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Croydon Parish: Trustees for Repairing the Parish Church Minute Books

A Committee for the Repair of the Parish Church was appointed at a meeting of Croydon Vestry on 22 August and 8 September 1760: the early part of the first minute book records the meetings of this Committee. It promoted the passage of an Act of Parliament `for Repairing the Parish Church of Croydon', which was passed in 1761 (1 George III). The Committee then reconvened under the terms of the Act, and first met as the Trustees for Repairing the Parish Church on 23 March 1761. The initial estimate for the cost of necessary repairs was ú1500. The Trustees were mainly concerned with the practicalities of raising this money (which they did through various means, including borrowing money, the purchase of annuities, and the levying of Church Rates); and with making arrangements for carrying out various repairs. At a meeting on 29 April 1761, the Clerk was ordered to prepare a 'proper Minute Book'; a book for recording workmen's bills; an Annuity Book for recording payments and receipts relating to annuities; and a (general) Account Book. In fact, many of these other financial details continued to be recorded in the minute books.

Croydon Parish: Draft Registers of Burials and Baptisms

Maintained by successive Croydon Vicars and Parish Clerks, they contain far more information than the standard registers of the time. In all cases, the burial entries give the name, age and date of burial of the deceased. For some (albeit rather inconsistently), they give occupations, names of next of kin (ie name of spouse or father/mother), where the deceased lived or died, and the circumstances of any unusual or violent deaths. For example, on 2nd March 1775 was buried 'James Jenner son of James Jenner aged 13 from St Saviours, was scalded to death at Mr Thrale's Brewhouse'. Later entries, after c1800, tend to be rather less detailed. Apart from the date of birth, the baptismal entries do not offer any more information than would be normally found in an official register.

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