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Britannia Club, Croydon

  • AR479
  • Collection
  • 1943-1946

Club for women in the Services, opened 19 January 1943. Register of members 1943-46; album of photographs; loose photographs; 2 cuttings. 1 small box.

Britannia Club

Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men Visitors Book

  • AR148
  • Collection
  • 1932 - 1939

A visitors book from the Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men, with signatures of the visitors and where they were visiting from (area and/or organization). The hand written entries date from September 25th 1932 until June 16th 1939. The reasons for visits are not given, although many were from people hoping to open similar centres elsewhere. The visitors book includes the signatures of Edward, Prince of Wales (7 June 1933) and Prince George (9 June 1933).

Croydon Centre for Unemployed Men

Croydon Community Theatre Records, 1932-1936

  • AR473
  • Collection
  • 1932-1936

Minutes and share certificates of the Croydon Community Theatre Company which administered the Croydon Repertory Theatre.

Croydon Community Theatre

Harold Bing Homework Books

  • AR17
  • Collection
  • 1905 - 1910

11 school exercise books, used while at Croydon Boys British School. These exercise books were used for Harold Bings homework; the British School was unusual among elementary schools in Croydon in setting homework in this period. the school was noted for an emphasis on artisitic production (drawing, painting, illumination, etc), which is a feature of these books. The books are marked by teachers, but also by the Headmaster, W H Jarvis, at his weekly inspection (normally with blue pencil in a circle).

Harold Frederick Bing

Miscellaneous Records Relating to St. James' Church, Croydon

  • AR158
  • Collection
  • 1923 - 1960

1) Attendance register, Kings Messengers (children), 1923-31 - gives home addresses and ages.

2) Church choir attendance register, 1938-53.

3) Correspondence relating to rebuilding of Church c Hall, 1944-60.

4) Estimate for building of Church Hall, May 1953.

5) Correspondence relating to Vicarage, 1957-63.

St. James' Church

Parish Church War Memorial Papers

  • AR46
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1993

Minutes of the Parish Church War Memorial Sub-Committee, 1921; with other associated papers re the erection of the War Memorial; and copy correspondence etc re the recutting of the inscription 1987-1988. The proposal for a War Memorial to be erected in the churchyard of the Parish Church was agreed by the parish authorities in 1920. A War Memorial Sub-Committee (of the Parochial Church Council) was set up, with Herbert C. Oswald as Hon. Treasurer. An appeal was launched, and a design commissioned from CM Oldrid Scott (architect). (Advice on the siting was also received from Henry Berney, architect but ignored). The initial proposed cost was about 163700: Scotts design subsequently had to be modified to reduce the cost, although the total bill eventually came to 163674. The memorial was consturcted by C Ebbutt Sons; and was dedicated on 11 Feb 1922. The badly eroded inscription was recut in 1988, at the expense of GA Oswald, grandson of HC Oswald.

Herbert C. Oswald

St Marys (Rc) Junior School

  • SCH114
  • Collection
  • 1863 - 2007

Log Books (3): 1863 - 1918, 1918 - 1955, 1955 - 1988

Admission Registers (11):

All Age School: 1879 - 1905

Infants: 1904 - 1928, 1928 - 1952, 1952 - 1956, 1945 - 1948 (under 5)

Post Infants: 1905 - 1927, 1927 - 1942, 1942 - 1959 (Infants and Juniors from 1955)

Primary: 1959 - 1979 (Juniors only since 1968), 1979 - 2000, 2000 - 2007.

The remainder of the collection has yet to be catalogued:

Governors Minutes: 1975 - 1998, 1986 - 1991, 1991 - 1994

Confirmation and communion books (4): 1913 - 1953, 1940 - 1960, 1957 - 1964, 1961 - 1987.

Detention Book: 1994 - 2001

Golden Book Awards 1997 - 1999

Vision Testing Book

10 certificates

1 vol Head Teachers Reports 1993 - 2001

Inspection Report 1992

13 Plastic Envelopes containing events.

1 Green Binder containing Diocesan Inspectors Reports, 1910s and 1920s, Letter congratulating Head on keeping school going during 1923 pay dispute, head teachers contract 1923, pencil notes on early date of RC education in Croydon, papers and photos of modern school production The Giant Slayer.

3 Team photos

2 School Journey Booklets: Dieppe 1970, Dieppe 1975.

3 Plastic Envelopes containing: behaviour expectations, Architects Brief, 1966/7; Notes for Teachers.

1 Order of Service, thanksgiving mass, Late Head Teacher, 17 Dec 2001

St Marys RC Junior School

Thomas Mathews Address

  • AR69
  • Collection
  • Sep 1910

Illuminated address presented to Thomas Mathews (Treasurer and Secretary) by the Free Christian Church, Wellesley Road; with approx 140 signatures. It was presented to record Mathews long service as Treasurer and Secretary to the congregation. The text reads: 'Free Christian Church, Croydon. We gratefully record the long and faithful service of our esteemed Friend Thomas Mathews Esq. Honorary Treasurer of the Congregation for Ten Years; Honorary Secretary of the Congregation for Eleven Years; and a valued Member of the Committee since 1875. Wellesley Road, Croydon. September 1910.

The address consists of a bound volume, containing nine board pages. These comprise one page bearing the text the address, seven pages containing 143 signatures of members of the congregation, and one blank page.

Thomas Matthews

Woodford School

  • AR51
  • Collection
  • 1902-1984

Records of Woodford (House) School, of Woodford Old Girls Association, and material re Woodford House School, New Zealand.

Woodford School

Woodford School Scrapbook

  • AR125
  • Collection
  • Jul 1903 - Dec 1939

Scrapbook including concert, sports day and prizegiving programmes, newspaper cuttings and various other items to do with the school. Undated school prospectus and Old Girls Association publications from 1944, 1960 and 1961 in rear pocket.

Woodford School