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Records of the Wellesley Singers

  • AR937
  • Collection
  • 1974 - 2001

4 boxes:
Three boxes and one folder labelled A-D:

Box A:
Carol Concert Programmes
Concert Programmes other than Carols
Minutes and Accounts
plus administrative history and detailed lists of items marked * below.

Box B:
Membership Lists
Press cuttings
Music Lists
Arrangements of carols, sacred and secular works
Archive analogue video tapes*

Box C:
Archive analogue audio tapes*

Box (folder) D:
Archive photographs*

Wellesley Singers

Records of the Pure Lemon Juice Company

  • AR855
  • Collection
  • 1922 - 1940

Minute Book 1922 - 1933.
Accounts, including some printed ephemera, 1922 - 1940 (with gaps).

Pure Lemon Juice Company

Records of the Photographic Survey and Record of Surrey

  • AR474
  • Collection
  • 1902-1958

Annual Reports 1903-24, 1927-52; miscellaneous leaflets and pamphlets; newspaper clippings; correspondence 1907-53; draft rules; list of members and addresses; treasurers accounts 1924-53 (1 vol); minutes 1902-8 (1 vol); registers of photographs 1902-1958 (2 vols).

Croydon Public Libraries

Records of the Croydon and District Association of the British Federation of Women Graduates

  • AR797
  • Collection
  • 1933 - 1998

Minute book 1933 - 1942 (meetings and committee)
Minute book 1943 - 1950 (meetings and committee)
Minute book 1950 - 1956
Minute book 1956 - 1967 (including news cuttings and photos of Queen Mother at BUFW Jubilee 1957 and visit to Stevenage 1965)
Minute book 1967 - 1976 (including news cuttings)
Minute book 1972 - 1997 (committee)
Minute book 1976 - 1998 (meetings)
Accounts 1991 - 1998
Programmes 1956 - 1968, 1993 - 1997
Correspondence 1992 - 1998 (including disbandment, balance sheets)

Croydon and District Association of the British Federation of Women Graduates.

Records of the Byron Family of Coulsdon Court

  • AR1057
  • Collection
  • 1841 - 1922

1) Conveyance of piece of land at Coulsdon, 13 June 1904
2) Lease of Homeside, Purley 19 May 1913 (2 copies)
3) Lease of Waterhouse Farm, Coulsdon, 04 May 1915
4) Notice to Quit: Edwin Rutter, 20 Aug 1906
5) Deputation to William Blanch, Gamekeeper, 10 March 1892
6) Agreement for letting Lacy Lodge, 30 May 1915
7) Lease of Garston Hall, Coulsdon, 05 Sep 1907
8) Deed: London Brighton and South Coast Railway, 12 March 1897
9) Deed: London Brighton and South Coast Railway, 05 Feb 1897
10) Agreement with E. Rutter for letting certain lands 13 Sep 1899.
11) Lease of Homeside, 26 Apr 1904
12) Deed of Lower Foxley Park Estate, Lot 35, 11 Feb 1881
13) Conveyance of freehold land etc, Lower Foxxley Estate, 22 Oct 1881.
14) Lease of certain lands in Coulsdon, 26 November 1881
15) Lease of Oxgale Farm, 29 Sep 1898
16) Lease of certain lands in Coulsdon, 20 May 1889
17) Lease of Hartley Farm, Coulsdon, 21 March 1903
18) Lease of Coulsdon Grange, 01 Sep 1886
19) Draft Conveyance of Lower Foxley Park Estate, lots 10 - 12 and 49 - 53
20) Lease of Coulsdon Grange, 24 June 1880
21) Lease of lands in Coulsdon, 27 Feb 1906
22) As 21, 28 Sep 1897
23) Lease of Homeside at Lower Foxley Park, 19 Aug 1896
24) Bundle of papers relating to property sales, 1910 - 1918
25) Bundle marked Tylees Bills detailing property sales.
26) Relating to the funds of the messuage settlement of Julia Byron etc 08 Sep 1841
27) Eton Calendar, Michaelmas 1885
28) Eton Calendars, 1884 - 1888
29) Bundle of letters from Tylee and Co. to Father. Note states Began as Tylee, then for many years as Maberley, then Maxwell.
30) Settlement on the Marriage of Eric Byron with Miss Margaret robinson, 26 Sep 1903.
31) Bundle of documents re: Evans Williams v Byron, 1901. Includes notes by Eric Byron.
32) Bundle of Eton College lists, 1856 and others.
33) Bundle of letters re: building of Coulsdon, employees and visitors.
34) Small bundle re: sale of estate.
35) Account book (red) 1841 - 2.
36) Note book re: railway (?). Belonged to Eric Byron. Includes postcards.
37) Envelope marked Old Eton Bills.
38) Bundle of correspondence: c. 1880s - 1902. includes cost of laying out Lower Foxley Path.
39) Pictures etc in Rome 1898 - 9.
40) Eton Lists 1854 - 1856.
41) Wages book (names staff) 1895 - 1921.
42) Book: The Life of Rev. Christian F. Schwarz. Presented to Charlotte 1834 and again to Mary Ann Perry, 1849.
43) Memorandum of will (chattels) of Edmund Byron, 18 Dec 1922.
44) Envelope re: baliffs (incl Steer).
45) Bundle of correspondence
46) British Gazette 07 May 1926.
47) Farming Account commencing 1864
48) Conveyance of pieces of land and hereditaments in Coulsdon, 23 Feb 1877.
49) Lease re: Garston Hall, 05 Nov 1909.
50) Lease re: land in Coulsdon, 01 May 1913
51) Lease, Homesar, Lower Foxley Park, Coulsdon, 06 Sep 1877.
52) Agreement re: tenancy of Smithy, Lacy Green, Coulsdon, 10 June 1899.
53) Conveyance of land at Coulsdon, 08 Jan 1868.
54) Sales catalogue, Coulsdon Court, 1922 (5 copies)
55) Report of Directors and Statement of Accounts, Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway Company, y/e 1920.
56) Letting agreement re: Lacy Lodge to Edward Ridgeway Watt, 18 March 1915. Marked sold.
57) Tenancy Agreement re: Bradmoore Farm, Coulsdon, 17 Aug 1918.
58) Apportionment of a share of the trust funds subject to the marriage settlement of Edmund Byron and Charlotte Emily in favour of their daughter, Lucy Byron, 1893.
59) Conveyance of a piece of land on the Lower Foxley Park Estate, 27 January 1877 (some water damage).
60) Memorandum on the distribution of plates, jewellery, pictures, china, books, furniture and other things among members of the family, 1922
61) Agreement for construction of bridge over the Caterham Railway, 15 Jan 1870.
62) Inventory of Coulsdon Court, 1923
63) Papers re laying on East Surrey Companys water to Houses and Cottages on the Coulsdon Estate.
64) Conveyance of freehold land and heriditaments of freehold land, part of Lower Foxley Park, 02 Dec 1892.
65) Map of ecclesiastical parish of Coulsdon.
66) Papers re: Powers of attorney to Mr Eric Byron, 1928.
67) Schedule re: Coulsdon Estate, 1897.
68) Papers re: Oxgate Estate, Hendon, 1903.
69) Valuation of the Coulsdon Estate, 1910
70) Agreement for sale of land to LBSCR, 03 Feb 1899.
71) Agreement for letting fields at Coulsdon, 06 Mar 1918.
72) Additional unsorted papers.
73) Rents of cottages and small holdings, 1900 - 1925
74) Receipts for duty on timber sales at Coulsdon
75) Letters to Eric Byron, c.1926.
76) Plan of portion of estate, from a sales particular (n.d. but c. 1923)
77) Personal correspondence of Eric Byron, mainly re: Theodore Hall, c. 1926.
78) Lease of Homeside, Purley, 19 May 1906.
79) Inventory: silver, plated and apecially valued pictures.
80) Mr and Mrs Eric Byrons marriage settlement, 1903
81) Lease of Coulsdon Grange, 02 May 1900
82) Mrs Hiltons settled share of residue, following will of Edmund Byron, 1928.
83) Coulsdon Court Estate accounts, Nov 1922
84) Trustees of Mr and Mrs Eric Byrons Settlement to Messrs Jennings, Chater and Richards.
85) Mrs Hiltons Settled Trust Fun under will of her late father Edmund Byron, 1924.
86) Trustees Account of the Disposal of income according to Arthur Cecil Byron during his minority up to July 07 1927 under will of Edmund Byron.
87) Sales particulars: sale of Lower Foxley Park Estate, 1870 (3 copies).
88) Estate account of Edmund Byron (T. Hall Halls copy).
89) Inventory of household furniture etc of Edmund Byron, 1921.
90) Receipts for nurses, 1921 (care of Edmund Byron?)
91) Correspondence re: Southern Railway/Higher Drive, 1924.
92) Letter (25 March 1924) from Tylee and Co. re: costs.
93) Lease agreement to Alice Morley for renting a Beershop, house and pasture at Coulsdon., 1879
94) As 93, to William Whitton, 25 Oct 1881.
95) Surrey CC minutes, 24 Jan 1889
96) Baptism certificate, Anne Byron, 23 Oct 1909
97) Testimonial to Edmund Byron from stewards of Coulsdon Court on Oct 05 1864.
98) Plans of Coulsdon Court.
99) Newspaper article re: sale of Coulsdon Court, 1921.
100) Mrs Hiltons settled truxt fund under the will of her late father Edmund Byron, Aug 1925
101) Agreement: specific request to Mrs T. Hall Hall and Mrs Hilton, 09 Dec 1921.
102) Letter re: sale of estate, n.d. (c.1921)
103) Miscellaneous accounts etc.

Box two

104) Shares book (?), 1909 - 1916
105) Account book, 1864 - 1889
106) Account book, 1916 - 1922
107) Account book, 1833
108) Account book, 1872 - 1884
109) Fishing book, 1912
110) Account book, n.d.
111) Game book, 1877 - 1889
112) Journal kept by Edmund and Charlotte Emily Byron, 1867 - 1875
113) Journal: n.d. o author given.
114) Small bible: Mary Perry, 1855.
115) Small red box containing cuttings of hair.
116) Hunting journal 1899 - 1902
117) Account book 1836
118) Account book 1834
119) Timber cuts1896 - 1918
120) Four deeds relating to Hendon Estate, 1840 - 1880
121) Example of 1605 deed (marked by EB as of no other value or interest in 1878)
122) Probate of will of Lady Caroline Dundas, 20 Oct 1871.
123) Probate of will of Georgiana Lucy Kempe, 31 Jan 1891
124) Will and codicil of Mrs March, 1755
125) Settlement upon the intended marriage of S. Calvert and Miss Byron, 1809
126) Envelope marked Harriet Brownlow Byron
127) Race card for Old Surrey Hunt, Point to Point Steeplechases, 11 Apr 1896, Tandridge
128) Bundle of old Hendon Leases, c.1890.
129) Copy settlement on the marriage of Edmund Byron with Miss Charlotte Emily Jeffreys, 15 July 1867
130) Probate of will of John Burnet Dundas, 29 Sep 1868
131) Cheque dated 15 Dec 1920 (marked last cheque signed by Edmund Byron)
132) Bundle of pocket maps.
133) Bundle of material relating to Old Surrey Fox Hounds.
134) Envelope marked Brompton Cemetery.
135) Correspondence: Jeffreys, c.1896.
136) Appointment of a new trustee to the will of Miss Mary Byron, deceased.
137) Map of estate 1921
138) Probate, Mrs Georgiana Lucy Kempe, 1891
139) Letter from Hall and Co., 1899
140) Envelope marked List of Coulsdon Books
141) Photo of Harriet Brownlow Byron (1818 - 1887)
142) Photo of Lucy Hall Hall and child (taken c.1903)
143) Conveyance of land at Coulsdon 12 Aug 1880
144) Envelope, Edmund Byron County Council Elections
145) Envelope marked Personal Letters.
146) Folder marked Banks.
147) Memoranda of expenditure on repairs, building, fencing etc on the Coulsdon Estate from 1863.
148) Trust book
149) Bundle of documents re: Golders Green estates.
150) Photos of Edmund (Byron) in stitched folder.
151) A Book containing old papers of no value except as curiosities, 1876.
152) Memorial to Charlotte Emily Byron
153) Envelope: Edmund Byrons Death, family letters.
154) Inventory of Furniture and contents of Coulsdon Court, 1905
155) Probate of the will of Richard Byron, Oct 31, 1798
156) Envelope: sale of estate.
157) Envelope: Coulsdon Cricket Club, 1926
158) Extract from Eric Byrons Marriage Settlement Deed
159) Glass photograph of Charlotte Emily Byron aged 10.
160) Daily Express 11 Nov 1929
161) Bundle re: Will of Edmund Byron, 1922.
162) Bundle: statements of accounts rendered by Edmund Byron re: will of Mrs Mary Byron and marriage settlement of Rev G.H. and Mrs G.L.Kempe.
163) Bundle of receipts.
164) Settlement upon the marriage of Rev George Kempe and Georgina Byron
165) Bundle of financial papers relating to Hendon estate.
166) Envelope of letterheads
167) Various financial papers.

Box three:

168) Envelope marked very old letters to Eric Byron.
169) Envelope marked personal letters.
170) Ledger: tithe list (?)
171) Folder: personal letters L.B.
172) Envelope: letters to Eric Byron from eldest brother Thomas, Cecil, Lucy and Eva Byron.
173) Envelope: Letters to Eric from Thomas in Canada.
174) Estate Map, 1922
175) Coulsdon Court Estate sales particular, Second Edition, 1922.
176) 2 OS 6 maps with Estate plotted.
177) Envelope: miscellaneous material: fox hounds, Hall Co, grave of Aunt Georgie, All Saints Convalescent Home, Eastbourne, House building at Caterham Junction etc.
178) Letter from parishioners in thanks for donation of church organ, 1868.
179) Photo of Thomas Byron, d. 1863.
180) Envelope with pattern of cloth for the Coulsdon Livery and white metal buttons
181) Church Services book belonging to Edmund Byron.

Items 175 - 181 received via Roger Packham, 23 Nov 2011.

182) Letter to Eric Byron from James Byron, June 16th 1892
183) Letter to Eric Byron, 13 Sep 1898.
184) Photocopy of note re: wristwatch, 1902
185) Map of electoral divisions of Surrey, 1890.
186) Review from Croydon Times, April 26 1876.
187) Letter to Eric Byron from Edmund Byron Dec 3 1898.
188) Invitation to Eric Byron to dinner for Edmund Byron on retirement from Mastership of the Hunt, 23 October 1902.
189) 3 copy letters re: Coulsdon Court Estate, May 1923.
190) Memoir of Coulsdon by Eric Byron, son of Edmund, in 1962. Typed by Setitia Simmonds

Items 182 - 190 received from Setitia Simmonds, February 2012

Byron Family

Records of the Britannia Club, Croydon

  • AR479
  • Collection
  • 1943-1946

Club for women in the Services, opened 19 January 1943. Register of members 1943-46; album of photographs; loose photographs; 2 cuttings.

Britannia Club

Records of William Ashby and Son Ltd

  • AR948
  • Collection
  • 1887 - 1979

Box one:
Minute Book 1887 - 1893 (note: mostly unused)
Rough Minute Book 1892
Letter books: 1892, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1910
Agenda Book
Ledger 1893
Stock Book (1887 onwards)
Register of Debentures
Book of Bills Receivable
Register of bills payable 1908 - 1931
Various leases, agreements, debentures. This is split into bundles re:
Debentures (3); Property Agreements/Tenancies; Commercial Agreements and Licences; Miscellaneous property documents including schedule of deeds and original certificates of incorporation.

Box two
Envelope of business documents concerning transport including a riverside crane at Brentford.
Envelope of confidential agreements and F.C.s Trust Deeds
Vehicle Registration Docs
Blue folder: spare copies from share register
Impression of a seal in a box
Ashby badges (3)
Drainage material catalogue (5 copies)
Blue folder: Sale of shares - aborted
Green folder: correspondence concerning close company status
Blue folder: photocopies of various documents concerning the legal takeover of Aldridge and Bardwell
Blue Folder: photocopied minutes of AGMS, 1892 - 1977.
Blue Folder: Insurance and plans etc of depots and premises.
Blue Folder: Photocopied minutes of Directors Meetings, 1957 - 1979.
Grey folder: drawings and papers, Aldridges, Norfolk (timber merchants taken over 1966)
Blue folder: photographs of depot at South Norwood
Posh photo album: Bardwell Sons
Paper Bag: Photos, photographs of depots at South Norwood and Egham on the original station site
Red photo album: Aldridge
2 books unused share certificates.
Brown folder: Directors

Box three
Large envelope with copies of pages of Directors Minutes, 1892 - 1957
Blue folder: Valuation and copy of share register. This dates from 1973 when the sale of the company was first being considered.
Carbon copies, Kitchens Today, 1971 - 1975 (invoices etc)
Large file marked archives includes:
File of Circulars to shareholders concerning the sale of shares which increased the capital of the company.
N. Thames Gas Board, Dealers Order Book
Pad of Kitchens Today paper
Various guarantees
Photos of offices designed by M Crowley, 1974, South Norwood
Civic Trust Award, 1973
Drawings thereof
Folder of Offers for shares
Kitchens Today Drawings
Booklets on Pension scheme
Staff dinner, 1977

Big file marked history containing:
Packet of photos of Kitchens Today (showrooms in the 1960s at Beckenham and Sunbury)
Envelopes of small photos
Cuttings from Staines and Egham News 1975 and
Thankyou letters for souvenirs 1975
Photos of Aldridge, Timber Preservation company
Photographs cement works at Greenwich during demolition.
Glossy photos of new buildings at Manor Road South Norwood and Windsor House, Norbury, 1964.
Photographs of proposed office in Greenwich.
Cert of Registration of canal boat
Agreement between Messrs Ashby and Lady Cooper
Other letters of family interest.

William Ashby and Son Ltd.

Records of White House Horticultural Society

  • AR926
  • Collection
  • 1951 - 2005

Committee Minutes:

1951 - 1961
1961 - 1976
Jan 1977 - Mar 1985 (includes historical note)
Apr 1985 - Oct 1997


1975 - 1977 x 2 (orange and grey covers)
1978 - 1992 x 2 (red and grey)

Meeting signing in book 1973 - 1997

Newsletters 1982 - 1995

Correspondence and newsletters 1998 - 2006 (blue lever arch file).

Correspondence: 1977 - 2005 (Box file)

Correspondence concerning room bookings etc (brown folder) 1994 - 2005

Photographs of 60th anniversary show at All Saints Parish Hall, Sanderstead, 2000 (2 vols)

White House Horticultural Society

Records of Tramstop

  • AR583
  • Collection
  • c1991 - 2000

Minutes, correspondence files, newspaper clippings, photographs, etc


Records of Tramstop

  • AR715
  • Collection
  • 1991-2000

Cuttings, brochures, agendas etc of Tramstop, c.1991-2000


Records of The Croindene Music Society

  • AR705
  • Collection
  • 1949-1951

a)Minute book 1949-1951 incorporating the Croindene Music Society and the Croindene Singers.
b)Envelope of newspaper cuttings.
c)Folder marked Activities containing programmes etc.
d)Folder marked Croindene Singers containing letters etc.
e) and f) Two blue folders containing letters.

The Croindene Music Society

Records of Sanderstead and Purley Recorded Music Society

  • AR720
  • Collection
  • 1944-1993

6 items:
5 Minute Books:
1) 1944-1948 (Society formed in 1944)
2) 1948-1950
3) 1950-1955
4) 1963-1977
5) 1977-1993
Folder of Society Programmes 1944-1953. Includes some membership cards.

Sanderstead and Purley Recorded Music Society

Records of Patricia Scott

  • AR865
  • Collection
  • c.1900-1989

3 boxes:
Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 1 of 3

Certificates: school, professional
Artwork: school
Diaries: 1935, 1937
Photographs of RFC group at Farnborough, c.1917. One photograph marked as a Lt. Scott, died in action June 1918. Relation?
Three copies of parents wedding photograph, 1917.
School books: French, Geography, English x 2, Composition, French verbs.
History notes (mustard colour folder)
English notes (mustard colour folder)
Lanfranc School Journey to Seaford, June 1932 plus diary.
Song books x 2
Cookery Recipes booklet
Notes on Christian Science (office training on cover)
Envelope of school reports
Cookery notes
Science booklet: transport project
Biochemic System of medicine: Schussler
Floral Birthday book: includes some birthdays
Exercise book containing cigarette cards: fragile

A865 Patricia Scott Collection

Box List

Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 2 of 3

Photographs: personalities
School timetable
Lanfranc Senior Girls Magazine February 1933 (typed)
3 essays written on Clarks College notepaper
3 examination question papers
South Bank Exhibition 1951: plan
Card presented to Sgt Maj A.E.Scott, 1919 by County Borough Croydon.
Cuttings etc on spiritualism, horoscopes etc plus 2 photographs of (?) gurus.
Personal documents: Patricia Scott
Personal documents: Albert and Frances Scott
Personal documents: Dorothy Smith (1902 - 1989)
Greeting cards: 1 bundle
Box of badges, coins etc
Postcards, written: 1 bundle
Postcards etc, unwritten: 1 bundle
Postcards of the Channel Islands: 1 bundle
Roll of Certificates: Dorothy Smith and family
Packet of negatives: holiday snaps
Embassy Club Folder containing Christmas cards etc
Three photographs of an ice bound ship: WWII frigate?
Correspondence: 1 envelope
Guide books etc and publications: 1 envelope

A865 Patricia Scott Collection

Box List

Collection is boxed in no particular order but needs severe weeding.

Box 3 of 3

Personal photographs of people: 1 envelope, 1 bundle and 2 loose: all unidentified
Frame containing two photographs
Personal photographs: various including two of 139 Langdale Road
Book of Red Letter Days with some birthdays included.
New Testament presented to Frances E. Scott on 25 January 1900 (her 8th birthday).
Scrapbook: includes photographs of PS at Lanfranc, girls on trips and the new Lanfranc building.
Scrapbook with several newspaper cuttings
Bibbys Annual, 1916
Wonders of the World: Nestl picture strip album
The Sphere: Captain Scott memorial exhibition

Patricia Scott

Records of Nalder and Collyer Brewery

  • AR750
  • Collection
  • 1889-1948

Properties Book 1935-1938
Proposals for Trustees Re: Debenture Issue for Holdings 1938
Acquisition of Properties 1936
Second Supplemental Account 1936/7
Schedules re: various properties
Conveyances 1948
Accounts re: lettings 1936
Volume: trust deed to secure debentures 4 July 1889
Volume: trust deed to secure issue of 50,000 debentures 1891.
Bundle of misc papers re: accounts of various properties and assessment re: sale with Ind Coope and Allsopp Ltd 1936
Bundle of misc. papers re: trust deeds and conveyance of various properties c.1936-1938.

Nalder and Collyer Brewery

Records of Mr W.F.G. Bull

  • AR783
  • Collection
  • 1951-1971

1) Bundle of correspondence and receipts relating to 26 Cuthbert Road, home of Mr Bull, 1951 - 1971
2) 1 printers block of H.R.Grubbs shop (North End?)
3) 2 printers instruments.

Mr W. F. G. Bull

Records of Marjorie Mather

  • AR919
  • Collection
  • c.1930 - c.2000

1 box:
1) Personal 1930-2000

Various correspondence and photographs 1930-2000

Miscellaneous 1948-1990:
Programme St. Thomas Amateur Operatic Society May 1948
Driving Licence 1957
Coloma School Badge x2 letter 1990
Copy of Shirley Oaks Childrens Home by Adams Coll (signed)
Plan of Shirley Schools: pencil n.d. (It is likely that a photograph originally formed the centrepiece of the plan. This is no longer present).
Masons publications x14 (belonging to John Martin Mather, her second husband. These will not be retained.
Drawings/paintings (one signed)

2) Shirley Red Cross: ? - 1986

Various, n.d.

Various issues of Red Cross News 1977-1983 (not retained)

Miscellaneous 1974-1986
Blue Folder containing:
First Aid Instructions/Posters
Training Day Course Folder 19 October 1974
Emergency Aid Course for Instructors 5 January 1975
Attendance Register: Youth Group Shirley Centre (3331) 1979-1986

Marjorie Mather

Records of Leonard Evans Parr

  • AR918
  • Collection
  • 1903 - 1973

2 boxes:
Material relating to Leonard Evans Parrs occupation as a house parent and Bandmaster of Shirley Residential Schools and personal items. See attached box list:

1) Shirley Residential Schools 1903-1967

Photographs 1923-?
Large mounted photograph of school, staff and board 11 March 1930
Mounted photograph of Shirley Residential Schools Christmas 1926 + hand drawn plan

Magazines 1929-1967
Shirley Schools Magazine 1929-1967

Programmes 1929-1934
Annual Sports Inspection x2 1929 1934

Miscellaneous 1903-?
Luggage tag: Joan Boardman
Five hankies ie. Chestnut 5, 6,8,9,10
Every boys book of hobbies by Cecil H. Bullivant
(inscribed: Stanley Isaacs for Woodwork) n.d
Notebook c1926 (black) incl. paper cuttings (author unknown)
Notebook 1903-? (author unknown)
Shirley Schools History notes n.d (author unknown)
Ration Book Cover (embroidered cloth) owner unknown
Suitcase brown (John Green, Rose Cottage, Shirley Residential School Croydon)

2) Shirley Residential Schools Band 1924-1967

Photographs 1924-?
Shirley Residential Schools Band: Various
Shirley Residential Schools Band: Mounted Signed by Mayor Southwell 1924/5

Programmes 1925-1966
Programmes: Venues for Shirley Residential Schools Band 1925-1934
Programme of Music: Shirley Oaks Band Open Day 8 July 1966

Certificates 1933
Shirley Residential School Band: School Orchestra Junior Band Festival 1933
Miscellaneous 1967?
Shirley Residential Schools Band list for Sports Day x2 1967
Sheet music: Three Jolly Sailormen, In the Shadows, Viennese Ladies, Teddy Bears Picnic, Scales

3) Personal 1905-1973

Miscellaneous bands n.d

Correspondence 1905-1973
Testimonials 1905, 1908 1923
Correspondence/Notes concerning estate of late Mrs Parr 1966

Miscellaneous 1914-1970
National Insurance Card 1914/15
Medical Card 1914
Register of Local Land Charges(incl. plan): Bradfield Rural District Council
4 November 1926
Journal Household Calvary 1927?
Certificate Hospital Savings Association 1963
LCC card 30 years service 8 October 1964
Application for National Development Bonds: Leonard Evans Parr March 1967
Rates Valuation 203 Devonshire Way 12 March 1970
Vicarage Garden Party List n.d
National Savings Certificate Book
Photograph of Leonard Evans Parr + two ladies (Mrs Parr on the left?)

Leonard Evans Parr

Records of Kenley Memorial Hall

  • AR575
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1992

List compiled 12 Dec 1999.

  1. Book of receipts expenditure. 1st. entry Jan 1949, last entry 17th March 1965.

  2. Letter from Ministry of Housing Local government re Design of public conveniences with facilities for the disabled.

  3. Plan for redevelopment of Kenley Memorial Hall. Architects Stride Beckett associates, Croydon. Dated Nov 1966 Shows proposals for all buildings from Station Road to southern boundary replaced by (a) car park for 36 cars plus shop or (b) car park for 28 cars. Both plans show re-sited smaller Memorial Hall measuring 46 x 26 plus toilets etc.

  4. Ring folder containing.
    2 A4 sheets. A brief history of RAF Kenley 1917 -1971. Unsigned.
    4 foolscap sheets. Supplemental deed of trust by Francis Powell Read. Vicar of Kenley. Frederick Giffard Cole. 21, Dale Road, Purley. Griffith John Griffiths. Bourneside, Kenley.
    2 foolscap sheets. Notes on start of Memorial Hall 1920, 1921, 1923, 1965-66, 1967-68.
    Scheme. Charity Commission.
    Plan for redevelopment of Memorial Hall site. 6 new shops plus small Hall in southern corner. Little or no parking. March 1973. Architects Broomhall partners, Petty France, London.
    3 letters plus 5 plans for re-development. c.1970.
    4 plans plus letter Oct. 10 (no year) for re-development.
    1 plan.

  5. Minute Book. Starting 11th Oct 1949 to 30th Oct 1985.

  6. A4 envelope containing:
    Formal re-opening by Douglas Bader. Booklet 8th Nov 1975.
    Charity auction pamphlets (2).
    Agenda for AGM 2 Jun 1992.
    Licence for use of hall for maternity child welfare clinic 26th Oct 1960.
    Pamphlet. Order of thanksgiving. St. Clement Danes. 27th Oct 1982.
    Confessions of a caretaker. Unsigned. Undated. (2 copies).
    A4 Sketch. Blackout frames. Undated.
    4 A4 sheets. Basic notes re Kenley 75 years ago to 1950s plus redevelopment proposals 1968-72 to
    May 1974 to March 1981.
    Minutes of trustees meeting 14th Jan 1992.
    Notes re upgrading electrical installation in hall. Undated.

  7. A4 Pocket folder.
    Plan May 1966. Re-development for 7 shops, 8 maisonettes.
    Deed of trust dated 21st Dec 1921 signed by:
    a. Francis Powell Read vicar of Kenley.
    b. Frederick Giffard Cole, 21, Dale Road, Purley.
    c. Griffith John Griffiths, Bourneside, Kenley.
    Statement re Charity l Community market use of hall.
    Design of public conveniences. Details from Ministry of Housing.
    Purley Specials Old Comrades Ass. Details of annual Supper General meeting at Kenley
    Memorial Hall 7th Dec 1923. (2 Leaflets).
    Village Hall Institute for Kenley. War memorial leaflet setting out proposals. Signed by:
    a. Oliver C. Quick. Chairman.
    b. F. Giffard Cole. Hon. Secretary. Dated 13th May 1919.
    A5 leaflet (4 pages) CODA show Memorial Hall. Also a potted history of hall its neglect after WW2.
    31 leaflets re Formal re opening of hall 8th Nov 1975 by Group Captain Douglas Bader.
    2 lists of names. (no explanation or date).
    A4 ring folder. Various notes on receipts payments.

  8. A4 ring folder. Various documents re investment certs, stock certs, meeting 10m Sep 1991, Report on electrics,various letters etc.

  9. 60 circular stickers. The Queens Silver Jubilee 1977.

  10. Kenley Memorial Hall. Programmes of opening ceremony 8m Apr 1922.

  11. A4 envelope. Commercial Union. Insurance policy for Hall.

  12. Transparent A4 folder. Memorial Hall on transparency for letter heading.

  13. Bulletins 1, 2, 3, 4 Restoration news.

  14. 2 A4 sheets. A brief history of RAF Kenley 1917-1971.

  15. Small leaflet. Kenley Memorial Hall. Formal re-opening.

  16. 4 x A4 sheets. Kenley Memorial Hall. News Bulletin no. 1.

  17. 1 A4 sheet. JMC Heating quote.

  18. 1 foolscap blue folder. Kenley memorial Hall. Accounts 1930-on.

  19. 1 A4 transparent folder.
    Restoration bulletins (batches) nos 2, 3, 4.
    Charity auction leaflets (pink).
    Letter from Charity Commissioners. 26th Apr 1993.

  20. 1 blue A4 ring folder. British Gas Fire extinguisher notes.

  21. 2 copies of original Deed dated 21 Dec 1921.

  22. 1 foolscap ring folder. Black. Nov 1975 to Dec 1976.
    Press cuttings.
    List of members willing to help decorating the hall.

  23. 1 foolscap brown folder. Monthly records of hall usage starting May 1960 up to April 1965.

  24. 1 A4 brown book. Management Committee acc. July 1974 to April 1988.

  25. 1 foolscap red cash book. Accounts April 1959.
    Restoration fund acc. 1974.
    Investments acc. Sept. 1981 on.
    Deposit acc. April 1990 on.
    Restoration Expenditure.
    List of patrons amounts donated.
    List of life members.

Kenley Memorial Hall

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