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The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Sanderstead in the County of Surrey, by William Dendy

Ms history from 871 to 1911, including etymology, boundaries, geology and flora, population, Sanderstead Manor, parish church and clergy, local buildings, Croham Hurst and Selsdon.. The volume includes fine contemporary photographs of Sanderstead Parish Church, Sanderstead Station, Sanderstead Court, White House Farm, Selsdon, Sanderstead Recreation Ground, Purley House, Riddlesdown Road and St Marys Church, presumably taken by the author. The young girls who appear in some of the photographs are presumably his daughters. The volume is dated 1905-7, but at the back additional newspaper clippings and notes covering the years 1908-1911 have been added.

Coulsdon Records: the Principal Lands of Coulsdon and Purley and Their Holders [Manuscript]

The volume is an original manuscript with pages numbered 1 to 173. The contents page lists the following main headings; Part 1: Manors and Sub-Manors; Part 2: Freehold Lands; Part 3: Indenture Lands; Part 4: Tithings and Miscellaneous Lands.

Included is a typescript list headed Coulsdon Records and dated 25 January 1952 indicating material sources held at the Central Library in Purley.

In essence the volume deals with place names, estates and families associated with the history of Coulsdon and Purley. A second typescript copy can be found at SJM/4.

Coulsdon: From the Time of Cuthred to the Crusades [Manuscript]

The volume represents a history of Coulsdon, its lands and families during the given period. The contents page lists the following headings; The Downs; The Normans Convert; Cuthraedes-Dune into Coles-Done; The Manor and the Church; Coulsdon and the Crusades and Taunton Manor.

A four-coloured reproduction [greatly reduced in size] of John Speeds 17th century map of Surrey is pasted inside.

The pages are numbered 1 to 29 the last three being Notes to the Text and an Appendix entitled The place name Coulsdon, the latter is given as under revision.

The volume includes some related correspondence dated 1952 - 1953 between the Clerk of the Council and Mr K M G Newbury Chief Librarian of Coulsdon and Purley Public Libraries .In addition there is also an authors note dated 27 October 1952 presenting the volume to the Chairman of the Council along with the full copyright.

Coulsdon and Purley: Source Book of Materials for Local History [With Index]

The Source book of Materials for Local History is broken down initially into the periods Pre-Historic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon and then moves forward in time by century to 1916.

In the form of a notebook it contains, according to the introductory note, all the notes that were entered on cards up to 11 October 1946 with many additional notes that were collected subsequently.

The search for the local material covered 368 volumes from the following series Chancery Records, Exchequer Records, State Papers, Foreign Archives, Pipe Roll Society Publications, Chronicles and Memorials, Record Commission Series and other miscellaneous records.

In essence it offers local history source material in a chronological sequence, giving title, volume and page number accompanied by a brief explanation of the entry.

The second volume acts as an alphabetical index to the chronological entries in the first volume.

Sidney Joseph Madge: Papers Relating to Coulsdon and Purley

  • SJM
  • Collection
  • 1951 - 1953

Three histories of the Coulsdon and Purley area by Sidney J. Madge:

Coulsdon and Purley Source Book of Materials for Local History with Index 1951[SJM/1] Manuscript of Coulsdon: From the time of Cuthred to the Crusades, October 1952, with related correspondence 1952 - 3 [SJM/2]

Manuscript of Coulsdon Records: the Principal Lands of Coulsdon and Purley and their Holders, June 1953 [SJM/3]; and a typescript copy of same [SJM/4]

Sidney Joseph Madge

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