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Jane Roper Letters

  • AR82
  • Collection
  • 1884-1899

3 letters from Jane E Roper, of Langmere, Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, to Mr Forster, a business adviser.

Jane Roper

Lily Hayley Report

  • AR83
  • Collection
  • Dec 1905

School report on Lily Hayley from Dagnall Park School, South Norwood.

Dagnall Park School

Thomas Weller Ledger

  • AR88
  • Collection
  • 1860 - 1867

Ledger of Thomas Weller, watchmaker and jeweller.

The ledger records Thomas Wellers business during his final years. His customers included many of the well-known individuals and institutions of Croydon and the surrounding area. His work mainly comprised clock and watch maintenance and repair, supply and repair of jewellery and silverware, engraving, etc. He supplied silver trowels for the laying of the foundation stones of the new Workhouse and St Matthews Church. He was contracted to wind a number of clocks on a weekly or daily basis, including those of the Town Hall, St Johns Church, Addiscombe College, St Jamess Church, Providence Chapel, and Croydon Literary and Scientific Institution. Most of his customers were local to Croydon, but others were further afield, eg Westerham, Hever, Brighton, London, and even New Zealand.

Weller died on 3 February 1867, and his business was wound up: the final pages of the ledger (approx pp894-902) appear to have been completed by his executors in settling outstanding accounts.

Wellers name is not given in the ledger itself; but the identification is confirmed by comparison of the entries for the maintenance of the Town Hall clock with those in the records of the Waste Land Trustees.

Thomas Weller

Todhunter/Dowle/Rollason Material

  • AR90
  • Collection
  • c1870s - 1996

13 photographs of members of the Todhunter, Dowle and Rollason families, all teachers; testimonials etc for Ernest and Winifred Rollason as teachers; and historical notes by Dr RCW Cox.

Todhunter, Dowle and Rollason families

Horne Brothers Window Photographs

  • AR91
  • Collection
  • 1947-1954

The album is titled 'Window Photographs: Young Mens, and was put together in the branch. It contains photographs of model window displays, and cyclostyled instructions, all circulated by Hornes central Display Department (based at 50/57 Newman Street, London W1). They give detailed instructions for standardised window displays, for set dates, for the Young Mens Department.

Horne Brothers Ltd

South Norwood Ladies Swimming Club Minutes

  • AR94
  • Collection
  • 1888 - 1934

The minute books contain minutes of General and Committee Meetings; and also newspaper cuttings, seasonal agendas and photos of events.

South Norwood Ladies Swimming Club

Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy Records

  • AR92
  • Collection
  • 1950 - 1979

Records of Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy, including 3 minute books and 5 correspondence files

Croydon Industrial Chaplaincy

Rookeries Survey

  • AR99
  • Collection
  • 1945

Survey sheet, and two plans, of rookeries in the CNHSS Regional Survey area. They are based on the original survey work of 1945, but include more detailed data than appears in the published papers. They were originally inserted into a copy of the loose-leaf Regional Survey Atlas of Croydon and District (CNHSS, 1936 onwards), and the plans are therefore numbered as sheets 170 and 171.

Dr [later Professor] RG Newton

Alderman Foss Photograph Album

  • AR98
  • Collection
  • 1896

Album of 72 photographs of members and staff of Croydon Corporation, presented to Alderman Frederick Foss for his services as legal adviser in the interregnum in the position of Town Clerk, 1895-6.

The album includes an illuminated introductory page (incorporating the Borough arms, and a photograph of the Town Hall), which reads: 'Presented to Mr Alderman Foss, J.P. by the Members of the Council of the County Borough of Croydon, in testimony of their appreciation of his Valuable Services as their Legal Adviser during the period which elapsed between the illness and death of the late Town Clerk Mr C.M. Elborough, and the commencement of the duties by his Successor, Mr E. Mawdesley, from October 28th 1895, to March 1st 1896. This is followed by 72 named photographs of members and staff of the Council, and other civic dignitaries. These are as follows:


RYMER, S.L. (Ald)

BARROW, R.V. (Ald)

LAYTON, A.T. (Ald)


THRIFT, J. (Ald)


MILLER, D.B. (Ald)



TAYLOR, M. (Ald)

GARNEY, G. (Cllr)

HILLIER, T. (Cllr)

SMITH, Jas, (Cllr)

JOHNSON, Bruce (Cllr)

SHIRLEY, G.J. (Cllr)



ALLEN, G.J. (Cllr)

JOSLIN, P. (Cllr)

TANCOCK, W. (Cllr)

KING, F.W.M. (Cllr)

EDRIDGE, Sidney G. (Cllr)

PECK, J. (Cllr)

LILLICO, W. (Cllr)

MARTIN, Howard. (Cllr)

PRICE, G.N. (Cllr)

PRIVETT, J. (Cllr)


MOSS M.L. (Cllr)

HOBSON, Dr. J.M. (Cllr)

RIGLEY, T (Cllr)

TRUMBLE, Jos. (Cllr)

WEST, Stephen. (Cllr)

TARRY, C.L. (Cllr)


DOBSON, T.W. (Cllr)



ADDISON, G.S. (Cllr)


JONES, D. (Cllr)

FENN, W.G. (Cllr)

SEAL A.B. (Cllr)

VINDEN, W. (Cllr)

PAGE, N. (Cllr)

NOOKES, J. (Cllr)

GLENN, R.G. (Recorder)

ELBOROUGH, C.M. (First T. C.)

MAUDSLEY, E.W. (Second T.C.)

SEAL, Henry (Magistrates Clerk)

PEREIRA, Rev. H.H. (Vicar of Croydon)

WALKER, Thos. (Borough Engineer)

GUNNER, Wm. (Borough Accountant)

POWELL, W. (Borough Road Surveyor)

JACOBS, S. (Assistant Town Clerk)

GOWER, A.C. (Chief Clerk)

STAINER, J. (Assistant Magistrates Clerk)

CLEAVER, C.W. (Clerk to Magistrates Clerk)

JOHSTON, Thos. (Librarian)

TAYLOR, D. (Hall Keeper)

RITCHIE, C.T (M.P. for the Borough)

CUSHING, T (Polytechnic)

HENMAN, C. (Architect of Town Hall)

GENGE, Rev. E.H. (Polytechnic Committee)

HELPS, J.W. (Polytechnic Committee)

JACKSON, Dr. T (Borough Coroner)

PHILPOT, Dr. C.W. (Medical Officer of Health)

PRINCE (no initial or title given)

DEES, W.H. (Solicitor)

One unidentified.

Alderman Frederick Foss

Croydon County Court

  • CC
  • Collection
  • 1847 - 1982

The collection comprises of sixteen Plaint and Minute Books July 1851-December 1968, fourteen Bankruptcy Registers 1870-1940, and three Ledgers 1847-1948.

In addition there are nine miscellaneous items; Liabilities (War-time Adjustment) Act 1941 Index 1944-1950, Register of Winding Up Orders 1892-1938, Register of Petitions Under Companies (Winding Up) Act 1890 1892-1982, Home and Re-issued Foreign Execution and Commitment Books 1921-1924, Taxing Officers Register (The Companies Acts 1862-1890) 1893-1913, Equity Suits and Other Proceedings Register 1946-1969, Transfers In: Index (in reused Bills of Sale Acts book) 1964-1976 and Workmens Compensation Act Register 20 December 1898 - 4 July 1908.

Croydon County Court

Coroners Records

  • COR
  • Collection
  • 1922 - 1945

Surviving records of the Coroner for the County Borough of Croydon. Collection consists of files of Inquests (COR/1) and Reports Concerning Deaths (COR/2).


Mayday Hospital Records

  • MAY
  • Collection
  • 1936 - 1961

Records of Mayday Hospital, and of St Marys Maternity Hospital

Mayday Road Hospital

Croydon Quarter Sessions Records

  • QS
  • Collection
  • 1889 - 1965

Records of Croydon County Borough Quarter Sessions, including minute books, calendars of prisoners, indictments, depositions and certificates and Highway Diversion Orders.

Court of Quarter Sessions

St Giles (Physicaly Handicapped) School

  • SCH103
  • Collection
  • 1960 - 1976

1) Large Photograph album showing school groups and activities, c.1960 - 1976.

2) Four school journey booklets: 1961, 1965, 1967, 1969.

3) Eleven reels of 8mm film showing school life and activities, 1960 - 1976

St Giles School

Atwood Primary School

  • SCH10
  • Collection
  • 1960 - 1988

Log Book 1960 - 1986 (1, SCH10/1/1)

Admission Register 1960 - 1970 (1, SCH10/2/1)

Admission Register 1970 - 1988 (2, SCH10/2/2)

Governors Mins, 2000 - 2002, 2003 - 2006

Atwood Primary School

St Marys (Rc) Junior School

  • SCH114
  • Collection
  • 1863 - 2007

Log Books (3): 1863 - 1918, 1918 - 1955, 1955 - 1988

Admission Registers (11):

All Age School: 1879 - 1905

Infants: 1904 - 1928, 1928 - 1952, 1952 - 1956, 1945 - 1948 (under 5)

Post Infants: 1905 - 1927, 1927 - 1942, 1942 - 1959 (Infants and Juniors from 1955)

Primary: 1959 - 1979 (Juniors only since 1968), 1979 - 2000, 2000 - 2007.

The remainder of the collection has yet to be catalogued:

Governors Minutes: 1975 - 1998, 1986 - 1991, 1991 - 1994

Confirmation and communion books (4): 1913 - 1953, 1940 - 1960, 1957 - 1964, 1961 - 1987.

Detention Book: 1994 - 2001

Golden Book Awards 1997 - 1999

Vision Testing Book

10 certificates

1 vol Head Teachers Reports 1993 - 2001

Inspection Report 1992

13 Plastic Envelopes containing events.

1 Green Binder containing Diocesan Inspectors Reports, 1910s and 1920s, Letter congratulating Head on keeping school going during 1923 pay dispute, head teachers contract 1923, pencil notes on early date of RC education in Croydon, papers and photos of modern school production The Giant Slayer.

3 Team photos

2 School Journey Booklets: Dieppe 1970, Dieppe 1975.

3 Plastic Envelopes containing: behaviour expectations, Architects Brief, 1966/7; Notes for Teachers.

1 Order of Service, thanksgiving mass, Late Head Teacher, 17 Dec 2001

St Marys RC Junior School

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