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Croydon Borough School Dramatic Society: Twelfth Night

  • AR756
  • Collection
  • 1920

Booklet containing five photographs of a production of Twelfth Night by the Croydon Borough School (later Selhurst Boys) Dramatic Society in 1920. It is believed that the part of Andrew Aguecheek is being played by Malcolm Muggeridge. The surname of the pupil playing Sir Toby Belch is Abel.

Croydon Borough School Dramatic Society

Croydon Branch of the Historical Association

  • AR178
  • Collection
  • 1970 - 1994

Members and Visitors attendance register, 1983 - 1994

Account book 1970 - 1994

Cash Books 1994 (3 vols)

Croydon Branch of the Historical Association

Croydon British Girls School Bible

  • AR24
  • Collection
  • 1864

Bible: containing ornate inscription recording its purchase, 1864, for the Croydon British Girls School, from the legacy of Ann Everett of Broad Green. Bible published by the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1863. The volume has a black fabric dust jacket with the word Bible embroidered on it; probably made for it while it was in the custody of the School [?c1930s-1940s].

Croydon British School

Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men Visitors Book

  • AR148
  • Collection
  • 1932 - 1939

A visitors book from the Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men, with signatures of the visitors and where they were visiting from (area and/or organization). The hand written entries date from September 25th 1932 until June 16th 1939. The reasons for visits are not given, although many were from people hoping to open similar centres elsewhere. The visitors book includes the signatures of Edward, Prince of Wales (7 June 1933) and Prince George (9 June 1933).

Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men

Croydon Christian Free Church

  • NC2
  • Collection
  • 1870 - 1938

19 volumes of church records in 3 series:
NC/2/1: Subscription Ledger 1889 - 1890
NC/2/2: Minutes books (17 volumes)
NC/2/3: Building and mortgage funds - 1889 - Presentation volume listing subscribers for new church building

Croydon Christian Free Church

Croydon Committee for Overseas Students

  • AR143
  • Collection
  • 1959 - 1976

One ring binder containing mostly typed minutes of the Croydon Committee for Overseas Students

Croydon Committee for Overseas Students

Croydon Community Theatre Records, 1932-1936

  • AR473
  • Collection
  • 1932-1936

Minutes and share certificates of the Croydon Community Theatre Company which administered the Croydon Repertory Theatre.

Croydon Community Theatre

Croydon Council Education Department Records

  • AR532
  • Collection
  • 1921-1996

Records relating to school trips to Dieppe, 1972-1989
Records relating to the Save Sylvan High School campaign, 1987-1989
Reports, leaflets and other papers relating to Pilgrim Fort Camp, 1921-1995
Pilgrim Fort Mnagement Committee minutes, 1936-1995
Minutes of meetings with Joint Advisory Body, 1964-1970
Minutes of meetings between Croydon LEA and Secretaries of the Teachers Professional Associations, 1995-1997
Papers relating to school admission, bullying and discipline in schools, 1990-1994
Croydon Crime Prevention Panel minutes, 1992-1996

Croydon Borough Council Education Department

Croydon County Court

  • CC
  • Collection
  • 1847 - 1982

The collection comprises of sixteen Plaint and Minute Books July 1851-December 1968, fourteen Bankruptcy Registers 1870-1940, and three Ledgers 1847-1948.

In addition there are nine miscellaneous items; Liabilities (War-time Adjustment) Act 1941 Index 1944-1950, Register of Winding Up Orders 1892-1938, Register of Petitions Under Companies (Winding Up) Act 1890 1892-1982, Home and Re-issued Foreign Execution and Commitment Books 1921-1924, Taxing Officers Register (The Companies Acts 1862-1890) 1893-1913, Equity Suits and Other Proceedings Register 1946-1969, Transfers In: Index (in reused Bills of Sale Acts book) 1964-1976 and Workmens Compensation Act Register 20 December 1898 - 4 July 1908.

Croydon County Court

Croydon Darby and Joan Club Ledger

  • AR80
  • Collection
  • 1945-1974

Ledger of Croydon Darby and Joan Club Ltd, containing details of donations and covenants. Openings 1-9 are in the form of a daybook, in which income (mainly donations and subscriptions) is recorded in chronological order, May 1945 - Jan 1947. Openings 10 - 128 (with gaps) are in the form of a ledger, arranged by name of donor, in which covenanted payments are recorded, 1948 - 1974.

Croydon Darby and Joan Club

Croydon District Postmarks

  • AR1143
  • Collection
  • 1870-1972

Volume of letters and postcards showing Croydon district post marks

Unknown person

Croydon Domestic Mission

  • AR440
  • Collection
  • 1886-1960

This collection contains an incomplete series of minute books. It also contains a newspaper cutting giving a brief history, one photograph of Dennett Hall, two files of correspondence relating to the sale of Dennett Hall, and various miscellaneous documents.

Croydon Domestic Mission

Croydon Enclosure Act and Award

  • AR443
  • Collection
  • 1797-1801

Printed Act and manuscript copy of Award, bound into single volume.

Unknown corporate body

Croydon Foreign Language Club

  • AR113
  • Collection
  • 1921 - 1997

Minutes and other records of the Croydon Foreign Language Club

Croydon Foreign Language Club

Croydon Foundry Ltd

  • AR52
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1970

Plans, photographs and other papers of Croydon Foundry Ltd.

Croydon Foundry Ltd

Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy Records

  • AR92
  • Collection
  • 1950 - 1979

Records of Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy, including 3 minute books and 5 correspondence files

Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy

Croydon Mayoral Entertainment

  • AR1137
  • Collection
  • 1896-1902

Volume containing dinner invitations, programmes of music, menus and invitations by Mayors and Mayoresses of Croydon

Unknown person

Croydon Microscopical Club Letter

  • AR45
  • Collection
  • 31 Mar 1870

Letter from Henry Long (Hon. Sec.) to Thomas ?Cushing, re the inaugural meeting of the Microscopical Club. This letter invites the recipient to the inaugural meeting of the Microscopic Club and to a later exhibition of apparatus.

Croydon Microscopical Club

Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association

  • AR402
  • Collection
  • 1916 - 1937

The collection consists of minute books for the various committees and miscellaneous documents relating to the Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association. They are; Executive Committee Minutes [AR402/1] Convalescence Committee Minutes [AR402/2] Nursery Schools Committee Minutes [AR402/3] St Marys Maternity Hospital Committee Minutes [AR402/4] Baby Welcomes Committee Minutes [AR402/5] Home Helps Committee Minutes[AR402/6] and Hostel Committee Minutes [AR402/7]. In addition there are miscellaneous items [AR402/8] which include a Baby Week Sub-Committee Minute Book, several loose pages in a binder including memos and leaflets and a volume listing names and addresses for which the purpose is not clear.,

Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association

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