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Croydon Mayoral Entertainment

  • AR1137
  • Collection
  • 1896-1902

Volume containing dinner invitations, programmes of music, menus and invitations by Mayors and Mayoresses of Croydon

Unknown person

Croydon Microscopical Club Letter

  • AR45
  • Collection
  • 31 Mar 1870

Letter from Henry Long (Hon. Sec.) to Thomas ?Cushing, re the inaugural meeting of the Microscopical Club. This letter invites the recipient to the inaugural meeting of the Microscopic Club and to a later exhibition of apparatus.

Croydon Microscopical Club

Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association

  • AR402
  • Collection
  • 1916 - 1937

The collection consists of minute books for the various committees and miscellaneous documents relating to the Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association. They are; Executive Committee Minutes [AR402/1] Convalescence Committee Minutes [AR402/2] Nursery Schools Committee Minutes [AR402/3] St Marys Maternity Hospital Committee Minutes [AR402/4] Baby Welcomes Committee Minutes [AR402/5] Home Helps Committee Minutes[AR402/6] and Hostel Committee Minutes [AR402/7]. In addition there are miscellaneous items [AR402/8] which include a Baby Week Sub-Committee Minute Book, several loose pages in a binder including memos and leaflets and a volume listing names and addresses for which the purpose is not clear.,

Croydon Mothers and Infants Welfare Association

Croydon Parish Church

  • PR1
  • Collection
  • 1702 - 1927

Availability of records\r\nInclusion of an item in the catalogue does not necessarily mean that it can be seen or copied. Some categories of records are closed to public access at the request of the owner or depositor who may have imposed copying conditions; a publication may be within copyright; or copying may not be possible because of the physical condition of the document.\r\n\r\nRecords closed to public inspection\r\nA small number of records in the catalogues are closed to public access for a defined period because they include sensitive personal data or confidential information. In these instances, Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service has given an explicit assurance to the depositor of the records that they will be closed to public access for a specified period. Closed records are identified and the period of closure is also given in the catalogue entry.\r\n\r\nYou can make a request for information which may be in a closed record under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations, 2004. For more information about making a request, see the Croydon Council website (\r\n \r\nMaking a request does not guarantee access to the information you ask for, as there may be a valid exemption from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.\r\n

England Parish Records

Croydon Philharmonic Society Recordings

  • AR28
  • Collection
  • [27 Jan] 1937

5 lacquered aluminium gramophone disks, carrying recording of R. Vaughan Williams, Five Tudor Portraits (disjointed excerpts), performed by BBC Symphony Orchestra and Croydon Philharmonic Society, etc, and broadcast on the BBC National Programme, 27 Jan 1937.

Five Tudor Portraits consists of settings of poems By John Skelton (1460-1529). It was first performed in September 1936 at the Norwich Festival. This recording is from its first London performance, broadcast on the BBC on 27 Jan 1937. The broadcast ran from 8.44pm to 9.32pm: it therefore overran slightly, and the 9.30 Greenwich Time Signal can be heard towards the end of the recording.

Another performance was given at North End Hall, Croydon, on 4 Dec 1937, by Croydon Philharmonic Society and the London Symphony Orchestra. Vaughan Williams was in the audience, and this performance was also broadcast.

The discs are numbered 418-421 and 492. The recording appears to have been made on a single disc cutting machine. There are therefore lost pieces of the performance between sides, due to side changing; and there are also recording skips, due to cutting errors, on sides 1 and 6. Approximately 35 minutes of recorded material survives, from a performance lasting 48 minutes. Disc 492 (one sided) is a different generation recording from the rest of the material, and fills the skip on side 6. It may have been dubbed from another recording of the same performance; or it is possible (although unlikely) that it was taken from the December performance.

Croydon Philharmonic Society

Croydon Quarter Sessions Records

  • QS
  • Collection
  • 1889 - 1965

Records of Croydon County Borough Quarter Sessions, including minute books, calendars of prisoners, indictments, depositions and certificates and Highway Diversion Orders.

Court of Quarter Sessions

Croydon Ramblers

  • AR1001
  • Collection
  • 1950 - 2009

Administrative records for Croydon Ramblers including correspondence, hall bookings, annual reports and annual general meeting minutes, programmes, executive committee minutes, ramble reports from 1968-1983 and press reports from 1966-68

Croydon Ramblers

Croydon Reference Library Training Notebook

  • AR6
  • Collection
  • 1969

Notebook containing general information useful to Croydon Reference Library staff, compiled by Jenny Hierons (library trainee); mainly copied from training cards compiled by Peter Glover, Reference Librarian.

Croydon Reference Library

Croydon Repertory Theatre Scrapbook

  • AR1134
  • Collection
  • 1932-1933

Croydon Repertory Theatre scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, programmes and photographs, and papers of Sidney Budd, one of the founders of the Croydon Repertory Theatre

Sidney Budd

Croydon Repertory Theatre: Signature Book

  • AR126
  • Collection
  • 1932 - 1950

Signature book opened 17th September 1932. Evidently used for post war meetings of the Croydon Repertory Association.

Croydon Repertory Theatre

Croydon Sailing Club

  • AR184
  • Collection
  • c.1956 - 1966

Includes one minute book 1955 - 1957, one photograph album 1956 - 1966 , correspondence 19 November 1954 - 19 July 1964, various newspaper cuttings 13 October 1966 - 8 September 1978, one statement of accounts 6 February 1957, one rule Book 1972, one sailing instructions leaflet and one CD Rom marked Scrapbook from 1956

Croydon Sailing Club

Croydon Savings Committee records

  • AR404
  • Collection
  • 1940-1976

Croydon Executive Committee and AGM minutes 1955-75; Croydon Streets Groups Committee minutes 1956-76; South Norwood and Woodside Committee minutes 1940-62; miscellaneous correspondence and ephemera

Croydon Savings Committee

Croydon School Board and Education Department Records

  • AR586
  • Collection
  • 1889 - 1969

Croydon School Board, lists of teachers, pupils teachers and applicatns for teaching posts, 1889 - 1903 (1 vol)
Croydon Education Department, Loan Sanctions to schools, 1942 - 1969 (1 vol)

Croydon Borough Council

Croydon Social Union Records

  • AR181
  • Collection
  • 1904 - 1909

The collection consists of one volume of clippings and programmes, with ms index, 1904-7 and the secretarys minute book, 1904 - 9

Croydon Social Union

Croydon Society

  • AR916
  • Collection
  • c.1975 - 2005

Research papers left to the Croydon Society by Hugh Byford:

Research notes:

W.F.Stanley (blue box file)
South Norwood History (envelope folder)
D.H.Lawrence (envelope folder)
Ron Howards Architectural Class (envelope folder)
Miscellaneous (envelope folder)
St Marks School and Church (envelope folder)
St Marks Church Lads Brigade (envelope folder)
Central Croydon redevelopment (envelope folder)
Goathouse (envelope folder)
South Norwood Trail (red ring binder)
Croydons Built Heritage: South Norwood Conservation Area text (orange ring binder)
Croydon Advertiser: various commemorative editions (envelope file)
Ordnance Survey index (envelope folder)
South Norwood Conservation Area Campaign (document wallet)
South Norwood Conservation Area Current (envelope folder)
South Norwood Recreation Ground: gates (envelope folder)
C.S.Spackman (document wallet)
Queens Road Cemetery (envelope folder)
Photographic Group (1999, document wallet)
Pubs (envelope folder)
Listed Buildings (envelope folder)
Croydon Society miscellaneous (envelope folder)
Cicely Mary Barker (envelope folder)
Buildings Survey (envelope folder)
Croydon Canal (loose)
South Norwood Walk (envelope folder)
South Norwood Country Park (envelope folder)
South Norwood Pubs (envelope folder)
South Norwood High Street (document wallet)
North End (document wallet)
Lunchtime Concerts (envelope folder)
Hornimans/Commbe Cliffe (envelope folder)
Croydon Society Constitution (envelope folder)
Footpath Map (18 sections, envelope folder)
Conference Conservation Areas (envelope folder)
Conan Doyle and D.H.Lawrence (envelope folder)
Focus material (envelope folder)
Friends of South Norwood Lake (loose, now in document folder)
W.H.Hurlstone (loose, now in document wallet)
Drinking fountain, South Norwood Hill (loose, now in document wallet)
Hambledown Gardens, 2003-4 (loose, now in document wallet)
Croydon Canal (loose, now in document wallet)
South Norwood and Selhurst Neighbourhood Partnership (loose, now in document wallet)

Copy of UDP

Copy of Croydon: the future (with cuttings etc enclosed)

Copy of Crystal Palace Campaign Consultation starts here (2002)

South Norwood Draft Improvement Strategy plus notes etc (in Croydon Smarter Borough folder)

Box of Stanley Notebooks

Plus demand from freeholder for ground rent, letter from Council re: smarter streets (2002) and land registry documents re: buildings on corner of South Norwood Hill and High St.

Croydon Society

Croydon Soroptimists records

  • AR405
  • Collection
  • 1932-1983

The collection includes committee minutes, correspondence, ephemera and Photographs

Soroptimist International Croydon and District

Croydon Stagers

  • AR978
  • Collection
  • 1908 - 2008

Photograph album Me and My Girl 1956
Folder containing programmes (orange marked dramatic section)
Loose photographs and envelopes relating to specific shows.
Cutting book owned by Mr Sam Boots containing newspaper cuttings.

Box two

Photograph album: untitled c.1955
Photograph album: Me and My Girl 1984
Envelopes of photographs, cuttings etc for specific named shows 1966 - 2008
Some loose photographs
Centenary certificates and cuttings (2008).

Box three

Folder: General (inc anniversary brochure).
Folder: Music Hall
Folder: Press Cuttings 1909 onwards
Envelope: Croydon Carnival
Mounted reproduction of Croydon Advertiser review of Half a Sixpence 03 Dec 1982
15 folders re: publicity arrangements etc, mid 1960s.

Box four

Rehearsal register c.1930 - 1960.
Rehearsal register undated.
Minute book (committee) 1932 - 1939.
Minute book (committee and AGM) 1939 - 1950.
Minute book (committee and AGM) 1950 - 1957.
Minute book (committee) 1956 - 1957.
Minute book (folder) 1957 - 1961.
Envelope: minutes 1961 - 1962.
Envelope: minutes 1961 - 1965.
Envelope: minutes 1965 - 1967.
Envelope: minutes 1967 - 1968.
Folder: minutes 1968 - 1970.
Folder: minutes 1970 - 1972.
Envelope: minutes of AGM 1958 - 1965.
Envelope: minutes 1972 - 1973; 1975.
Envelope: minutes 1973 - 1974.
Envelope: minutes 1975 - 1977.
Ledger: social fund 1950 - 1955.
Folder: various balance sheets etc
Envelope: AGM minutes and reports c.1968 - 1980.
Loose reports 1937 - 1970.
Envelope: show notes.

Box 5 (large blue bag)

Posters and large photographs

Box 6 (large bag)

Four rolls of posters.

Box 7 (blue plastic crate)

Eleven albums of photographs and programmes etc belonging to Christine Bright. 1968 - 1993.

Croydon Stagers

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