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Addiscombe College Photograph Album

  • AR29
  • Collection
  • c1859 - c1872

Photography was included in the curriculum from 1855 (taught by Aaron Penley, professor of civil drawing). The album includes group photographs and individual portraits of cadets and staff, and a few photographs of the College buildings and grounds, etc, mainly with pencilled captions. The photographs are mainly undated, but two are dated 1859, and most certainly date from around the same period. At the end of the album are several later group photographs etc (one dated 1872), including three apparently taken in India.

East India Company

Addiscombe Military Seminary: Drawings

  • AR30
  • Collection
  • c.1740 - c.1909

Volume containing civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, with prints and sketches of Addiscombe House, of cadets, and of individuals associated with the House and the East India Company; printed ephemera and manuscript letters; etc.

The principal feature of this volume is the series of about 40 sets of civil and military engineering drawings made by Addiscombe cadets, 1837 - 1843, mainly signed by Captain Hector Smith, assistant to the Professor of Fortifications. They include a plan of the Seminary grounds dated 1838, by Cadet Charles Jackson (p.5); and several other drawings showing details of the grounds. These are followed by miscellaneous prints (from various sources) and sketches of Addiscombe House/Military Seminary, of cadets, portraits of individuals associated with the House and with the East India Company, views of St James Church and other local scenes; and some printed ephemera, manuscript letters, newspaper cuttings etc (including a MS account of the death of the Earl of Liverpool in 1808, on p.89).

The leather binding may also date from the mid-nineteenth century. The volume appears to have been compiled in its present form in the early twentieth century, when the supplementary prints and other papers were added. 2 of these supplementary pieces (bound in as pp122-125 and 127-130) are in fact strays from the collection of miscellaneous Seminary records held at AR65.

East India Company

Maria Mee Cooper Letter

  • AR64
  • Collection
  • n.d. [c1860]

Letter: from Maria Mee Cooper to Fred, her son, while he was at school. The letter contains references to gifts from pupils to Mr (Alfred) Twentyman (a school proprietor); Addiscombe Races, prizes given by an Indian Prince to Addiscombe cadets and Cookes Gymnastic Performing Elephants in Croydon.

Maria Mee Cooper

Sydenham Renaud Addiscombe [Addiscombe College] Scrapbook

  • AR55
  • Collection
  • 1858 -.1905

Scrapbook, compiled by Sydenham Renaud. It contains a watercolour plan of the College and surrounding properties (dated June 1859; measures 28.5cm x 22cm; scale c9 in :1mile = 1:7040]; 147 albumen prints, mainly of cadets, staff, College buildings and surrounding area; and cuttings relating to the College. These are accompanied by captions and commentary on the photographs (mainly referring to the images, but sometimes to the photographic techniques) which extend in places to memoirs of the College Life. Non-Addington photographs include : Addington Palace; Beddington House and Church (2 photos), Cadet Alexander (son of General Alexander)s home; Lord Ashburtons Farm; General CA Browne, his house at Secunderabad, Deccan, and memorial to Elizabeth, his wife (3 photos; 1863); cadets at Sandown, Isle of Wight (1859 or 1860); room at University College, Oxford; and 4 copies of paintings or prints. Cuttings towards the end of the volume include cartoons from Punch etc; cuttings on military subjects; portraits of political and military public figures (including William Gladstone and Earl Roberts) articles re the Fens and re Egypt; etc., mainly undated, but some 1885 - 1905.

Photography was included in the Addiscombe curriculum from 1855 (taught by Aaron Penley, professor of civil drawing). The photographs mainly date from 1858-1859, and an early title for the book was 'Photographs taken by Cadets of the H.E.I.C.s Military College, Addiscombe. A.D. 1858-59. The photographs appear to have been stuck into the book soon afterwards, with brief captions. The captions were added to and amended over the years, particularly in the period 1891-1905, when the scrapbook assumed its present form. At times they extend into fairly long passages of text. These have been wrapped idiosyncratically around the pictures, or written on interleaved pieces of paper. Renaud comments 'the whole thing is go as you please over the patchwork so imperfectly hashed up. The book was used for reminiscing with other old cadets (for example, at a lunch in 1891), and some of the amendments may be the result of these shared memories. A few of the photographs were taken away from Addiscombe, or at a later date. Towards the end, the volume degenerates into a scrapbook for miscellaneous cuttings etc on military and other subjects, dated around 1885-1905. Renaud calls the book 'quite a preliminary canter to The Race, in the magnum opus of Colonel H.M. Vibart; a reference to Vibarts history, Addiscombe: its Heroes and Men of Note (1894) (shelved in Local Studies Library at S70(355)VIB).

Sydenham Renaud