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Records of Nalder and Collyer Brewery

  • AR750
  • Collection
  • 1889-1948

Properties Book 1935-1938
Proposals for Trustees Re: Debenture Issue for Holdings 1938
Acquisition of Properties 1936
Second Supplemental Account 1936/7
Schedules re: various properties
Conveyances 1948
Accounts re: lettings 1936
Volume: trust deed to secure debentures 4 July 1889
Volume: trust deed to secure issue of 50,000 debentures 1891.
Bundle of misc papers re: accounts of various properties and assessment re: sale with Ind Coope and Allsopp Ltd 1936
Bundle of misc. papers re: trust deeds and conveyance of various properties c.1936-1938.

Nalder and Collyer Brewery

Records of Patricia Scott

  • AR865
  • Collection
  • c.1900-1989

3 boxes:
Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 1 of 3

Certificates: school, professional
Artwork: school
Diaries: 1935, 1937
Photographs of RFC group at Farnborough, c.1917. One photograph marked as a Lt. Scott, died in action June 1918. Relation?
Three copies of parents wedding photograph, 1917.
School books: French, Geography, English x 2, Composition, French verbs.
History notes (mustard colour folder)
English notes (mustard colour folder)
Lanfranc School Journey to Seaford, June 1932 plus diary.
Song books x 2
Cookery Recipes booklet
Notes on Christian Science (office training on cover)
Envelope of school reports
Cookery notes
Science booklet: transport project
Biochemic System of medicine: Schussler
Floral Birthday book: includes some birthdays
Exercise book containing cigarette cards: fragile

A865 Patricia Scott Collection

Box List

Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 2 of 3

Photographs: personalities
School timetable
Lanfranc Senior Girls Magazine February 1933 (typed)
3 essays written on Clarks College notepaper
3 examination question papers
South Bank Exhibition 1951: plan
Card presented to Sgt Maj A.E.Scott, 1919 by County Borough Croydon.
Cuttings etc on spiritualism, horoscopes etc plus 2 photographs of (?) gurus.
Personal documents: Patricia Scott
Personal documents: Albert and Frances Scott
Personal documents: Dorothy Smith (1902 - 1989)
Greeting cards: 1 bundle
Box of badges, coins etc
Postcards, written: 1 bundle
Postcards etc, unwritten: 1 bundle
Postcards of the Channel Islands: 1 bundle
Roll of Certificates: Dorothy Smith and family
Packet of negatives: holiday snaps
Embassy Club Folder containing Christmas cards etc
Three photographs of an ice bound ship: WWII frigate?
Correspondence: 1 envelope
Guide books etc and publications: 1 envelope

A865 Patricia Scott Collection

Box List

Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 3 of 3

Personal photographs of people: 1 envelope, 1 bundle and 2 loose: all unidentified
Frame containing two photographs
Personal photographs: various including two of 139 Langdale Road
Book of Red Letter Days with some birthdays included.
New Testament presented to Frances E. Scott on 25 January 1900 (her 8th birthday).
Scrapbook: includes photographs of PS at Lanfranc, girls on trips and the new Lanfranc building.
Scrapbook with several newspaper cuttings
Bibbys Annual, 1916
Wonders of the World: Nestl picture strip album
The Sphere: Captain Scott memorial exhibition

Patricia Scott

Records of Sanderstead and Purley Recorded Music Society

  • AR720
  • Collection
  • 1944-1993

6 items:
5 Minute Books:
1) 1944-1948 (Society formed in 1944)
2) 1948-1950
3) 1950-1955
4) 1963-1977
5) 1977-1993
Folder of Society Programmes 1944-1953. Includes some membership cards.

Sanderstead and Purley Recorded Music Society

Records of The Croindene Music Society

  • AR705
  • Collection
  • 1949-1951

a)Minute book 1949-1951 incorporating the Croindene Music Society and the Croindene Singers.
b)Envelope of newspaper cuttings.
c)Folder marked Activities containing programmes etc.
d)Folder marked Croindene Singers containing letters etc.
e) and f) Two blue folders containing letters.

The Croindene Music Society

Records of Tramstop

  • AR583
  • Collection
  • c1991 - 2000

Minutes, correspondence files, newspaper clippings, photographs, etc


Records of Tramstop

  • AR715
  • Collection
  • 1991-2000

Cuttings, brochures, agendas etc of Tramstop, c.1991-2000


Records of Waddon Hospital (formerly Borough Isolation Hospital)

  • WAD
  • Collection
  • 1930 - 1983

Registers of admission of Waddon Hospital. Some indexed. The building of an infectious diseases hospital was first promulgated in 1890, and in December 1893 pressure increased when permission was refused for the construction of a fever hospital at Grange Wood. This was especially important since in the period 1885 - 90 Croydon had become notorious for its high incidence of epidemic diseases. The hospital opened on 6 June 1896 and was extended in 1900 and 1911. The name was changed to"Waddon Hospital" in 1945, and as the incidence of infectious diseases decreased, the hospital became used for the care of the elderly and pioneering eye operations. In this latter use the hospital became internationally renowned since many of the procedures were filmed as teaching aids. In 1981 large scale bed-closures were proposed in the borough in the light of Government spending cuts, simultaneous with the opening of the new District Hospital and Waddon Hospital was one of the victims. There was little opposition, since the hospital was recognised to be obsolescent. The hospital finally closed in 1984, and the site was given over to residential development in 1991. Croydon Local Studies Library holds several photographs of Waddon Hospital (Photo Ref: 362 Waddon), also a printed report on a proposed new Epidemic Hospital by Leonard Wilde (Ref: pS70 (362) CRO) and an invitation card for the opening of the hospital in 1896 (Ref: pS70 (362) CRO)

Waddon Hospital

Records of White House Horticultural Society

  • AR926
  • Collection
  • 1951 - 2005

Committee Minutes:

1951 - 1961
1961 - 1976
Jan 1977 - Mar 1985 (includes historical note)
Apr 1985 - Oct 1997


1975 - 1977 x 2 (orange and grey covers)
1978 - 1992 x 2 (red and grey)

Meeting signing in book 1973 - 1997

Newsletters 1982 - 1995

Correspondence and newsletters 1998 - 2006 (blue lever arch file).

Correspondence: 1977 - 2005 (Box file)

Correspondence concerning room bookings etc (brown folder) 1994 - 2005

Photographs of 60th anniversary show at All Saints Parish Hall, Sanderstead, 2000 (2 vols)

White House Horticultural Society

Records of William Ashby and Son Ltd

  • AR948
  • Collection
  • 1887 - 1979

Box one:
Minute Book 1887 - 1893 (note: mostly unused)
Rough Minute Book 1892
Letter books: 1892, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1910
Agenda Book
Ledger 1893
Stock Book (1887 onwards)
Register of Debentures
Book of Bills Receivable
Register of bills payable 1908 - 1931
Various leases, agreements, debentures. This is split into bundles re:
Debentures (3); Property Agreements/Tenancies; Commercial Agreements and Licences; Miscellaneous property documents including schedule of deeds and original certificates of incorporation.

Box two
Envelope of business documents concerning transport including a riverside crane at Brentford.
Envelope of confidential agreements and F.C.s Trust Deeds
Vehicle Registration Docs
Blue folder: spare copies from share register
Impression of a seal in a box
Ashby badges (3)
Drainage material catalogue (5 copies)
Blue folder: Sale of shares - aborted
Green folder: correspondence concerning close company status
Blue folder: photocopies of various documents concerning the legal takeover of Aldridge and Bardwell
Blue Folder: photocopied minutes of AGMS, 1892 - 1977.
Blue Folder: Insurance and plans etc of depots and premises.
Blue Folder: Photocopied minutes of Directors Meetings, 1957 - 1979.
Grey folder: drawings and papers, Aldridges, Norfolk (timber merchants taken over 1966)
Blue folder: photographs of depot at South Norwood
Posh photo album: Bardwell Sons
Paper Bag: Photos, photographs of depots at South Norwood and Egham on the original station site
Red photo album: Aldridge
2 books unused share certificates.
Brown folder: Directors

Box three
Large envelope with copies of pages of Directors Minutes, 1892 - 1957
Blue folder: Valuation and copy of share register. This dates from 1973 when the sale of the company was first being considered.
Carbon copies, Kitchens Today, 1971 - 1975 (invoices etc)
Large file marked archives includes:
File of Circulars to shareholders concerning the sale of shares which increased the capital of the company.
N. Thames Gas Board, Dealers Order Book
Pad of Kitchens Today paper
Various guarantees
Photos of offices designed by M Crowley, 1974, South Norwood
Civic Trust Award, 1973
Drawings thereof
Folder of Offers for shares
Kitchens Today Drawings
Booklets on Pension scheme
Staff dinner, 1977

Big file marked history containing:
Packet of photos of Kitchens Today (showrooms in the 1960s at Beckenham and Sunbury)
Envelopes of small photos
Cuttings from Staines and Egham News 1975 and
Thankyou letters for souvenirs 1975
Photos of Aldridge, Timber Preservation company
Photographs cement works at Greenwich during demolition.
Glossy photos of new buildings at Manor Road South Norwood and Windsor House, Norbury, 1964.
Photographs of proposed office in Greenwich.
Cert of Registration of canal boat
Agreement between Messrs Ashby and Lady Cooper
Other letters of family interest.

William Ashby and Son Ltd.

Records of the Britannia Club, Croydon

  • AR479
  • Collection
  • 1943-1946

Club for women in the Services, opened 19 January 1943. Register of members 1943-46; album of photographs; loose photographs; 2 cuttings.

Britannia Club

Records of the Byron Family of Coulsdon Court

  • AR1057
  • Collection
  • 1755 - 1975

The Byron Family were Lords of the Manor and residents of Coulsdon from the purchase of the Manor in 1782 until the sale of the estate and its dispersal in 1921. The archive covers the entire period and continues beyond the sale of Coulsdon estate, with documents through to 1962.

The Byron Archival Collection (AR1057) is a substantial collection of papers covering the domestic, social, business and farming history of the family, their role and relationship as local squires with the wider community of Coulsdon and Surrey, and the extensive foreign travels undertaken by members of the family.

Papers relating to the early decades are relatively sparse and the strength of the archive lies with the years when Thomas and then Edmund Byron held the Manor and estate, 1845-1921, continuing with Edmund’s children through to the 1940s. During these years, the archive has the breadth and depth for thorough and detailed research into this middle squirearchy landed family who were deeply rooted in and committed to the small rural community which was their home. Attention is particularly drawn to Edmund’s six decades as Lord of the Manor. To him lies the distinction of preserving the traditional – and in many respects patriarchal – rural life of the village from 1863 until his death in 1921. The archive is very strong in its coverage of Edmund’s eventful life and that of his four children, as is indicated in the Series descriptions of the archive.

The archive was originally read, noted and arranged by members of The Bourne Society, Surrey and this work has provided a number of papers that supplement the catalogue entries. These papers include Excel spreadsheets, some of which are quite detailed, covering nearly the whole archive, and summaries of a large part of the personal family correspondence. Produced for the purpose of developing the catalogue, these entries identify only the name of the relevant Series for each item and the item accession number and there has been much further refinement in catalogue numbering since their production. They are available on request to support specific areas of interest and research.

The Collection consists of 14 series:

AR1057/1- Personal Correspondence
AR1057/2- Family and Non-Family Settlements-Marriage, Wills and Trusts
AR1057/3- Domestic and Family Expenses and Accounts
AR1057/4- Outdoor Sports
AR1057/5- Public Offices and Family Philanthropy
AR1057/6- Journal and Memoirs
AR1057/7- Personal Records and Ephemera
AR1057/8- Business Correspondence and Estate Management
AR1057/9- Property Purchases and Valuations and Property Sales Before 1921
AR1057/10- Valuations and Property Sales After 1921
AR1057/11- Leases and Deeds
AR1057/12- Ledgers, Rental Income and Account Books
AR1057/13- Shares and Bond Holdings
AR1057/14- Solicitors' Accounts

Byron Family

Records of the Croydon and District Association of the British Federation of Women Graduates

  • AR797
  • Collection
  • 1933 - 1998

Minute book 1933 - 1942 (meetings and committee)
Minute book 1943 - 1950 (meetings and committee)
Minute book 1950 - 1956
Minute book 1956 - 1967 (including news cuttings and photos of Queen Mother at BUFW Jubilee 1957 and visit to Stevenage 1965)
Minute book 1967 - 1976 (including news cuttings)
Minute book 1972 - 1997 (committee)
Minute book 1976 - 1998 (meetings)
Accounts 1991 - 1998
Programmes 1956 - 1968, 1993 - 1997
Correspondence 1992 - 1998 (including disbandment, balance sheets)

Croydon and District Association of the British Federation of Women Graduates.

Records of the Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey

  • AR474
  • Collection
  • 1902-1958

Annual Reports 1903-24, 1927-52; miscellaneous leaflets and pamphlets; newspaper clippings; correspondence 1907-53; draft rules; list of members and addresses; treasurers accounts 1924-53 (1 vol); minutes 1902-8 (1 vol); registers of photographs 1902-1958 (2 vols).

Croydon Public Libraries

Records of the Pure Lemon Juice Company

  • AR855
  • Collection
  • 1922 - 1940

Minute Book 1922 - 1933.
Accounts, including some printed ephemera, 1922 - 1940 (with gaps).

Pure Lemon Juice Company

Records of the Wellesley Singers

  • AR937
  • Collection
  • 1974 - 2001

4 boxes:
Three boxes and one folder labelled A-D:

Box A:
Carol Concert Programmes
Concert Programmes other than Carols
Minutes and Accounts
plus administrative history and detailed lists of items marked * below.

Box B:
Membership Lists
Press cuttings
Music Lists
Arrangements of carols, sacred and secular works
Archive analogue video tapes*

Box C:
Archive analogue audio tapes*

Box (folder) D:
Archive photographs*

Wellesley Singers

Records relating to Gillett and Johnston and the Berlin Freedom Bell

  • AR856
  • Collection
  • c.1950 - 2000

Photograph with negative of Gillett and Johnston staff, including William Bennett (2nd right) with Berlin Freedom Bell prior to installation in Berlin.
Other photographs of William Bennett installing GJ bells.
GJ brochure.
Limited edition GJ bell made for Coronation in 1953.
Photocopies of correspondence between Barry Bennett and the authorities in Berlin for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the installation of the Freedom Bell in 2000.
CD of Freedom Bell (to be transferred to Local Studies Library) at Rathause Town Hall in Schoenberg, Berlin.

Gillett and Johnston

Records relating to proposed buildings for South East London Probation Service

  • AR999
  • Collection
  • 1982 - 1989

A) St Martins Hall, Dartnell Road, Addiscombe. 1 lever arch folder including drawings, 1985 - 1989. Ref. 945
B) Proposed probation service offices at Chertsey Crescent, New Addington. Folder (1982 - 1983, ref 970/11) and rolled plans (1982 - 1985, ref. Roll 164)

South East London Probation Service

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