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Addiscombe Military Seminary: Drawings

  • AR30
  • Collection
  • c.1740 - c.1909

Volume containing civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, with prints and sketches of Addiscombe House, of cadets, and of individuals associated with the House and the East India Company; printed ephemera and manuscript letters; etc.

The principal feature of this volume is the series of about 40 sets of civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, 1837 - 1843, mainly signed by Captain Hector Smith, assistant to the Professor of Fortifications. They include a plan of the Seminary grounds dated 1838, by Cadet Charles Jackson (p.5); and several other drawings showing details of the grounds. These are followed by miscellaneous prints (from various sources) and sketches of Addiscombe House/Military Seminary, of cadets, portraits of individuals associated with the House and with the East India Company, views of St James Church and other local scenes; and some printed ephemera, manuscript letters, newspaper cuttings etc (including a MS account of the death of the Earl of Liverpool in 1808, on p.89).

The leather binding may also date from the mid-nineteenth century. The volume appears to have been compiled in its present form in the early twentieth century, when the supplementary prints and other papers were added. 2 of these supplementary pieces (bound in as pp122-125 and 127-130) are in fact strays from the collection of miscellaneous Seminary records held at AR65.

East India Company

Addiscombe Military Seminary: Progress Reports

Consists of six printed pieces with some MS annotations. Lists Cadets names, arranged under class etc, with details of Rank in the Several Studies (ie. performance in different subjects); Behaviour in Study; Character out of Study and Extra Drills. The pieces cover May 1850; Nov 1851; May 1852; May 1853; May 1854 and May 1855. A copy of the Report for May 1851 is bound into AR30.

Addition to F/ 32Defence Plan of January1944

Follow up defence plan to that detailed in AR341/8. includes plans for immediate and secondary action, with information detailing which platoon was to guard which area in the event of an attack. on the back is attached a copy of AR341/8 and a blueprint map of the local area with positions marked.

Additional records relating to St Aubyns Congregational Church, Upper Norwood

  • AR963
  • Collection
  • 1801 - 1961

1 bundle:
Listing (as taken from the inventory of documents originally lodged with bank on behalf of the Upper Norwood Congregational Church in 1960) and supplied by the United Reformed Church History Society.

1 2 March 1801 Extract from Croydon award. Norwood Common and Woodlands in Norwood for the use of the inhabitants of Croydon.

2 16 July 1806 Act for rebuilding the Court House of the town of Croydon.

3 5 September 1809 Indenture between Vicar etc, and John Scott of Penge Place. Sale of land in Westow Hill.

4 6 April 1836 Copy of William Roses Will (9 Pages).

5 9 June 1849 Lease of land on Westow Hill. Messrs Overton to Mr Frederick George Aubin. Indenture.

6 21 June 1863 Certificate of Conveyance of workhouses and other property. Central London District School paid 1,200 to Henry Overton, trustee of will of Wm Rose.

7 30 September 1856 Conveyance of land at Westow Hill. Henry Overton to Central District School.

8 1860 Plans of a Chapel, the property of the Central District School.

9 16 February 1860 Duplicate Conveyance of freehold land and premises at Westow Hill. Central London District School to Messrs Outhwaite and Hubbard.

10 1861 Abstract of Title to freehold Chapel at Norwood. Power to enclose parts of 215 acres. Central London District School ordered to sell premises under an act (Wm IV) to facilitate conveyance of workhouses etc. 2,000 paid by John Bromhall of Belsize Road, St Johns Wood, Middlesex. (22 pages).

11 3 May 1861 Order to Central London District School to sell such portion of the premises as remain unsold.

12 16 May 1861 Conveyance. Central London District School to John Bromhall. [Broomhall]

13 29 April 1862 Declaration of George Law, architect, concerning land conveyed to John Bromhall. Upper Norwood Chapel.

14 13 May 1824(extracted 1862) Certificate of burial of Ruth Scott

15 21 May 1851 Certificate of marriage of Robert Marke and Sarah Elizabeth Rose [widow]

16 25 July 1863 Further charge. John Bromhall to William Betts

17 2 June 1876 Mortgage. John Bromhall to William Betts, etc. Reconveyance. William McArthur to Fred William Carter.

18 31 July 1868 Act for enabling Star Life Assurance Society to sue in their own name.

19 11 February 1886 Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deeds of the Upper Norwood Congregational Church with the British Equitable Assurance Company for securing payment of 2,500.

In addition there are

10 November 1909 Letter from Martin Nicholson solicitors to H W Mitten concerning trustees for the Chapel and enclosing
13 June 1868 Conveyance and settlement of land and chapel at Norwood Surrey. John Broomhall to Frederick Wm Carter and others

November 1919-June 1924 Correspondence on insurance, including organ
8 April 1924 drafts/schedules for rebuilding of organ
31 May- 22 July 1924 correspondence, insurance issues connected with rebuilding
W J Curry and J Stone Blomfield
11 June 1924 Agreement Robert Hunter, Alfred Hunter and George Hunter, organ builders and Josiah Beddow, James Blomfield and William Curry for said rebuilding

August 1921 Specification proposed extension to church parlour at St Aubins Congregational Church (architect John Moir Kennard), plus plan
Plan by Gerald Warren (nd)

7 July 1961 Conversion of Manse, 2 Forsyte Crescent, SE19. Plans and application to Croydon Borough Engineers Office.

Notebook (nd) Covenant of fellowship between members of St Aubyns Congregational Church (includes Geoffrey Satchell, minister, 1961-68

St Aubyns Congregational Church, Upper Norwood

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