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Miscellaneous Papers Relating to Croydon

  • AR151
  • Collection
  • 1890 - 1929

Three unrelated documents:

A handbill concerning the 1902 Council Elections;

A religious handbill by Herbert W. Knocker, 1929

Ms notes on Croydon Improvement Act 1890

Unknown person

Mollie Moors Personal Papers

  • AR1120
  • Collection
  • 1882 - 2015

Records relating to the life, family and career of Mollie Isobel Moors (31 October 1919 - 6 August 2014)
Box list is available on request

Mollie Isobel Moors

Edward Phillips Scrapbook

  • AR1198
  • Collection
  • 1885 -1935

1 bound volume containing newspaper cuttings and programmes of concerts involving Edward Phillips. A detailed listing of the items and index of individuals involved in events has been created and can be viewed on request.

Edward Martin Phillips

Marriage settlement, and agreement re manufacture of tobacco pipes

  • AR516
  • Collection
  • 1752-1826

1) Marriage settlement by Mary Gilpin and Alderman Winterbottom; grant of annuity; conveyance (by lease and release) and other deeds and papers, all re farm and land in the borough of Bensham, parish of Croydon. 1752; 1762; 1772; 1781; 1800
2) Agreement between Thomas Farrimond of Thrnton Heath, engineer, and Edward Cross, tobacconist of London, re the manufacture and sale of the Farrimond tobacco pipe, 1926

Unknown person

Documents re Croydon properties

  • AR513
  • Collection
  • 1819-1902

1) Marriage settlement of Marc F Macaire of Angel Court, London, and Marie Louise Maubert of Norwood, Surrey. With settlement of lands at Norwood, 1819.
2) Covenant for the production of title deeds re: property in Crownhall, Croydon [Abraham Burnett; Sir John Sloane] 1835
3) Deeds re White Horse Road, Croydon, 1860-1890
4) Marriage settlement of Francis Woodgate of Beulah Cottage, Norwood, and Jessie Stephens of the same. With subsequent trust deeds, 1864-1902

Marc F Macaire

Marriage contract, and deeds to Grange Park Road, Thornton Heath

  • AR509
  • Collection
  • 1881-1959

Marriage contract between James Young Kennedy of Singapore and Anna Maria McCleod, daughter of Major General William Kelly McCleod of Upper Norwood, 1881; deeds to nos 88, 90, 94 and 96 Grange Park Road, Thornton Heath, 1901-1959.

James Young Kennedy

Deeds to North End properties, and Woodside Gate Farm

  • AR515
  • Collection
  • 1845-1906

1) Evidences of title re properties at North End, Croydon, Surrey, 1845-1906
2) Leases of Woodside Gate Farm (site/property of Croydon Hospital), 1863-1890

Unknown person

Grant Brothers Collection

  • AR389
  • Collection
  • 1888 - 1973

Very miscellaneous and incomplete collection of material, including wages book (1910-12), scrapbook, leaflets and photographs.

Grant Bros.

Croydon Area Gay Society Records

  • AR1113
  • Collection
  • 1971 -

Newsletters from May 1987 (some gaps in the initial years) to December/January 2020. In more recent times, an accrual has occurred once a year. There are also some committee minutes, February 1998 - 2004 (some missing) and AGM minutes from 1995 - 2002 (not 2001). In addition there are some publicity leaflets and some documentation about the founding of CAGS and its predecessor body CHE

Croydon Area Gay Society

Archbishop John Whitgift Papers

  • AR129
  • Collection
  • 1591 - 1602

The collection consists of one indenture (1591) and twelve letters (1592 - 1602).

John Whitgift

Deeds relating to Norbury Park Estate

  • AR782
  • Collection
  • 1901 - 1908

25 items:

  1. Abstract (title deed) to Freehold hereditaments - part of Norbury Manor Estate, Thornton Heath. Made between Walter Henry Hitchcock of Horsham, Sussex, Robert carter of the Grove, Epsom, and Robert Ellis of Cowpers Court, City of London. 13 June 1856. 1 doc.
  2. (Copy) Deed of Resignation of Reginald Carter as Trustee of the Settlement of Mr Fosters share of Norbury Manor Estate. 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  3. Estate plan around Norbury Farm, showing division of land and land usage. Undated. 1 doc.
  4. Supplemental to Settlement between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead), Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton), and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow near Romney, Hampshire). Re: Settlement of one undivided ninth share of freehold and leasehold or premises at Norbury Manor Estate. 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  5. Title deed of H W Carter and others to three acres of land and premises at Norbury. 25 June 1858-1901. 1 doc.
  6. Section of OS map (Surrey Sheet XIX.5) c. 1890s, showing upper portion of Alexander Road; also Pikeshill, allotments and Cottage Hospital. Possibly Epsom area. 1 item.
  7. Schedule of deeds acknowledged by F W Carter. c. 1909. 1 doc.
  8. (Copy) Extracts from Settlement of one undivided ninth share of the freehold and leasehold of premises known as the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between George Robert Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue, Hampstead) and Ernest Carter (of 9 Belsize Avenue), Reginald Carter (of 9 Cavendish Grove, The Avenue, Southampton) and Arthur Moseley (of West Wellow, near Romney, Hampshire). 17 March 1896. 1 doc.
  9. As item 5.
  10. Upper left-hand portion of Sales Particular (see item 14).
  11. Valuation and Scheme of Division of the Norbury Manor Estate. April 1908. 1 doc.
  12. Colour plan of Norbury Manor Estate, inc. 1-4 St Helens Road, and Sudbury Road. Undated.
  13. Mortgage. Between J G Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Mortgagees) and Thomas Weldon (of 196 Earls Court Road, South Kensington) and Helen Rachel Louisa Weldon (Mortgagors). 14 November 1889. 1 doc.
  14. Sales Particular. Norbury Manor Estate, showing estate plan. Undated. 1 doc.
  15. Lease (fragment). H W Carter et al to J H Gathercole. For property in Melfort Road. Commencing 25 Dec 1896. 1 doc.
  16. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc.
  17. Lease. Between F W Carter, H W Carter and G R Carter (Lessors) and George John Randall and Thomas Frederick Randall (Lessees). 31 Dec 1819. 1 doc.
  18. Letter from Dinham, Fawars Co Ltd (Coal Factors, coal and coke Exporters) to Theodore Bell Co. Re: Settlement of the Norbury Manor Estate and Marriage Settlement (unspecified). 19 January 1906. 1 doc.
  19. Judgment (transcript). Re: Carter and Henderline Contract Vendor Purchaser Act, 1874. Case heard 27 March 1897, at the Supreme Court Judicature (Royal Courts of Justice). 1 doc.
  20. Conveyance of undivided one-ninth share in the Norbury Manor Estate. Made between Reginald Carter, Ernest Carter and Arthur Moseley. (inc. colour sketch plan showing area off Leather Bottle Lane.) 9 July 1906. 1 doc.
  21. Colour sketch plan showing area inc. Parchmore Road, Parchmore Farm, Sudbury Road, Beulah Road. Undated. 1 doc.
  22. Mortgages and Leases. Made between Robert Starey (mortgagee) and Frederick Cloves Carter, Henry William Carter and George Robert Carter (Mortgagors), and others. Re: land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1880s. 1 doc.
  23. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Farm. 1879-1888. 1 doc.
  24. Mortgages and Leases. Re: Land at Norbury Manor Estate. 1879-1889. 1 doc.
  25. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Norbury Manor Limited. 16 October 1908. 1 doc. (see item 16).
    Listed by GW, Oct 2004.

Unknown person

L. H. Turtle Ltd.

  • AR1182
  • Collection
  • 1894 - 2008

This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, press cuttings and marketing material that chart the companies long service of operation, including the changing location of physical stores, up to the companies closure. Also included are sales catalogues and price lists from the early 1900s that showcase the range of items sold.

Turtle Family

Fairfield Halls Collection

  • AR1128
  • Collection
  • 1962 - 2023

The Fairfield Halls Collection consists of:

  1. programmes and diaries for events in both the main and auxiliary spaces (these comprise the majority of the collection). There is also a finding aid created from the published events diaries which list the majority of public facing events that were held at the Fairfield Halls. This can be searched by staff to resolve queries.
  2. marketing materials such as posters and flyers
  3. photographs documenting the construction of the building and key events
  4. administrative records
  5. material relating to the Fairfield Halls Corps of Stewards

County Borough of Croydon

Kenneth Malcolm King Diaries

  • AR842
  • Collection
  • 1925 - 1976

55 volumes of notebooks used as detailed diaries. There are also 7 volumes of diaries from his sister Ruby King

Kenneth Malcolm King

Croydon Parish Church

  • PR1
  • Collection
  • 1702 - 1927

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England Parish Records

Trevor Austin, Elected Member of Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council

  • AR1169
  • Collection
  • 1962-1965

Records relating to Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council collected by Trevor Austin, the last surviving Elected Member of C&P UDC, which was amalgamated with the County Borough of Croydon in 1965. Includes:

Councillor's 1964 diary;

The Councillors' Handbook;

Standing Orders of the Council and Contracts of C&P UDC;

Constitution and duties of Council Committees;

Health Report 1963;

Work of the Coulsdon & Purley Public Libraries 1962-4;

Civil Defence Handbook no.10 - Nuclear Attack;

Coulsdon & Purley Official Guide;

'I want to be a Borough Councillor' booklet, and

Official correspondence between the UDC Town Clerk nd persons nominated, standing and elected for and to the UDC.

Trevor Austin

Coulsdon Choral Society Programmes

  • AR1159
  • Collection
  • 1953-1961

11 programmes for concerts performed by Coulsdon Choral Society between 1953 and 1061, collected by Olive Henerson, a member of the society and resident of Coulsdon, who sang in each of the concerts. The programmes include:

'First Public Concert', 7 November 1953;

'Programme of Music', 27 October 1955;

'The Creation', 31 October 1956;

'Programme of Carols', 19 December 1956;

'Requiem', 24 October 1957;

'Messiah', 5 December 1957;

'Christmas Music', 15 December 1958;

'Stabat Mater', 12 November 1959;

'Requiem', 27 October 1960;

'The Passion According to St Matthew', 16 February 1961, and

'Choral Concert', 21 October 1961.

Coulsdon Choral Society

Papers relating to Place Fell, 13 Godstone Road, Kenley

  • AR727
  • Collection
  • n.d.

Papers relating to Place Fell, built c.1885. The house was purchased by the Myers family in 1945 and occupied by them until its sale in 1984. A family member deposited 5 photographs of the house from 1944 and then also from 1977, these were accessioned as A1179 in February 2023

Unknown person

Ernest Wimble Scrapbook and Cuttings

  • AR7
  • Collection
  • 1911-1979

Scrapbook of cuttings, and printed ephemera, etc, of Ernest W Wimble, mainly re his three campaigns as Labour candidate for election to Croydon Corporation, 1920, 1922 and 1923. 2 cuttings re his visit to Russia in 1934.

Ernest Wimble


  • CON
  • Collection
  • 2016-2022

Expressions of condolence within the London Borough of Croydon, including for:

The Sandilands Tram Incident, 9 November 2016

The death of HRH Prince Philip, 9 April 2021

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, 8 September 2022.

Unknown corporate body

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