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Public Assistance Office: Newsletter and Photograph Album

  • AR107
  • Collection
  • 1942 - 1949

Two volumes relating to the staff of the Public Assistance Office, Mayday Road: bound volume of the Mayday Monthly News Letter, April 1942-Sept 1945; and photograph album of members of staff in the services.

The Public Assistance Office

Cash book of Clarendon Cash Stores, 24 Pitlake

  • AR1072
  • Collection
  • 1923 - 1943

Cash book of Clarendon Cash Stores, 24 Pitlake. The name and address of Ernest Wickham is written in inside front cover, donors grandfather.

Wickham Family

Ashburton Library Reports

  • AR1073
  • Collection
  • 1929 - 1947

1) Retiring Report of the First Librarian in Charge of the Ashburton Library, Mr R.D.Hilton Smith (handwritten, 1929).
2) Report on the use of Stock 1929 - 1947.

Ashburton Library

Postcard, photograph and slide collection of John B. Gent (1932 - 2011)

  • AR1075
  • Collection
  • 1932 - 2011

35 boxes plus loose bags:

These, estimated to number over 14,000, are housed in 25 cardboard boxes, three two-drawer filing units, and seven albums as follows:


Boxes 1 - 16 contains Croydon cards arranged topographically.
Boxes 17 - 25 contain Croydon cards arranged thematically.

[1] AD Addington (including New Addington)
AS Addiscombe (including Park Hill)

[2] CN Coulsdon

[3] CA Croydon Airport

[4] CC Croydon central

[5] CC Croydon central

[6] KY Kenley
NY Norbury

[7] OT Old Town (including Waddon and the river Wandle

[8] PY Purley

[9] PY Purley

[10] ST Sanderstead and Selsdon

[11] SH Selhurst
SY Shirley

[12] SC South Croydon including Croham Hurst

[13] SN South Norwood

[14] TH Thornton Heath

[15] UN Upper Norwood

[16] WC West Croydon
WS Woodside

[17] ADV Advertising and message cards
AE Aerial views
ALM Almshouses
BOU Bourne flows
CAF Cafes
CEM Cemeteries and crematoria

[18] CHU Churches

[19] COM Composite / multi-view cards
EVE Events
FIR Fire brigade and fires
FLO Floods

[20] GRO Groups

[21] HOS Hospitals
HOU Houses
HUM Humorous and novelty cards

[22] LET Letter-cards
MIS Miscellaneous subjects and buildings
PAL Croydon Palace
PEO People

[23] PUB Public houses
RAD Radio amateurs contact cards
SCH Schools

[24] SHO Shops and other business premises
THE Theatres and cinemas
TOW Town Hall

[25] TA Transport (all modes)
WAR Wartime hospitals and other wartime scenes
WOR Works and factories

Two-drawer filing units

The total of six drawers contain cards relating, mostly, to districts near Croydon but beyond the LB Croydon boundary; also Collectorcard and Pamlin Prints cards, and some modern cards.


The seven albums contain cards as follows:

[1] C.H. Price cards numbered 20001 - 20099
[2] C.H. Price cards numbered 20100 - 20399
[3] C.H. Price cards numbered 20400 - 20720
[4] C.H. Price cards numbered 30000 - 30299
[5] C.H. Price cards / Croydon Airport
[6] Croydon Times cards
[7] South London cards


Numerous photographic prints, currently on a LSLAS trolley, in course of cataloguing and processing. All are being labelled as the property of / on loan from Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Ltd. As catalogued and labelled they are filed in the main LSLAS files of photographic and other images.


Photographic slides including those deposited by the Society and those deposited directly by John Gent before his death.

John B. Gent

Metal Propellers Ltd Papers

  • AR108
  • Collection
  • 1928 - 1932

Material relating to Metal Propellers Ltd; including brochure, staff photograph (1928), and various technical drawings made by Phyllis Devereux.

Metal Propellers Ltd

Dunn Letters

  • AR110
  • Collection
  • 1939 - 1940

Letters from Gunner Alf Dunn, Royal Artillery, on military service in Devonport, to his wife, Rose, at 5 Downsview Gardens, Upper Norwood.

All letters are from Alf to Rose unless otherwise stated.

Frederick Alfred Dunn

William Page, My Recollections of Croydon 60 Years Since

  • AR111
  • Collection
  • 1880

One volume of manuscript notes written 1880. Contains sections on The Wandle; Theatre; The Markets; The Town or Cherry Fair; The Traffic; Croydon October Fair; The Pleasure Fair; The Canal; Addiscombe College; The Barracks; Middle Row; North End West Side; North End East Side; George Street South Side; and George Street North Side.

William Page

Robert Frederick Smith Scrapbook

  • AR1115
  • Collection
  • 1917-1926

1 scrapbook containing reviews of pantomimes and concerts etc

Robert Frederick Smith

Elsie Turrells Midwife Registers

  • AR112
  • Collection
  • 1926-1970

5 volumes of Registers of Cases, and related loose papers, kept by Elsie Susan Turrell, midwife, of 27 Limes Road, West Croydon

Elsie Turrell

Mark Henry Chambers Hayler Collection

  • AR1122
  • Collection
  • 1889-1997

Box 1
Early Life AR1122/1
Tribunal and Internment AR1122/2
Quaker Publications AR1122/7
Socialist Publications AR1122/8
Hayler Family AR1122/10

Box 2
Conscientious Objector Experiences AR1122/3
Life in the Prisons AR1122/4
Works and drafts AR1122/13

Box 3

Non Conscription Fellowship publications AR112/5
Anti war publications AR1122/6

Box 4

General Publications AR1122/9
Foreign Visits AR1122/11
Post First World War Publications AR1122/12

Box 5

12 audio tapes relating to recordings made by Imperial War Museum plus 1 tape recorded by Croydon Museum Service 28/11/1997 AR1122/13/2
2 reel to reel tapes, 1 unmarked, 1 ‘address delivered by Mark H.C. Hayler on Sunday Feb 7th 1971 at Croydon Friends meeting house AR1122/13/1
Box of glass negatives AR1122/10/3

A1064 - Register of local conscientious objectors compiled by Walter T. Hayler in 1916, brother to Mark Hayler is also stored within this collection

Mark Henry Chambers Hayler

Croydon Foreign Language Club

  • AR113
  • Collection
  • 1921 - 1997

Minutes and other records of the Croydon Foreign Language Club

Croydon Foreign Language Club

Survey and Valuations of Property

  • AR1131
  • Collection
  • c1890-1900

Volume of survey and valuations of property (indexed). Mentions Sydney Edridge as the surveyor at the beginning of the volume

Unknown corporate body

Watermains Volume Number 2

  • AR1133
  • Collection
  • 1912-1924

Indexed volume titled Watermains No. 2

Unknown corporate body

Croydon Repertory Theatre Scrapbook

  • AR1134
  • Collection
  • 1932-1933

Croydon Repertory Theatre scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, programmes and photographs, and papers of Sidney Budd, one of the founders of the Croydon Repertory Theatre

Sidney Budd

Croydon Mayoral Entertainment

  • AR1137
  • Collection
  • 1896-1902

Volume containing dinner invitations, programmes of music, menus and invitations by Mayors and Mayoresses of Croydon

Unknown person

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