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Eric Alfred Blake Pritchard Letters

  • AR1145
  • Collection
  • 1918

These letters were written to his local meeting and to his family in Thornton Heath, Croydon. They contain details about his work as a medical orderly with the Anglo-American Mission between February and November 1918

He was based initially at Ornans and later at Sermaize les Bains. He is in touch with "Paris Equipe" Based at the Hotel Britannique, 20 Avenue Victoria. He writes every 2-3 days and there are about 50 letters mentioning the following people:
Longstreth Thompson
George Chapman
Norman E. Brooks
Harold Buiks of Eccles
Eric C. Hinde
Arthur Baxter
Morris Burdsall
Bernard McAlpine
Geoffrey Franklin
T. Edmund Harvey and Mrs Harvey
Kenneth Morland
Wilfred Shewell

Eric Alfred Blake Pritchard

Croydon Theatres Collection

  • AR1154
  • Collection
  • 1755-1940

This collection contains material relating to theatres in Croydon, dating between 1755 and 1940, including 56 playbills, four programmes, one file of newspaper cuttings, two prints, and one songbook:

Cuttings from local papers and MS notes collected by J. Corbet Anderson, relating to theatres mainly in Croydon but also in London, dating between 1830 and 1905. Also includes one volume: 'The Theatre: A Monthly Review of the Drama, Music, and the Fine Arts', Vol. XVI, No 91 (London: Eglington & Co., July 1890).

Playbills for the following theatres (non-exclusively):
Widow Yeates's Large Theatrical Barn (1755)
Gygnell's Theatre, Fairfield (1822)
Croydon Theatre (1823, 1831, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1849, 1850)
Royal Olympic Theatre, London, including Madame Vestris in Beulah Spa, Croydon (1833)
East Surrey Theatre, Croydon (1835)
Prince of Wales Theatre, Croydon (1850)
New Surrey Theatre, Kennington (c. 1850)
Croydon Palace Theatre of Varieties (15/11/1900)
Croydon Repertory Theatre Programmes (1932-1940)

Two prints:
1) Madam Vestrus by J. Cochran. Madam Vestrus played the leading role in 'The Beulah Spa' by Charles Dance, performed a tthe Royal Olympic Theatre in 1833.
2) 'The Gypsy's Life is a Joyous Life' by J. Brandard, printed by M & N Hanhart. This was a song sung at London & provincial concerts.

One songbook for 'The Merry Gypsies, A Favorite Glee', composed by G. T. Smart, written by Mr Arnold. This was sung at the Ladies Concerts by Mrs Harrison, Master Elliot and Mr Bartlemann.

Monks Orchard Residents' Association

  • AR1156
  • Collection
  • 1933-2013

Records relating to the Monks Orchard Residents' Association, dating from 1933-2013, including:

Nine volumes of East Ward Electors Association Minutes of Committee Meetings (1933 -1971)

Correspondence relating to various local issues of the time, Early Register of Committee, Notice of Public Meetings, Local Election Material and Newspaper Cuttings (1961-1987)

General information from 2001-2013, including minutes and quarterly newsletters (born digital).

Monks Orchard Residents' Association

South Norwood Country Park Campaign

  • AR1157
  • Collection
  • 1977-1989

Records relating to the campaign by South Norwood United Action Group to establish South Norwood Country Park, dating from 1977 – 1989, including:

  • Information on contaminated land and soil survey (1977-1985)
  • Minutes, memos and correspondence on Croydon Development Plan (1978-1990)
  • Croydon District Plan - related correspondence and objections at inquiry (1980-1987)
  • Proposed development by London Borough of Bromley and original proposals (1982-1989)
  • South Norwood Country Park Public Consultation Document (1987)
  • Park proposals correspondence, reports and related information on development of the Park (1980-1988)
  • Newspaper cuttings (1982-1989)

South Norwood United Action Group

Coulsdon Choral Society Programmes

  • AR1159
  • Collection
  • 1953-1961

11 programmes for concerts performed by Coulsdon Choral Society between 1953 and 1061, collected by Olive Henerson, a member of the society and resident of Coulsdon, who sang in each of the concerts. The programmes include:

'First Public Concert', 7 November 1953;

'Programme of Music', 27 October 1955;

'The Creation', 31 October 1956;

'Programme of Carols', 19 December 1956;

'Requiem', 24 October 1957;

'Messiah', 5 December 1957;

'Christmas Music', 15 December 1958;

'Stabat Mater', 12 November 1959;

'Requiem', 27 October 1960;

'The Passion According to St Matthew', 16 February 1961, and

'Choral Concert', 21 October 1961.

Coulsdon Choral Society

L. H. Turtle Ltd.

  • AR1182
  • Collection
  • 1894 - 2008

This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, press cuttings and marketing material that chart the companies long service of operation, including the changing location of physical stores, up to the companies closure. Also included are sales catalogues and price lists from the early 1900s that showcase the range of items sold.

Turtle Family


This series contains photographs of the premises, family, staff, products and services of the company across the its 114 year history. This includes there shops, carts, presence at fairs and other locations including museums.

Envelope marked "Photographs 'Turtles'

Black and white images of Founder, Louis Henry Turtle; Turtle's Stores across the years and locations including the Horse and Cart, the Crown Hill Store, an outdoor stall showcasing gardening equipment and the shop on Park Street; a cutlery set; street car with advert on the front.

Image of a demonstration

Copy of a black and white photograph labelled 'Demonstrati' [Demonstration] showing a lady in the foreground. Image is very blurry and poor quality.

Green Photo Album

Green fabric bound album containing photographs of Crown Hill and North End store fronts, stands at events and staff; press cuttings of a Poem advert for Thomas Lindsley, Crown Hill and page from Models, Railways and Locomotives containing a letter from L. H Turtle about a new product.

Postcard of Streetcar with advert on the front

Postcards showing a black and white image of 'S.M.E.T Car No. 1 at Croydon Depot c.1925). There is an advert for Turtle's displayed on the front of the streetcar. On the back the address 'L.H. Turtle LTD, 6-12 Park Lane, Croydon. CR0 1YE' is listed along with a phone number.

Centenary window display at Park Lane

Photographs of the Centenary window display at Park Lane containing portraits, equipment, awards, and images of old store front. Floral display shows dates 1894 and 2008

Interior of 6 Crown Hill

Photocopied black and white image of the interior of the Crown Hill Shop. Presented in a paper black bordered frame with a handwritten label at the top.

Louis, Kate and Marion Henry and negatives for images of Carriage and shopfront

1 black and white image of 3 people sat around a dinner table. Housed within paper frame-which is labelled in hand with 'Louis Henry Wife Kate Daughter Marion'. The back of the envelope has the handwritten note 'Mrs Jacquet'.
One set of negatives with 2 images: 1 shows a Turtle's branded horse-drawn carriage, 1 show a Turtles shopfront labelled 'Crown Hill Shopfront'.

Branded lawnmower on display

A4 printed image of a green lawnmower on display with the words 'Turtle Croydon' on the wheel. Some research suggests image was taken at the British Lawnmower Museum.

Christmas window display

colours photographs showing the Christmas window display. One shows the window display overall. Two are closeups of each side.

Catalogues and Price Lists

Catalogues and Price Lists for a range of items sold by the company. They include images, descriptions, and cost for items associated with outdoor goods, tools, cutlery and specialist hobbies such as model trains.

Tools for All Traders

Four catalogues (Issues 6, 10 and two unknown) showing blow-torches, drilling machines, chisels, tool chests and larger machinery.
Printed by H. R. Grubb & Roffey and Clark.

Hobbies Specialities

Includes items for model railways, air and shot guns and roller skates.
Printed by Roffey and Clark.

Cutlery and Domestic Requisites

These black and white catalogues covering Cutlery, Shaving and Dressing Equipment, Scissors, Manicure Sets, Kitchen Utensils, Carpet Sweepers and 'Domestic Novelties' such as coffee mills.
Issues 8, 13 and unknown (printed 1922)
Printed by Roffey and Clark & H. R. Grubb

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