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Deeds relating to Norbury Park Estate

  • AR782
  • Collection
  • 1901 - 1908

25 items:

  1. Abstract (title deed) to Freehold hereditaments - part of Norbury Manor Estate, Thornton Heath. Made between Walter Henry Hitchcock of Horsham, Sussex, Robert carter of the Grove, Epsom, and Robert Ellis of Cowpers Court, City of London. 13 June 1856. 1 doc.
  2. (Copy) Deed of Resignation of Reginald Carter as Trustee of the Settlement of Mr Fosters share of Norbury Manor Estate. 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  3. Estate plan around Norbury Farm, showing division of land and land usage. Undated. 1 doc.
  4. Supplemental to Settlement between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead), Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton), and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow near Romney, Hampshire). Re: Settlement of one undivided ninth share of freehold and leasehold or premises at Norbury Manor Estate. 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  5. Title deed of H W Carter and others to three acres of land and premises at Norbury. 25 June 1858-1901. 1 doc.
  6. Section of OS map (Surrey Sheet XIX.5) c. 1890s, showing upper portion of Alexander Road; also Pikeshill, allotments and Cottage Hospital. Possibly Epsom area. 1 item.
  7. Schedule of deeds acknowledged by F W Carter. c. 1909. 1 doc.
  8. (Copy) Extracts from Settlement of one undivided ninth share of the freehold and leasehold of premises known as the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue), Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton) and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow, near Romney, Hampshire). 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  9. As item 5.
  10. Upper left-hand portion of Sales Particular (see item 14).
  11. Valuation and Scheme of Division of the Norbury Manor Estate. April 1908. 1 doc.
  12. Colour plan of Norbury Manor Estate, inc. 1-4 St Helens Road, and Sudbury Road. Undated.
  13. Mortgage. Between J G Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Mortgagees) and Thomas Weldon (of 196 Earls Court Road, South Kensington) and Helen Rachel Louisa Weldon (Mortgagors). 14 November 1889. 1 doc.
  14. Sales Particular. Norbury Manor Estate, showing estate plan. Undated. 1 doc.
  15. Lease (fragment). H W Carter et al to J H Gathercole. For property in Melfort Road. Commencing 25 Dec 1896. 1 doc.
  16. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc.
  17. Lease. Between F W Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Lessors) and George John Randall and Thomas Frederick Randall (Lessees). 31 Dec 1819. 1 doc.
  18. Letter from Dinham, Fawars Co Ltd (Coal Factors, coal and coke Exporters) to Theodore Bell Co. Re: Settlement of the Norbury Manor Estate and Marriage Settlement (unspecified). 19 January 1906. 1 doc.
  19. Judgment (transcript). Re: Carter and Henderline Contract Vendor Purchaser Act, 1874. Case heard 27 March 1897, at the Supreme Court Judicature (Royal Courts of Justice). 1 doc.
  20. Conveyance of undivided one-ninth share in the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between Reginald Carter, Ernest Carter and Arthur Moseley. (inc. colour sketch plan showing area off Leather Bottle Lane.) 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  21. Colour sketch plan showing area inc. Parchmore Road, Parchmore Farm, Sudbury Road, Beulah Road. Undated. 1 doc.
  22. Mortgages and Leases. Made between Robert Starey (mortgagee) and Frederick Cloves Carter, Henry William Carter and George Robert Carter (Mortgagors), and others. Re: land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1880s. 1 doc.
  23. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1879-1888. 1 doc.
  24. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Estate. 1879-1889. 1 doc.
  25. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc. (see item 16).
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Unknown person

Garden Tools and Sundries

Illustrated catalogue of Gardening Tools including spades, lawnmowers, sprinklers, garden furniture and outdoor cooking stoves.

Letter from Andrew Pelling MP

(Copy of?) Letter from Andrew Pelling MP to Jeremy Turtle expressing his sadness that the store is closing and proposing an Early Day Motion on the matter.

Small Paper Bag

Small white Turtle's branded paper bag with blue and red print on one side including 'Centenary Year 1894-1994'.


A small series containing letter templates used by the business and letters sent to them.

Screws and Fixings List

Single sheet A4 folded booklet illustrating the range of steel and brass screws and fixings including pricing.

Newspaper and magazine features

Collection of press cuttings (original and copies) covering various events including the death of Louis Henry, recognition of the companies long service and adverts.

Image of a demonstration

Copy of a black and white photograph labelled 'Demonstrati' [Demonstration] showing a lady in the foreground. Image is very blurry and poor quality.

Tools for All Traders

Four catalogues (Issues 6, 10 and two unknown) showing blow-torches, drilling machines, chisels, tool chests and larger machinery.
Printed by H. R. Grubb & Roffey and Clark.

Hobbies Specialities

Includes items for model railways, air and shot guns and roller skates.
Printed by Roffey and Clark.

Christmas window display

colours photographs showing the Christmas window display. One shows the window display overall. Two are closeups of each side.

Green Photo Album

Green fabric bound album containing photographs of Crown Hill and North End store fronts, stands at events and staff; press cuttings of a Poem advert for Thomas Lindsley, Crown Hill and page from Models, Railways and Locomotives containing a letter from L. H Turtle about a new product.

Tools for Woodworkers

Illustrated catalogues Numbers 14 and 20 of tools for woodwork including axes, chisels, planes, rulers, saws and levels.
Printed by H. R. Gubb

Catalogues and Price Lists

Catalogues and Price Lists for a range of items sold by the company. They include images, descriptions, and cost for items associated with outdoor goods, tools, cutlery and specialist hobbies such as model trains.

Cutlery and Domestic Requisites

These black and white catalogues covering Cutlery, Shaving and Dressing Equipment, Scissors, Manicure Sets, Kitchen Utensils, Carpet Sweepers and 'Domestic Novelties' such as coffee mills.
Issues 8, 13 and unknown (printed 1922)
Printed by Roffey and Clark & H. R. Grubb

Louis, Kate and Marion Henry and negatives for images of Carriage and shopfront

1 black and white image of 3 people sat around a dinner table. Housed within paper frame-which is labelled in hand with 'Louis Henry Wife Kate Daughter Marion'. The back of the envelope has the handwritten note 'Mrs Jacquet'.
One set of negatives with 2 images: 1 shows a Turtle's branded horse-drawn carriage, 1 show a Turtles shopfront labelled 'Crown Hill Shopfront'.

Envelope marked "Photographs 'Turtles'

Black and white images of Founder, Louis Henry Turtle; Turtle's Stores across the years and locations including the Horse and Cart, the Crown Hill Store, an outdoor stall showcasing gardening equipment and the shop on Park Street; a cutlery set; street car with advert on the front.

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