moved to a big old house in Thornton Heath.

About 1952 it moved again to a 25 room house, Coldharbour House, in Purley Way. This was replaced by the existing building in 1969 and in 1971 responsibility was transferred from the Public Health Department to the Education Department. It took the name Coldharbour but this was changed to Red Gates on 01 January 1995.

Christ Church C of E Primary School

  • CB080
  • Corporate body
  • 1935

The school was originally Riddlesdown School, described as the National School for Kenley and Caterham Junction District and situated on the triangle of land between Godstone and Downs Court Roads. On 14 August 1888, the Charity Commissioners agreed the sale of the school and the purchase money was used to erect Purley National Mixed Schools on a different site in Purley High Street. In August 1889, the school moved into its new premises and the Infants and Juniors were separated. The school was renamed Purley National.

The Infants and Juniors from Riddlesdown School were transferred to the new building on 19 August 1889. When the first Headmistress of the Infants, Miss E.A.Bishop, retired 43 years later, the Infants and Juniors were combined on the same site to form Purley Church of England Junior Mixed and Infant School. This was renamed Christ Church (CE) School in 1935.

In 1962 the High Street Purley building was abandoned and the school moved to its present premises.

Castle Hill Primary School

  • CB082
  • Corporate body
  • 1955

Castle Hill Infant School opened on 19 April 1955; Castle Hill Junior School nearby on 7 September 1955. The two schools were amalgamated in August 1992 under the then junior head teacher.

Byron Junior School

  • CB083
  • Corporate body
  • 1968

Founded 23 April 1968 as a combined infants and junior school. A separate infants school opened 5 January 1977.

Broadmead Infant School

  • CB085
  • Corporate body
  • 1873

Founded before 1873. The history of the school before 1961 is intermingled with that of Broadmead Junior School. Known earlier as Sydenham Infant School; renamed Broadmead Infant School when it moved into new premises, January 1972.

Woodside Junior School

  • CB086
  • Corporate body
  • 1891

Woodside Girls and Boys Schools opened on Morland Road on 19 October 1891. Initially there were separate post-infant Girls and Boys Schools. In Sept 1931 or 1932 the schools were reorganised leaving just Junior Girls and Boys and with the Senior Girls and Senior Boys moving elsewhere.

On 04 September 1939 the Boys and Girls schools were evacuated. The Girls school was evacuated to Upper Beeding Council School and any girls remaining behind being placed with the boys under their Head, Mr William L. Bennetto. On the same day, 04 September 1939, the Boys were evacuated to Middle Street School, Brighton and from 13 July 1940 were re-evacuated to Stoke School, Markenfield Road, Stoke. On 26 August 1940 the children were absorbed into the local school. Separate schools were re-established on 21 August 1942 when the Head of the Girls School, Isabel Idle, returned from evacuation.

The Boys and Girls schools were amalgamated from 01 January 1960 under Miss V.A.Delves who had been Head of the Girls School since 1946.

Winterbourne Junior Boys School

  • CB087
  • Corporate body
  • 1906

Opened as a combined boys, girls and infants school on 27 August 1906, but became a boys school on 1 January 1907.

Beulah Infant School

  • CB088
  • Corporate body
  • 1873

By 1864 there was a Surrey Congregational Union Chapel on the site of the present school. It was then in use as a school room. The Croydon School Board took over the building on 1 August 1871 and it was used as a girls and infants school until 1873 when the infants moved to a separate room. The Infant School became a separate entity on 20 January 1873. It is currently known as Beulah Infant and Nursery School.

Wildbores Infants School

  • CB089
  • Corporate body
  • 1872

Founded by 29 January 1872. First log book entitled Christ Church Wildbores National School. Closed probably in March 1921.

Whitehorse Manor Infants School

  • CB090
  • Corporate body
  • 1892

Opened 15 June 1892 as Whitehorse Road Infants School. Later became Whitehorse Manor Infants School.

Westwood High School

  • CB091
  • Corporate body
  • 1958

Founded 2 May 1905 as Ingram Road Senior Girls School. From 1922, known as Ingram Senior Girls School. Moved to Spurgeon Road in 1958 and became known as Westwood High School. It changed its name to Westwood Language College for Girls in 2002.

West Thornton Primary School

  • CB092
  • Corporate body
  • 1896 - 1995

Boston Road Schools were opened on 25 August 1896. In 1921 or 1922 they were remaned West Thornton. From 1896 until 1931 there were separate Departments for Infants, Post-Infant Girls and Post-Infant Boys. From 11 Sept 1931 Senior Boys and Girls went elsewhere leaving separate Departments for Infants, Junior Girls and Junior Boys. Then on 1 September 1955, the Junior Girls and Boys were combined into one Junior Mixed Department and on 1 September 1958 the Infants and Juniors were brought together to form one Primary School.

To summarise the above paragraph:

1896 - 1958 Infants


1896 - 1931 Post Infant Girls and Post Infant Boys

1931 - 1955 Junior Girls and Junior Boys

1955 - 1958 Junior Mixed

1958 onwards Primary

In September 1939 the schools were evacuated to Brighton, but re-opened in Boston Road in April 1940.

In April 1976 the school vacated its original premises in Boston Road and moved into premises earlier occupied by Lanfranc Girls School (Rosecourt Road).

Waddon Infant School

  • CB094
  • Corporate body
  • 1927

Opened as Waddon Infant and Junior School in Cooper Road, Waddon, on 16 May 1927. In 1930 the school was reorganised to form Waddon Infant School and Waddon Junior School. In 1934, the schools were again combined to form Waddon Infant and Junior School. The school was evacuated to East Grinstead, Sussex, in September 1939, with some children going to Exeter, Devon. The school returned to Waddon in December 1943. In 1952, Duppas Infant and Junior School was reorganised as a junior school and on 1 September 1953, Waddon Infant and Junior School became Waddon Infant School. The school moved from Cooper Road to new premises in Purley Way in August 1954.

Tunstall Nursery School

  • CB095
  • Corporate body
  • 1970

In 1963, land between 25 and 33 Tunstall Road, measuring 0.097 acres and earlier occupied by two large garages, was purchased by the Corporation for 1633250 aand back land to 15 -39 Tunstall Road, measuring a further 0.46 acres, was purchased likewise for 1635000. The school was built in 1970 - 1 under the Urban Aid Programme with the contractor being W.J. Simms, Sons and Cooke Ltd, Sherwood House, Beddington Lane, Croydon.

Tollgate Primary School

  • CB096
  • Corporate body
  • 1976

The school was founded as a Primary School and opened on 16 June 1976. A Nursery Unit was created in September 1990. Tollgate Primary School was closed in July 2007.

Toldene Primary School

  • CB097
  • Corporate body
  • 1957

Opened 3 September 1957. The school accommodated both infants and juniors throughout its history. Closed 18 July 1980, as a result of falling rolls.

Tavistock Infants and Junior Schools

  • CB098
  • Corporate body
  • 1922

Opened as Tavistock Grove Junior Mixed and Infants School on 1 November 1909. Renamed Tavistock Junior Mixed and Infants School, 1922. Closed 25 July 1930, the juniors being transferred to Sydenham [Broadmead] School and the infants to a new building in Grenaby Road. Tavistock Infants School opened at Grenaby Road on 22 September 1930. The school closed on 28 October 1948, when staff, children and records were transferred to St Michaels School, St Jamess Road.

Tamworth Road (British) Schools

  • CB099
  • Corporate body
  • 1847

The Croydon British Schools opened in 1812 following a meeting held on 30 September of that year at the Crown Inn to establish a school to be run on Lancastrian principles (that is those established by Joseph Lancaster, using older children as monitors to teach the younger ones). The British Schools were non-conformist foundations, whereas Croydons National School, also set up in 1812, belonged to the Church of England. The schools were at first in Surrey Street, then in Mint Walk and after that in North End on the corner with Tamworth Road, (where the Railway Bell public house later stood). Following the extension of the London and Brighton Railway Companys line from West Croydon to Epsom, the schools moved to the south west end of Tamworth Road, where they opened in January 1847. A girls school opened in 1812 seems to have closed in 1903. An infants school also opened in 1812 closed permanently in 1906. The local education authority took over management of the schools on 18 October 1904 and the schools were renamed Tamworth Road, although the term British continued in use after that date. In 1915 the old buildings were replaced, the pupils being accomodated temporarily in the hall of Scarbrook Road Baths. The new buildings comprised a Senior Mixed School and a Junior Mixed and Infants [or Lower] School and opened on 24 October 1919. In January 1924 the schools were reorganised to take only seniors, with separate boys and girls departments. The boys school finally closed in August 1935 and the girls school on 27 July 1951.

Sylvan High School

  • CB100
  • Corporate body
  • 1974

Founded 1 September 1974 as an 11-16 comprehensive school. Closed 31 August 1990, when it became a City Technology College (C. T. C.).

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