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Records of the Byron Family of Coulsdon Court

  • AR1057
  • Collection
  • 1755 - 1975

The Byron Family were Lords of the Manor and residents of Coulsdon from the purchase of the Manor in 1782 until the sale of the estate and its dispersal in 1921. The archive covers the entire period and continues beyond the sale of Coulsdon estate, with documents through to 1962.

The Byron Archival Collection (AR1057) is a substantial collection of papers covering the domestic, social, business and farming history of the family, their role and relationship as local squires with the wider community of Coulsdon and Surrey, and the extensive foreign travels undertaken by members of the family.

Papers relating to the early decades are relatively sparse and the strength of the archive lies with the years when Thomas and then Edmund Byron held the Manor and estate, 1845-1921, continuing with Edmund’s children through to the 1940s. During these years, the archive has the breadth and depth for thorough and detailed research into this middle squirearchy landed family who were deeply rooted in and committed to the small rural community which was their home. Attention is particularly drawn to Edmund’s six decades as Lord of the Manor. To him lies the distinction of preserving the traditional – and in many respects patriarchal – rural life of the village from 1863 until his death in 1921. The archive is very strong in its coverage of Edmund’s eventful life and that of his four children, as is indicated in the Series descriptions of the archive.

The archive was originally read, noted and arranged by members of The Bourne Society, Surrey and this work has provided a number of papers that supplement the catalogue entries. These papers include Excel spreadsheets, some of which are quite detailed, covering nearly the whole archive, and summaries of a large part of the personal family correspondence. Produced for the purpose of developing the catalogue, these entries identify only the name of the relevant Series for each item and the item accession number and there has been much further refinement in catalogue numbering since their production. They are available on request to support specific areas of interest and research.

The Collection consists of 14 series:

AR1057/1- Personal Correspondence
AR1057/2- Family and Non-Family Settlements-Marriage, Wills and Trusts
AR1057/3- Domestic and Family Expenses and Accounts
AR1057/4- Outdoor Sports
AR1057/5- Public Offices and Family Philanthropy
AR1057/6- Journal and Memoirs
AR1057/7- Personal Records and Ephemera
AR1057/8- Business Correspondence and Estate Management
AR1057/9- Property Purchases and Valuations and Property Sales Before 1921
AR1057/10- Valuations and Property Sales After 1921
AR1057/11- Leases and Deeds
AR1057/12- Ledgers, Rental Income and Account Books
AR1057/13- Shares and Bond Holdings
AR1057/14- Solicitors' Accounts

Byron Family

Records of Croydon Philharmonic Society and Predecessor Bodies

  • AR885
  • Collection
  • 1909 - 2022

Box 1

Minutes of Committee Meetings:

1909 - 1914, 1920 (String Players Club was precursor of Croydon Symphony Orchestra. Until c.1926, concerts were joint between CPS and CSO. From then on, they became independent.)
1921 - 1922
1922 - 1928
1928 - 1934
1951 - 1957
1957 - 1960
1961 - 1964
1964 - 1968
1968 - 1973
1973 - 1976

Minutes of Annual General Meetings

1923 - 1939
1941 - 1962
1962 - 1979

Box 2

Programmes, November 1977 - December 2006

Box 3

Programmes, February 1927 - December 1959
Miscellaneous handbills

Box 4

Programmes, March 1960 - May 1977
Miscellaneous handbills

Box 5

Newsletters, February 1996 - October 2002

Minutes of Committee Meetings:

June 1981 - April 1991
June 1991 - April 1998

Collection of correspondence:

March 1975 - 31 October 1985
October 1985 - 31 December 1987

Publicity file including posters, newsletters and publicity invoices, 1986 - 1989

Box 6

Programme from 1964

Box of miscellaneous items including:

newspaper cuttings
membership paperwork
items related to the Fairfield Halls

Books of news cuttings:

1911 - 1933
1914 - 1963? (loose cuttings in file)
1922 - 1938
1933 - 1945
1946 - 1956


Envelope dated 1991 - 1992
Rolled Photograph
Black and White - concert at Fairfield Halls

Recordings: 5 cassettes; details to follow.

Black Bag

Certificate of fellowship of Alan Kirby from the Trinity College of Music

Certificate of honorary membership of Alan Kirby from the Royal Academy of Music (1947)

Large print of concert at the Fairfield Halls

Framed photograph of a concert

Box 7 A1158 Croydon Philharmonic Society (Choir), 2000-2022

Annual General Meeting Minutes:
3 September 2002
2 September 2003
7 September 2004

Committee Minutes:
12 September 2000
15 October 2000
12 November 2000
4 January 2001
22 April 2001
9 September 2001
4 November 2001
13 January 2002
14 April 2002
23 June 2002

Summary of Publicity Materials 2018-2022
'Choral Classics' programme, 17 November 2018
'Christmas Cheer programme, 17 December 2018
'Choral Celebrations' flyer and programme, 30 March 2019
'Stardust' programme, 15 June 2019
'Verdi Requiem' flyer and programme, 26 October 2019
'Christmas Cheer' programme, 16 December 2019
'Choral Gems' flyer and programme, 14 November 2021
Christmas at Fairfield programme, 18 December 2021
'Carmina Burana' programme and flyer, 2 April 2022
'Choral Gems' poster, 26 April 2022
'Together at the Minster' flyers x 2, programme and poster, 18 June 2022

Box 8
Records relating to the Croydon Philharmonic Society (Choir), including:
Concert programmes and publicity material for 2018/19 and 2021/22 seasons
AGM minutes for 2002, 2003 and 2004
Committee meeting minutes for 2000/2001 and 2001/2002 seasons

Croydon Philharmonic Society

Minutes of Tramlink Working Group

  • AR1049
  • Collection
  • 1992 - 1998

1 box:
Minutes and accompanying documents (lever arch files):

9/10/1992 - 20/11/1992
29/01/1993 - 21/01/1994
18/03/1994 - 16/12/1994
17/3/1995 - 06/9/1996
27/09/1996 - 3/1998

Plus copies of
Overhead Line System Study Final Report November 1993
Croydon Tramlink Act, 1994
Tramstop Review by Globe Architects and Plan Design Group 1994

Tramlink Working Group

Further records of Dr Francis J.G. Keen

  • AR947
  • Collection
  • 2006 - 2007

Poems 2006 part 2 (06 December 2006) MSS

Poems 2006 (09 August 2007) Fair copy

Poems 2007 part 1 (07 September 2007) MSS

Poems 2007 part 2 (19 December 2007) MSS

The Laws of Dust (Short story, mss, 06 April 2007)
The Laws of Dust/Dirt (Short story, neat copy of above, 06 April 2007)

After the Event (Short story, mss, 14 July 2007)
After the Event (Short story, neat copy of above, 14 July 2007)

The Way Ahead (Play, mss, 06 September 2007)

Dr Francis J.G. Keen

South Norwood Country Park Campaign

  • AR1157
  • Collection
  • 1977-1989

Records relating to the campaign by South Norwood United Action Group to establish South Norwood Country Park, dating from 1977 – 1989, including:

  • Information on contaminated land and soil survey (1977-1985)
  • Minutes, memos and correspondence on Croydon Development Plan (1978-1990)
  • Croydon District Plan - related correspondence and objections at inquiry (1980-1987)
  • Proposed development by London Borough of Bromley and original proposals (1982-1989)
  • South Norwood Country Park Public Consultation Document (1987)
  • Park proposals correspondence, reports and related information on development of the Park (1980-1988)
  • Newspaper cuttings (1982-1989)

South Norwood United Action Group

Monks Orchard Residents' Association

  • AR1156
  • Collection
  • 1933-2013

Records relating to the Monks Orchard Residents' Association, dating from 1933-2013, including:

Nine volumes of East Ward Electors Association Minutes of Committee Meetings (1933 -1971)

Correspondence relating to various local issues of the time, Early Register of Committee, Notice of Public Meetings, Local Election Material and Newspaper Cuttings (1961-1987)

General information from 2001-2013, including minutes and quarterly newsletters (born digital).

Monks Orchard Residents' Association

Croydon District Postmarks

  • AR1143
  • Collection
  • 1870-1972

Volume of letters and postcards showing Croydon district post marks

Unknown person

Mark Henry Chambers Hayler Collection

  • AR1122
  • Collection
  • 1889-1997

Box 1
Early Life AR1122/1
Tribunal and Internment AR1122/2
Quaker Publications AR1122/7
Socialist Publications AR1122/8
Hayler Family AR1122/10

Box 2
Conscientious Objector Experiences AR1122/3
Life in the Prisons AR1122/4
Works and drafts AR1122/13

Box 3

Non Conscription Fellowship publications AR112/5
Anti war publications AR1122/6

Box 4

General Publications AR1122/9
Foreign Visits AR1122/11
Post First World War Publications AR1122/12

Box 5

12 audio tapes relating to recordings made by Imperial War Museum plus 1 tape recorded by Croydon Museum Service 28/11/1997 AR1122/13/2
2 reel to reel tapes, 1 unmarked, 1 ‘address delivered by Mark H.C. Hayler on Sunday Feb 7th 1971 at Croydon Friends meeting house AR1122/13/1
Box of glass negatives AR1122/10/3

A1064 - Register of local conscientious objectors compiled by Walter T. Hayler in 1916, brother to Mark Hayler is also stored within this collection

Mark Henry Chambers Hayler

Trevor Austin, Elected Member of Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council

  • AR1169
  • Collection
  • 1962-1965

Records relating to Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council collected by Trevor Austin, the last surviving Elected Member of C&P UDC, which was amalgamated with the County Borough of Croydon in 1965. Includes:

Councillor's 1964 diary;

The Councillors' Handbook;

Standing Orders of the Council and Contracts of C&P UDC;

Constitution and duties of Council Committees;

Health Report 1963;

Work of the Coulsdon & Purley Public Libraries 1962-4;

Civil Defence Handbook no.10 - Nuclear Attack;

Coulsdon & Purley Official Guide;

'I want to be a Borough Councillor' booklet, and

Official correspondence between the UDC Town Clerk nd persons nominated, standing and elected for and to the UDC.

Trevor Austin


  • CON
  • Collection
  • 2016-2022

Expressions of condolence within the London Borough of Croydon, including for:

The Sandilands Tram Incident, 9 November 2016, and

The death of Queen Elizabeth II, 8 September 2022.



  • SCH13
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 2005

This collection contains the records of Benson Junior Mixed [Boys and Girls] and Infant School; Benson Senior School; Benson All Age School and Benson Primary School.

Benson School

Mollie Moors Personal Papers

  • AR1120
  • Collection
  • 1886 - 2015

Records relating to the life, family and career of Mollie Isobel Moors (31 October 1919 - 6 August 2014).

Mollie Moors

Deeds Collection

  • D
  • Collection
  • 1466-2023

Unknown corporate body

Coulsdon Choral Society Programmes

  • AR1159
  • Collection
  • 1953-1961

11 programmes for concerts performed by Coulsdon Choral Society between 1953 and 1061, collected by Olive Henerson, a member of the society and resident of Coulsdon, who sang in each of the concerts. The programmes include:

'First Public Concert', 7 November 1953;

'Programme of Music', 27 October 1955;

'The Creation', 31 October 1956;

'Programme of Carols', 19 December 1956;

'Requiem', 24 October 1957;

'Messiah', 5 December 1957;

'Christmas Music', 15 December 1958;

'Stabat Mater', 12 November 1959;

'Requiem', 27 October 1960;

'The Passion According to St Matthew', 16 February 1961, and

'Choral Concert', 21 October 1961.

Coulsdon Choral Society

Margot Sanders Report Book

  • AR50
  • Collection
  • 1929 - 1939

Report book of Margot Sanders as a pupil at Woodford School, Croydon. The book consists of termly reports, entered on printed forms. The last form in the book is used for Summer Term 1939, but Margot Sanders may have remained at school for another term.

Margot Sanders

Parish Church War Memorial Papers

  • AR46
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1993

Minutes of the Parish Church War Memorial Sub-Committee, 1921; with other associated papers re the erection of the War Memorial; and copy correspondence etc re the recutting of the inscription 1987-1988. The proposal for a War Memorial to be erected in the churchyard of the Parish Church was agreed by the parish authorities in 1920. A War Memorial Sub-Committee (of the Parochial Church Council) was set up, with Herbert C. Oswald as Hon. Treasurer. An appeal was launched, and a design commissioned from CM Oldrid Scott (architect). (Advice on the siting was also received from Henry Berney, architect but ignored). The initial proposed cost was about 163700: Scotts design subsequently had to be modified to reduce the cost, although the total bill eventually came to 163674. The memorial was consturcted by C Ebbutt Sons; and was dedicated on 11 Feb 1922. The badly eroded inscription was recut in 1988, at the expense of GA Oswald, grandson of HC Oswald.

Herbert C. Oswald

Croydon Microscopical Club Letter

  • AR45
  • Collection
  • 31 Mar 1870

Letter from Henry Long (Hon. Sec.) to Thomas ?Cushing, re the inaugural meeting of the Microscopical Club. This letter invites the recipient to the inaugural meeting of the Microscopic Club and to a later exhibition of apparatus.

Croydon Microscopical Club

Samuel Waghorn Daybook

  • AR37
  • Collection
  • 1788 - 1828

Daybook of the firm of Samuel Waghorn (later normally spelled Waghorne), wheelwrights and coachbuilders, covering the periods 1788-1800 and 1826-1828.

Section 1 (Samuel Waghorn II) is arranged in rough chronological order by customer name, listing under each name the various jobs done under a period of time - often several months - before an account was settled. Nov 1788 - Mar 1800

Section 2 (Samuel Waghorn III) is arranged in strict chronological order, detailing the work done on each day. 22 Jun 1826 - 31 Dec 1828.

The endpapers were used by Samuel I to record expenses, income from rent, and miscellaneous work done.

A sale particular for shop and premises in the High Street is inserted into the volume. 15 Dec 1818.

Samuel Waghorn

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