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Deeds and Documents Relating to Croydon

  • AR543
  • Collection
  • 1605 - 1831

Copy of satirical drawing by Rowlandson showing A Lord of the Manor receiving Rents, source unknown; Letter written by Mary henman of Croydon asking for payment of board, 1714; Receipt for farm rent, signed by Francis Carew, 1605; Faculty for appropriation of part of St James Churchyard by Croydon Corporation, 1891 (with plan); Receipts for quit rent paid to the Lord of the Manor of Croydon, 1798-1799 (4 docs); Assignment of mortgage, involving William Herring of Croydon, 1758; Lease of Norbury Manor Farm, 1831.

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Deeds and other documents relating to 125 Sussex Road

  • AR1027
  • Collection
  • 1936 - 1987

Four property documents relating to 125 Sussex Road:
Abstract of title: 1936
Conveyance: 04 February 1937
Supplemental Abstract of title: 1960
Conveyance: 13 October 1960
Extract from property register 1987

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Deeds and wills relating to Croydon

  • AR366
  • Collection
  • 1392-1783

Deed, at Croydon on Corpus Christi 15 Ric II (1392) between Peter Vyne and John Spicer of Croydon re 1.5a in the common field of Croydon called le gore on the south side of Crowehamlane; copy of court roll of the manor of Croydon 1438 re the former lands of John Ovenstede viz lands and tens once of John Clayhill, lands and tens called Wolvardes, lands and tens once of Geoffrey and Peter Jay, lands and tens called Redefele, toft and 2a called Beneveys, parcel called Canonbrome; wills of Parker family of Waddon 1733 and 1773; wills of Bisenden family 1762-1783.

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Deeds etc relating to various Croydon properties

  • AR843
  • Collection
  • 1862-1958

26 July 1862, 31 Jul 1862, 25 Sep 1862 Land at Croydon, Surrey (St James Road/ St James Villas)
1889 Land part of the Morland Park Estate (southern end of Davidson Road)
11 Jan 1894, 30 Oct 1896: 394 Alpha Villas, Albert Road (probably later Davidson Road)
1910 (2), 125 - 131 Albert Road, Croydon (later Davidson Road)
02 Nov 1870, Milton Road, Croydon
14 Apr 1874 Manuel Road, Croydon
05 June 1899, 07 May 1914, 30 Sep 1963, 34 Stanger Road, SN
03 March 1914, 198 Portland Road, SN
19 July 1881, 11 Dec 1882, 08 April 1938, 30 Cresswell Road, SN
14 Nov 1892, Albert Road, Addiscombe
19 Apr 1928 18 Lonsdale Road, SN
16 Oct 1922, Tugela road, Selhurst
03 Nov 1884 (2), 20 Nov 1884, 19 Oct 1920, 01 March 1922, 15 Aug 1958 1 Howden Road, SN
[28 April 1930: 1,2,3,4 Alexandra Cottages, Beardell St, UN: Transferred to Lambeth Archives]


Declaration of Miss Elizabeth Jane Walkey re: Milton House, Milton Road, 1901
Plus Certificate 26 Oct 1870 concerning Louisa Hammick Aldridge

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Deeds relating to 53 Avondale Road, South Croydon

  • AR807
  • Collection
  • 1882 - 1925

5 deeds:
Conveyance- 30 December 1882
Mr P Hammond to Mr Robert Bailey
Transfer Charge- 10 August 1897
Mr Albert May to the Trustees of the Court of Pride of Ocean number 3896
Mortgage - 14 October 1918
Mr G A Fell to the Trustees of the Court Pride of Ocean number 3896
Mortgage- 23 May 1924
Mr C S Morris to Mr A J Little
Conveyance- 5 November 1925
Mr W D Wilson to Miss A E Wyatt

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Deeds relating to Benson Road, Wellesley Road and Waddon Park Avenue

  • AR909
  • Collection
  • 1888 - 1937

5 items:
Deeds relating to land in Benson Road, 1888
Deeds relating to land in Waddon Park Ave, 1903
Mortgage of 96 Wellesley Road, 1914
Deeds relating to 24-28 Benson Road, 1936
Deeds relating to 45 and 47 Waddon Park Ave, 1937

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Deeds relating to Kenley, Thornton Heath and Coulsdon

  • AR436
  • Collection
  • 1879-1969

Deeds to 92 and 92a Brighton Road, Coulsdon, 1930-59; 16, 20 and 22 Godstone Road, Kenley 1947-69; 11-5 Kenley Parade, Kenley, 1904; 31, 33, 35 and 37 Luna Road, Thornton Heath, 1879-1943.

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Deeds relating to Norbury Park Estate

  • AR782
  • Collection
  • 1901 - 1908

25 items:

  1. Abstract (title deed) to Freehold hereditaments - part of Norbury Manor Estate, Thornton Heath. Made between Walter Henry Hitchcock of Horsham, Sussex, Robert carter of the Grove, Epsom, and Robert Ellis of Cowpers Court, City of London. 13 June 1856. 1 doc.
  2. (Copy) Deed of Resignation of Reginald Carter as Trustee of the Settlement of Mr Fosters share of Norbury Manor Estate. 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  3. Estate plan around Norbury Farm, showing division of land and land usage. Undated. 1 doc.
  4. Supplemental to Settlement between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead), Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton), and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow near Romney, Hampshire). Re: Settlement of one undivided ninth share of freehold and leasehold or premises at Norbury Manor Estate. 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  5. Title deed of H W Carter and others to three acres of land and premises at Norbury. 25 June 1858-1901. 1 doc.
  6. Section of OS map (Surrey Sheet XIX.5) c. 1890s, showing upper portion of Alexander Road; also Pikeshill, allotments and Cottage Hospital. Possibly Epsom area. 1 item.
  7. Schedule of deeds acknowledged by F W Carter. c. 1909. 1 doc.
  8. (Copy) Extracts from Settlement of one undivided ninth share of the freehold and leasehold of premises known as the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue), Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton) and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow, near Romney, Hampshire). 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  9. As item 5.
  10. Upper left-hand portion of Sales Particular (see item 14).
  11. Valuation and Scheme of Division of the Norbury Manor Estate. April 1908. 1 doc.
  12. Colour plan of Norbury Manor Estate, inc. 1-4 St Helens Road, and Sudbury Road. Undated.
  13. Mortgage. Between J G Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Mortgagees) and Thomas Weldon (of 196 Earls Court Road, South Kensington) and Helen Rachel Louisa Weldon (Mortgagors). 14 November 1889. 1 doc.
  14. Sales Particular. Norbury Manor Estate, showing estate plan. Undated. 1 doc.
  15. Lease (fragment). H W Carter et al to J H Gathercole. For property in Melfort Road. Commencing 25 Dec 1896. 1 doc.
  16. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc.
  17. Lease. Between F W Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Lessors) and George John Randall and Thomas Frederick Randall (Lessees). 31 Dec 1819. 1 doc.
  18. Letter from Dinham, Fawars Co Ltd (Coal Factors, coal and coke Exporters) to Theodore Bell Co. Re: Settlement of the Norbury Manor Estate and Marriage Settlement (unspecified). 19 January 1906. 1 doc.
  19. Judgment (transcript). Re: Carter and Henderline Contract Vendor Purchaser Act, 1874. Case heard 27 March 1897, at the Supreme Court Judicature (Royal Courts of Justice). 1 doc.
  20. Conveyance of undivided one-ninth share in the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between Reginald Carter, Ernest Carter and Arthur Moseley. (inc. colour sketch plan showing area off Leather Bottle Lane.) 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  21. Colour sketch plan showing area inc. Parchmore Road, Parchmore Farm, Sudbury Road, Beulah Road. Undated. 1 doc.
  22. Mortgages and Leases. Made between Robert Starey (mortgagee) and Frederick Cloves Carter, Henry William Carter and George Robert Carter (Mortgagors), and others. Re: land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1880s. 1 doc.
  23. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1879-1888. 1 doc.
  24. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Estate. 1879-1889. 1 doc.
  25. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc. (see item 16).
    Listed by GW, Oct 2004.

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Deeds relating to properties in Croydon

  • AR791
  • Collection
  • 1709 - 1847

6 documents:

  1. Final Concord (Fine). Concerning three messuages, three stables, three cartilages, three gardens, one orchard, and one acre of land with the appurtenances in Croydon. Between John Shorey and John Washford. Dated (?) 26 Nov 1782 [fifteen days of St Martin in the twenty third year of George III].
  2. Mortgage. Premises in Hampton Terrace, Hampstead Road, St Pancras, Middlesex. Between Harry Collins Deacon, and Jonathan Robinson. Dated 23 October 1847.
  3. Lease and release. All of three messuages or tenements with the appurtenances formerly or tenements with the appurtenances formerly but two messuages and since rebuilt by the said James Anderson [late father of George] and made into and now used as three messages or tenements and adjoining each to the other with the barnes, stables and brewhouse thereunto belonging, and also all that great orchard with the barn and stable thereon lately erected at the West or lower end thereof, which said orchard is containing in length from east to west two hundred and fifty feet of assize and in breadth from north to south sixty five feet of assize. All which said messuages and premises are situate standing, lying and being in the town of Croydon aforesaid on the west side of the high Street there and who heretofore in the tenure or occupations of William Peate and William Pigeon or William Reynolds or their assigns and are now in the severall tenures or occupations of the said George Anderson, Abell Cole Smith and the said John Wood a messuage of Jane King, widow, being situate on the north side thereof a meadow of Nicholas Carew, esquire, adjoyning to the west side thereof a tenement of Martin Witchells and the garden or orchard belonging to a messuage of Thomas Anderson Dated 7 October 1709.
  4. Final Concord (Fine).
  5. As above.
  6. Mortgage. Concerning: All those two messuages or tenements adjoining each to the other and all outhouses, edifices, buildings, wayes, backsides, gardens and orchards to them belonging then to fore purchased by him the said James Anderson of and from Thomas Batt and John Batt, son of the said Thomas, situate in the town of Croydon Between William Bartlett of Coulsdon (yeoman), George Anderson of Croydon (cooper), John Wood of Croydon (cordwainer) and William Sanders of Croydon (yeoman). Dated 7 October 1709.

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