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Croydon Ramblers

  • AR1001
  • Collection
  • 1950 - 2009

Administrative records for Croydon Ramblers including correspondence, hall bookings, annual reports and annual general meeting minutes, programmes, executive committee minutes, ramble reports from 1968-1983 and press reports from 1966-68

Croydon Ramblers

W.C. Berwick Sayers Collection

  • AR1011
  • Collection
  • 1899 - 1940
  1. WCBSs hand-written exercise book entitled Stray Verses 1902-1910 1916-1918 with 63 poems transcribed from his notebooks.
    1. Olive Emily Clarkes (WCBSs future wifes) autograph Album compiled 1910-1915 with a contribution by WCBS in 1911 (she married him in 1915) and contributions by James Duff Brown and by staff at Islington and Darlington Libraries.
    2. WCBSs notebook early 1940s with notes for the Library Association Classification Examination 18 May 1942, notes for lectures on Classification at Croydon Polytechnic 1941, and details of the blitz on Croydon from 13-24 November 1940. This ends with the 24 / 25 November 1940 and a later note explaining that this was when a bomb hit the South Report Centre in the Town Hall and WCBS was injured and put in hospital for some months.
    3. WCBSs first draft entitled Some Canons of Classification (in a library binding) which was published as Canons of Classification (1915). The draft combines reprints of his thesis submitted for the Professional Diploma and his papers read at the Library Association in 1907 and 1910 with a few pencil annotations.
    4. WCBSs desk diary for 1928 including (amongst other things) a poem by him and the titles of talks given at Croydon Public Library which include Selections from the Works of a Croydon Poet (no doubt WCBS).
    5. Six slim volumes of manuscript music sheets with words by WCBS and music by several of his friends and occasionally by WCBS too.
    6. Two song sheets with words by W. C. Berwick Sayers and music by Herbert Oliver published by J. H. Larway in the 1920s.
  2. A copy of Balaustons Adventure by Robert Browning (1889) inscribed in pencil with a poem composed by WCBS lauding Browning.
  3. the Foremost Trail by C. Fox Smith (1899), a prize book awared to W.C.Berwick Sayers by Heath and Home for Verses on Dreyfus in 1899 with three relevant loose newspaper cuttings, one of them annotated by him.

William Charles Berwick Sayers

Documents relating to 103 Brancaster Lane, Purley

  • AR1015
  • Collection
  • 1937-1950

Two files of correspondence and other documents relating to 103 Brancaster Lane, 1937 - 1950.
Publicity brochure for the Mitchley Wood Estate published by Lawes, Cherry and Co. Ltd, c.1928.

Slater Family

British Red Cross, Croydon Branch Records

  • AR1016
  • Collection
  • 1960

A collection of ephemera relating to various Red Cross activities in Croydon from 1960s onwards: centres at 47 Coombe Road and Spring Park Road in Shirley together with a Red Cross shop on Robert Street.
The Collection contains loose photographs, photograph albums, newspaper cuttings, directories, certificates etc.

British Red Cross Society Croydon Branch

Edith Purnell photograph album

  • AR1023
  • Collection
  • 1904

Photograph album presented by manager and staff of the Croydon Times to Miss Edith Purnell on her 21st birthday, 14 April 1904. An inscribed panel gives the names of staff, including Mr T.J. Hatch, the manager, whom she later married (June Quarter 1919). She died in the December Quarter 1980, age 97.
The album also includes posed photographic portraits of various members of the Hatch family and others, including Queen Victoria. The artwork suggests that the album was commercially produced and was purchased from Pritchards at 57 North End.

Edith Purnell

Deeds and other documents relating to 125 Sussex Road

  • AR1027
  • Collection
  • 1936 - 1987

Four property documents relating to 125 Sussex Road:
Abstract of title: 1936
Conveyance: 04 February 1937
Supplemental Abstract of title: 1960
Conveyance: 13 October 1960
Extract from property register 1987

Unknown person

Turner family papers

  • AR103
  • Collection
  • c1876-c1928

Photographs, letters, newscuttings, printed ephemera, two account books, medallions etc re the Lelasseur and Turner families, and the John Jakson mint and lavender distillery

Turner Family

Croydon Camera Club

  • AR1030
  • Collection
  • 1912 - 2004

12 boxes plus folders
Box one (small wooden):
Scrapbooks containing articles from British Journal of Photography concerning CCC, 1921 - 1956.
Note: box also contains note on Stephen Whitaker collection.

Box two:
1970 - 1972 (loose in clear folder)
June 1963 - Oct 1974
Nov 1974 - Aug 1986

Scrapbook (blue): c.1952 - 1970

Box three:
Minutes of weekly meetings:
05 Oct 1936 - 05 Jul 1948
01 Oct 1947 - 30 Sep 1950
18 April 1934 - 18 May 1938
11 Oct 1950 - 06 Aug 1952

Minutes of council meetings:
17 Jul 1956 - 09 Feb 1960
10 Mar 1960 - 28 May 1963
1 Nov 1950 - 17 Jul 1956
27 Aug 1930 - 11 Apr 1934 (volume included with minutes of weekly meetings 01 Oct 1930 - 11 Apr 1934

Visitor book/meeting attendances: 1967 - 1970, 1970 - 1973.

Cash books:
1963 - 1971
1971 - 1987
1986 - 1990
1990 - 1993 (no book 1994 - 9)
2000 - 2004

1958 - 1965

Subscription account: 1938 - 1950

1939 - 1954
1965 - 1971
1971 - 1986

Accounts: 1914 - 2000

Box four:
Club syllabus and exhibition programmes and catalogues

Box five:
Mees album 1912. Presented to Dr G. Mees on his appointment to Eastman Kodak to set up a research lab.
Book relating Mees life and retirement
Mees address to Kodak on his retirement

Box six:
Photeurope exhibitions
Various books re: photography

Box seven:
CCC Bulletins:
4 x bound: nos 1-32
Nos 33 - 62
Nos 65 - 93
Nos 94 - 137
Two folders of CCC Bulletins:
1989 onwards
1999 onwards

Box eight:
Draft of club history and various correspondence

Box nine:
Minutes and correspondence:
Letters 1988/9
Correspondence: 1990 - 1993
Correspondence: 1986 - 1988
Premises (folder)
Members 1940 - 1980 (mainly pictures)
Folder: Records of AGMs 1970s - 1980s.
Folder: council minutes December 1989
Folder: Old Council Minutes 1982 - 1991
Green folder: Minutes/correspondence 1986/7.
Red folder: Minutes/correspondence 1982 - 1985
Red folder: Minutes/correspondence 1987/8
Red folder: Minutes/correspondence 1983/4
Green folder: Minutes of meetings 1986 - 1988
Bundle: Council meetings 1990 - 1993

Box ten:
Display photos (board) views of Croydon (Centenary Exhibition, 1990) and captions plus some photos in print envelopes.
Exhibition visitors book 1971-3.
Envelope of old exhibition catalogues
Centenary beermats
Contact sheet (rolled) historic pictures.
Box of prints for centenary exhibition by S. Pickford (some pictures are much earlier).
Separate items:
Loose Carrier bag (Allders): Millenium album 2000 (submissions by members including biographies)

Box eleven (pre 1950, listing taken from list provided by CCC):
Copy negs: Mees album and others
Secretarial duties 1925
War Years 1939 - 1945
Early Exhibition Catalogues
Old Dutch Pictures: (contact prints from plates: see notes on rear H. Stillwell, 1990)
Dorrett and Lady Members Town Hall steps 1896, 1990
Home made calculator (for print exposure)
Design for club button whole badge (one enclosed)
Instructions for salt meter, a method of checking shutter speed)
Exhibition catalogues
Various issues of club rules
Club outing: boat picture 1925
Wratten Hand books

Large black boxes mostly containing material relating to exhibitions:
1960 - 1970 Early Colour Prints
1950s - 1980s
1950 - 1980: material relating to exhibitions and club activities
1980s: material relating to recent exhibitions and display prints including some bromoil prints by N.L.Gryspeerdt.

Loose material:
Yellow folder: club presidents
Yellow folder: photographers pre 1900
Yellow folder: Wettern and Wainwright/Dr Mees
Blue Cardboard folder (cups box): large prints including president
Box (carpet tiles): prints by John Keane
Large grey folder of prints marked Mrs M. Saunders, Edgar Hyman, H.G.Trod, Brian Davies, Peter Lewis
Large envelope: website 2001
Large envelope: orange: E.A.Salt
Envelope: John Keane
Print: The Birthday Party by Nick Vilag, c.1975.
Large envelope: Centenary, 1990
Folder: S.Whitaker, Church Interiors.

Croydon Camera Club

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