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Venturas Club: Tenancy Agreement

Consists of Tenancy Agreement on Grangewood Mansion dated 8 June 1953 and related correspondence. In addition an article written by Monty Joy for the club magazine dated January 1956 regarding the proposed demolition of Grangewood Mansion.

Venturas Club: Two Tropies

Consists of two trophies:

The Presidents Cup for Swimming Club Championship 100yds engraved 1947 D.Barnes, 1948 G E Easton

The Golding Trophy Perpetual presented to the Venturas S.C Thornton Heath 1947 for Mens Club Diving Championship engraved 1947 A Phillips, 1948 A K Jones

W.C. Berwick Sayers Collection

  • AR1011
  • Collection
  • 1899 - 1940
  1. WCBSs hand-written exercise book entitled Stray Verses 1902-1910 1916-1918 with 63 poems transcribed from his notebooks.
    1. Olive Emily Clarkes (WCBSs future wifes) autograph Album compiled 1910-1915 with a contribution by WCBS in 1911 (she married him in 1915) and contributions by James Duff Brown and by staff at Islington and Darlington Libraries.
    2. WCBSs notebook early 1940s with notes for the Library Association Classification Examination 18 May 1942, notes for lectures on Classification at Croydon Polytechnic 1941, and details of the blitz on Croydon from 13-24 November 1940. This ends with the 24 / 25 November 1940 and a later note explaining that this was when a bomb hit the South Report Centre in the Town Hall and WCBS was injured and put in hospital for some months.
    3. WCBSs first draft entitled Some Canons of Classification (in a library binding) which was published as Canons of Classification (1915). The draft combines reprints of his thesis submitted for the Professional Diploma and his papers read at the Library Association in 1907 and 1910 with a few pencil annotations.
    4. WCBSs desk diary for 1928 including (amongst other things) a poem by him and the titles of talks given at Croydon Public Library which include Selections from the Works of a Croydon Poet (no doubt WCBS).
    5. Six slim volumes of manuscript music sheets with words by WCBS and music by several of his friends and occasionally by WCBS too.
    6. Two song sheets with words by W. C. Berwick Sayers and music by Herbert Oliver published by J. H. Larway in the 1920s.
  2. A copy of Balaustons Adventure by Robert Browning (1889) inscribed in pencil with a poem composed by WCBS lauding Browning.
  3. the Foremost Trail by C. Fox Smith (1899), a prize book awared to W.C.Berwick Sayers by Heath and Home for Verses on Dreyfus in 1899 with three relevant loose newspaper cuttings, one of them annotated by him.

William Charles Berwick Sayers

W.H. Lascelles material

  • AR59
  • Collection
  • c.1880s-c.1993

Research notes, photographs and photocopies of Miss Helen Brooks (1909-1993), relating to W.H. Lascelles (1832-1885), builder

W.H. Lascelles

Waddon Infant School: Log Book

Waddon Infant and Junior School, 1952 - 1953; Waddon Infant School, 1953 - 1982. Encloses correspondence, including HMI report, 1958.

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