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Croydon Local Board of Health Records Series
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Local Board of Health: Rate Books

Croydon Local Board of Health was formed in September 1849, under the terms of the Public Health Act 1848. Its powers were extended under the Local Government Act 1858. It was responsible for matters relating to water supply and sanitation, and also acted as the highway and planning authority. It superseded the Improvement Commissioners, the Board for the Repair of Highways, and some functions of the Parish Vestry. As the more built-up areas of the parish benefited from more services than the remoter parts, some rates were levied in those areas only. The two areas affected were the 'Special District (ie Croydon town centre); and 'Norwood Special District. The parish as a whole was known as the 'General District; but from 1858, this was sometimes split into 'General District 1 (the town centre), and 'General District 2 (the outlying parts), where different levels of rate were demanded.

General Purposes Rates - Under an Act of 1829 (10 Geo IV), Croydon was authorised to collect rates for 'lighting, watching and improving the town of Croydon . . . and for providing lodging for the judges at the Assizes . . . and for other purposes relating thereto. These rates were sometimes known as 'Lighting Rates until the late 1830s, and afterwards as 'General Purposes Rates. Only the town of Croydon (and not the outlying parts of the parish) appears to have been rated.

Highways Rates - Croydon collected these rates under an Act of 1813/14 (54 Geo III), for the 'amendment and preservation of the public highways within England.