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Ancient Order of Shepherds Minute Books

  • AR21
  • Collection
  • 1866 - 1889

Minute books of Sanctuary Pride of the Sea, no 4300 of the Ancient Order of Shepherds friendly society

Ancient Order of Shepherds

Croydon Book Society

  • AR22
  • Collection
  • 1788; 1902 - 1953

Ledger of books issued 1902-1953; cash book 1902-1953 (with card detailing dates of Society meetings for 1788)

Croydon Book Society

Crystal Palace Football Club Salaries Book

  • AR23
  • Collection
  • 1953

Four loose pages, damaged by fire, from the salaries book of Crystal Palace Football Club, covering (with some parts missing) the weeks 20 Feb - 20 Mar 1953. Includes details of weekly salaries paid to management, players and other staff.

Crystal Palace Football Club

Reed Close Lease

  • AR230
  • Collection
  • 1688

Deed re: continuation of lease of Reed Close, Bensham Manor, Croydon.

Unknown person

Croydon British Girls School Bible

  • AR24
  • Collection
  • 1864

Bible: containing ornate inscription recording its purchase, 1864, for the Croydon British Girls School, from the legacy of Ann Everett of Broad Green. Bible published by the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1863. The volume has a black fabric dust jacket with the word Bible embroidered on it; probably made for it while it was in the custody of the School [?c1930s-1940s].

Croydon British School

Leonard Brand Exercise Book

  • AR25
  • Collection
  • 1930-1931

Mainly arithmetic, used for homework by Leonard Brand of 9 Camborne Road, Addiscombe, when a pupil aged 8 and 9 at Woodside School. The book is designed for, and mainly used for, arithmetic exercises; but it contains one story (A burglar story), Jan 1931.

Leonard Brand

Abel Garraway Sketchbook

  • AR27
  • Collection
  • 1794-1826

Soft-covered volume (30x23cm). The book was used initially, in 1794, to draw up four (presumably fictitious) shop accounts: these may have been an exercise in handwriting and/or arithmetic. It was then reversed, and given an ornate title page, reading Abel Garraway, October 25th 1795. The rest of the book is filled with miscellaneous pencil, pen and ink, or watercolour sketches, of a varying standard. Includes pencil and watercolour sketch of Croydon Cornmarket and Town Hall, 1798.

Abel Garraway

Croydon Philharmonic Society Recordings

  • AR28
  • Collection
  • [27 Jan] 1937

5 lacquered aluminium gramophone disks, carrying recording of R. Vaughan Williams, Five Tudor Portraits (disjointed excerpts), performed by BBC Symphony Orchestra and Croydon Philharmonic Society, etc, and broadcast on the BBC National Programme, 27 Jan 1937.

Five Tudor Portraits consists of settings of poems By John Skelton (1460-1529). It was first performed in September 1936 at the Norwich Festival. This recording is from its first London performance, broadcast on the BBC on 27 Jan 1937. The broadcast ran from 8.44pm to 9.32pm: it therefore overran slightly, and the 9.30 Greenwich Time Signal can be heard towards the end of the recording.

Another performance was given at North End Hall, Croydon, on 4 Dec 1937, by Croydon Philharmonic Society and the London Symphony Orchestra. Vaughan Williams was in the audience, and this performance was also broadcast.

The discs are numbered 418-421 and 492. The recording appears to have been made on a single disc cutting machine. There are therefore lost pieces of the performance between sides, due to side changing; and there are also recording skips, due to cutting errors, on sides 1 and 6. Approximately 35 minutes of recorded material survives, from a performance lasting 48 minutes. Disc 492 (one sided) is a different generation recording from the rest of the material, and fills the skip on side 6. It may have been dubbed from another recording of the same performance; or it is possible (although unlikely) that it was taken from the December performance.

Croydon Philharmonic Society

Addiscombe College Photograph Album

  • AR29
  • Collection
  • c1859 - c1872

Photography was included in the curriculum from 1855 (taught by Aaron Penley, professor of civil drawing). The album includes group photographs and individual portraits of cadets and staff, and a few photographs of the College buildings and grounds, etc, mainly with pencilled captions. The photographs are mainly undated, but two are dated 1859, and most certainly date from around the same period. At the end of the album are several later group photographs etc (one dated 1872), including three apparently taken in India.

East India Company

Croydon Amateur Boxing Club

  • AR3
  • Collection
  • 1928 - 1958

Two minute books (1928 - 1939; 1957), membership lists 1930s - 1940s; photographs 1920s - 1930s; posters, ephemera and insignia.

Croydon Amateur Boxing Club

Addiscombe Military Seminary: Drawings

  • AR30
  • Collection
  • c.1740 - c.1909

Volume containing civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, with prints and sketches of Addiscombe House, of cadets, and of individuals associated with the House and the East India Company; printed ephemera and manuscript letters; etc.

The principal feature of this volume is the series of about 40 sets of civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, 1837 - 1843, mainly signed by Captain Hector Smith, assistant to the Professor of Fortifications. They include a plan of the Seminary grounds dated 1838, by Cadet Charles Jackson (p.5); and several other drawings showing details of the grounds. These are followed by miscellaneous prints (from various sources) and sketches of Addiscombe House/Military Seminary, of cadets, portraits of individuals associated with the House and with the East India Company, views of St James Church and other local scenes; and some printed ephemera, manuscript letters, newspaper cuttings etc (including a MS account of the death of the Earl of Liverpool in 1808, on p.89).

The leather binding may also date from the mid-nineteenth century. The volume appears to have been compiled in its present form in the early twentieth century, when the supplementary prints and other papers were added. 2 of these supplementary pieces (bound in as pp122-125 and 127-130) are in fact strays from the collection of miscellaneous Seminary records held at AR65.

East India Company

H. G. Simmons Memorabilia

  • AR33
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 1944

Home Guard Duty Book and photographs of Harry Guy Simmons (1909-1964).

H. G. Simmons

South Norwood Deeds

  • AR336
  • Collection
  • 1867-1947

Deeds to nos. 9, 11, 27 and 31 Penge Road

Unknown person

Papers of John Hunt

  • AR337
  • Collection
  • 1938-1946

Second World War call up papers and letters written home whilst on active service. Papers include an estimate for his sisters wedding reception at the Cafe Royal, North End, 1938.

John Hunt

Home Guard Papers of Major S. J. Smith

  • AR341
  • Collection
  • 1941 - 1944

Consists of two copies of a document giving a brief history of the company from its formation in February 1941 onwards, including details of land patrolled and other anecdotes. Other documents give detail of training, rules on parade and how to use certain weapons. Also includes two photographs members of the company, including the winning first aid team.

Major S. J. Smith

Miscellaneous documents relating to Norwood

  • AR342
  • Collection
  • 1886-1919

Deed poll (change of surname) of Herbert John Grierson Ward, of 39 South Norwood Hill, 1912; account book of Mrs Grant Wilson of Red Roofs for purchases made at C H Powell, grocers, Beulah Hill; counterpart lease of Grange Lodge, Beulah Spa, 1886

Unknown person

Plan of Warrington Lodge

  • AR344
  • Collection
  • 1948

Ground, first and second floor plans by T.G. Daniels, Croydon Borough Valuer. Ink on paper. House was demolished to make way for St. Andrews School.

T.G. Daniels

Computing lecture notes

  • AR346
  • Collection
  • 1950-1962

Volume of instructions on preparation of engineering production drawings, 1950-59; notes on the operation of electro-mechanical punched-card machines produced 1955-62 by a Senior Development Engineer employed by Powers-Samas Accounting Machines. These notes formed the basis of ten 1-hour lectures on computers which formed part of an Msc Course on Computing at the University of Surrey.

Powers-Samas Accounting Machines

Ted Hubbard scrapbook

  • AR347
  • Collection
  • c.1860-1988

Scrapbook of notes, newspaper clippings and photographs relating to Addington and its residents, compiled by Tedd Hubbard

Ted Hubbard

World Jamboree Log Book

  • AR35
  • Collection
  • 1946 - 1947

Compiled by RG Watts, of attendance at the Sixth Boy Scout World International Jamboree, held at Moisson, Northern France, 9-18 Aug 1947. The log book comprises a handwritten diary, with photographs, printed ephemera and other memorabilia, press cuttings etc, stuck in. Robert G Watts was Scout Master of 27 Croydon Group. He attended the Jamboree as Assistant Scout Master of Troop 93 (comprising scouts from Croydon (except NW); Mitcham; and Morden and St Helier), part of the Surrey Contingent.

A number of the photographs and other items originally stuck in to the volume (including all the scout badges obtained as 'swaps) are now missing.

Robert G. Watts

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