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Coroners Inquest Reports Concerning Deaths

These records cover deaths resulting in Coroners Inquests, and those resulting in enquiries only. In virtually all cases Coroners Inquisitions, and medical and police reports are missing, and only blue paper report sheets have survived. They give the name, age, occupation and address of the deceased, the time and place of death, and the anticipated date of inquest, and usually include statements by next of kin and witnesses. Many of the statements are incomplete.

Coroners Inquisition Files

The files relate to Coroners Inquests o unnatural, sudden or suspicious deaths. A standard file will include a Coroners Inquistion (i.e. the certified statement of the Coroners decision as to the cause of death); and the Coroners Officers Report concerning the death, with associated medical and police reports, statements of witnesses etc. All dates relate to the date of the Inquest.

Council Minute Books

These books largely comprise pages of the printed Council minutes, pasted into larger volumes, and signed. Vols 1-4 have handwritten marginal headings, and marginal indexes, but in general these minutes contain no information which is not in the printed editions: noteworthy exceptions are indicated. Some further supplementary documents are also bound into the volumes, notably signed copies of Notices declaring Streets Public Highways, and signed copies of Particulars of Properties recommended for purchase etc. (with prices).

Croydon Education Office: Administrative Papers

These volumes are bound files of correspondence, reports and other papers compiled by Croydon School Board, (1870 - 1903) and its successor, the Education Office of Croydon Corporation, from 1903 onwards. They fall into two groups: those on general topics and those relating to individual schools, (the school portfolios). Many of these sets of papers appear to have been bound up as volumes in 1903 (when education became the direct responsibility of the local authority; in 1914; and about 1932 (when there was a major reorganisation of the education service). The 1920s and 1930s files were kept in spring-backed binders, until they were bound as volumes in the early 1990s. The files seem to have fallen into disuse during World War Two (when, for example, the system of regular annual returns from schools was discontinued) and were only added to sporadically in the 1940s.

Croydon Workhouse Records

Records of Croydon Workhouse, including Admission and Discharge Books and Registers, Creed Registers, and an In-Door Relief List
Volumes prior to 1879, 1882 - 1886 and 1891 - 1903 are missing

Croydon Board of Guardians

Dora and Jessie Chadderton: Personal

Consists of three photographs of family and sisters,cycling diary, two documents made out to Miss D Chadderton relating expenses for purchase of freehold property in Tunstall Road Addiscombe, one document from Borough of Camberwell concerning transferal of burial plot ownership from Albert Chadderton to Dora Chadderton and one sectional Atlas of Great Britain for Motorists, Cyclists and Walkers.

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