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Evacuation Records of Mary Neville-Kaye, Obe
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Evacuation Records of Mary Neville-Kaye, Obe

  • AR172
  • Collection
  • 1940 - 1942

Notebook and photographs belonging to Mary Neville-Kaye, a teacher from Overbury School evacuated to Lee, near Ilfracoombe in Devon, 1940 - 1942.

Mary Alicia Neville-Kaye OBE

Mary Neville-Kaye: Evacuation Notebook

Booklet kept by Miss Neville-Kaye while a teacher at Overbury Primary School evacuated to Lee, near Ilfracombe in Devon, June 1940 - October 1942. Booklet contains home and billet addresses, national registration numbers, petty cash expenditure, clinic fares, useful addresses, dates of pupil leaving, school holidays and records of pupils reading and multiplication.

Mary Neville-Kaye: Jottings From an Evacuee Teacher

Five handwritten pages recording Mary Neville-Kayes experiences as a teacher evacuated to Lee, Devon in charge of twenty children. Note that the author states she left Croydon in 1941 although the school log book and AR172/1 indicate that she was evacuated in June 1940. The hand is increasingly difficult to read suggesting that these are rough notes of a planned article.