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Photographs of Ronald a. Huitson

  • AR128
  • Collection
  • 1969 - 1974

Photographic prints of Waddon Pumping Station, Addington Pumping Station and Park Hill Reservoir and Water Tower taken by Ronald Arthur Huitson together with m/s notes and drawings

Ronald Arthur Huitson

The Listening Post

  • AR1140
  • Collection
  • 1939-1941

Issues of' The Listening Post', The Journal for the Wardens of Coulsdon and Purley Urban District, a monthly magazine for Air Raid Wardens during World War Two

Wardens Service of Coulsdon and Purley Urban District Council

Piano Tuning Book of Mr F. O. Chambers

  • AR1055
  • Collection
  • 1922 - 1964

Piano tuning book of Mr F.O.Chambers, 1922 - 1964. Details of jobs and payment received. Also includes loose receipts and extracts from a brief hand written diary of national and local events.

Frank O. Chambers

Robert Dudley Dean Fuller papers

  • AR1038
  • Collection
  • c1946

Bundle of papers relating to army service, divorce and bankruptcy of Mr Robert Fuller of Melfort Road, Thornton Heath and later Everton Road, Thornton Heath. A fishmonger at Brighton Road, Purley, he was declared bankrupt in 1934 but, following army service, discharged himself from bankruptcy in 1947. He and his wife divorced in 1945.

Robert Dudley Dean Fuller

Coulsdon Manor

  • AR384
  • Collection
  • 1605-1938

Court rolls, court books, field books, transcripts, maps, etc

Byron Family

Mission of Hope Files

  • AR011
  • Collection
  • c1900-1950

Case files of children cared for in the Mission of Hope childrens homes. These were children who were fostered but never adopted. For details of adoption records, please contact AdoptLondonSouth for access to records -

Mission of Hope

Documents relating to 103 Brancaster Lane, Purley

  • AR1015
  • Collection
  • 1937-1950

Two files of correspondence and other documents relating to 103 Brancaster Lane, 1937 - 1950.
Publicity brochure for the Mitchley Wood Estate published by Lawes, Cherry and Co. Ltd, c.1928.

Slater Family

Croydon Theatres Collection

  • AR1154
  • Collection
  • 1755-1940

This collection contains material relating to theatres in Croydon, dating between 1755 and 1940, including 56 playbills, four programmes, one file of newspaper cuttings, two prints, and one songbook:

Cuttings from local papers and MS notes collected by J. Corbet Anderson, relating to theatres mainly in Croydon but also in London, dating between 1830 and 1905. Also includes one volume: 'The Theatre: A Monthly Review of the Drama, Music, and the Fine Arts', Vol. XVI, No 91 (London: Eglington & Co., July 1890).

Playbills for the following theatres (non-exclusively):
Widow Yeates's Large Theatrical Barn (1755)
Gygnell's Theatre, Fairfield (1822)
Croydon Theatre (1823, 1831, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1849, 1850)
Royal Olympic Theatre, London, including Madame Vestris in Beulah Spa, Croydon (1833)
East Surrey Theatre, Croydon (1835)
Prince of Wales Theatre, Croydon (1850)
New Surrey Theatre, Kennington (c. 1850)
Croydon Palace Theatre of Varieties (15/11/1900)
Croydon Repertory Theatre Programmes (1932-1940)

Two prints:
1) Madam Vestrus by J. Cochran. Madam Vestrus played the leading role in 'The Beulah Spa' by Charles Dance, performed a tthe Royal Olympic Theatre in 1833.
2) 'The Gypsy's Life is a Joyous Life' by J. Brandard, printed by M & N Hanhart. This was a song sung at London & provincial concerts.

One songbook for 'The Merry Gypsies, A Favorite Glee', composed by G. T. Smart, written by Mr Arnold. This was sung at the Ladies Concerts by Mrs Harrison, Master Elliot and Mr Bartlemann.

Postcard, photograph and slide collection of John B. Gent (1932 - 2011)

  • AR1075
  • Collection
  • 1932 - 2011

35 boxes plus loose bags:

These, estimated to number over 14,000, are housed in 25 cardboard boxes, three two-drawer filing units, and seven albums as follows:


Boxes 1 - 16 contains Croydon cards arranged topographically.
Boxes 17 - 25 contain Croydon cards arranged thematically.

[1] AD Addington (including New Addington)
AS Addiscombe (including Park Hill)

[2] CN Coulsdon

[3] CA Croydon Airport

[4] CC Croydon central

[5] CC Croydon central

[6] KY Kenley
NY Norbury

[7] OT Old Town (including Waddon and the river Wandle

[8] PY Purley

[9] PY Purley

[10] ST Sanderstead and Selsdon

[11] SH Selhurst
SY Shirley

[12] SC South Croydon including Croham Hurst

[13] SN South Norwood

[14] TH Thornton Heath

[15] UN Upper Norwood

[16] WC West Croydon
WS Woodside

[17] ADV Advertising and message cards
AE Aerial views
ALM Almshouses
BOU Bourne flows
CAF Cafes
CEM Cemeteries and crematoria

[18] CHU Churches

[19] COM Composite / multi-view cards
EVE Events
FIR Fire brigade and fires
FLO Floods

[20] GRO Groups

[21] HOS Hospitals
HOU Houses
HUM Humorous and novelty cards

[22] LET Letter-cards
MIS Miscellaneous subjects and buildings
PAL Croydon Palace
PEO People

[23] PUB Public houses
RAD Radio amateurs contact cards
SCH Schools

[24] SHO Shops and other business premises
THE Theatres and cinemas
TOW Town Hall

[25] TA Transport (all modes)
WAR Wartime hospitals and other wartime scenes
WOR Works and factories

Two-drawer filing units

The total of six drawers contain cards relating, mostly, to districts near Croydon but beyond the LB Croydon boundary; also Collectorcard and Pamlin Prints cards, and some modern cards.


The seven albums contain cards as follows:

[1] C.H. Price cards numbered 20001 - 20099
[2] C.H. Price cards numbered 20100 - 20399
[3] C.H. Price cards numbered 20400 - 20720
[4] C.H. Price cards numbered 30000 - 30299
[5] C.H. Price cards / Croydon Airport
[6] Croydon Times cards
[7] South London cards


Numerous photographic prints, currently on a LSLAS trolley, in course of cataloguing and processing. All are being labelled as the property of / on loan from Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Ltd. As catalogued and labelled they are filed in the main LSLAS files of photographic and other images.


Photographic slides including those deposited by the Society and those deposited directly by John Gent before his death.

John B. Gent

Bound sales particulars and other records of Stiles Harold Williams

  • AR935
  • Collection
  • 1830 - 1994

Please Note:
This collection is currently stored offsite as we are unable to store a collection of this size onsite at present.
If you wish to access any of this material, please contact the team at

The records are organised into 12 broad groups.

1) Two early volumes of sales particulars: 1830 (Eden Park area) and Bletchingly 1835

2) 87 volumes of sale particulars. Some are in poor condition as noted.

The following 39 volumes are indexed chronologically except where noted:

1830 - 1836
1837 - 1840
1841 - 1844
1845 - 1848
1849 - 1850
1851 - 1853
1854 - 1855
1857 - 1858
1859 - 1861
1862 - 1864
1865 - 1866
1872 - 1874
1876 - 1877 no index
1881 damaged spine; chronological index
1882 damaged spine; chronological index
1883 alphabetical index
1884 alphabetical index
1885 alphabetical index
1886 alphabetical index
1887 alphabetical index
1889 alphabetical
1895 - 1896 chronological index
1897 - 1898
1899 chronological index

The following nine volumes contain an alphabetical index at front of each volume:

1900 - 1901
1903 - 1904
1905 - 1906 damaged spine
1907 - 1908 (March)
1908; 1910 - 1911
1912 - 1913
1914 - 1918

The following 39 volumes contain a chronological index at front of each volume:

1929 (badly damaged spine)
1938 - 1942
1943 - 1945
1957 - 1958
1959 - 1960
1961 - 1962
1965 - 1966
1967 - 1968
plus one volume of sales marked 1930 London but includes some Croydon sales.

3) 4 Indexes of auction particulars.

4) Volume of newspaper cuttings 1957 - 1963.

5) Bundles of loose sale/auction particulars, various dates:

a) London Borough of Croydon: commercial properties (now part of our Sales Particular collection)
b) London Borough of Croydon: residential properties (now part of our Sales Particular collection)
c) Bundles relating to properties in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, the Isle of Wight, Surrey, Derbyshire and the London Boroughs of Sutton, Merton, Lambeth, Lewisham, Bromley, Islington and Haringey have been transferred to the relevant archives or local studies centre.

6) 4 Case files concerning sale of Reedham Orphanage site, 1979-1980.

7) Harold Williams accounts 1955 - 1967.

8) Bundle of assorted plans.

9) 3 volumes of locked private ledgers

10) 5 volumes of indexes.

11) Volume of statement of change (receipts), 1907 - 1909

12) 3 Ledgers, 1947 - 1960, 1960 - 1973 (current accounts of staff), 1994 (These records are closed)

Stiles Harold Williams

Records of the Byron Family of Coulsdon Court

  • AR1057
  • Collection
  • 1755 - 1975

The Byron Family were Lords of the Manor and residents of Coulsdon from the purchase of the Manor in 1782 until the sale of the estate and its dispersal in 1921. The archive covers the entire period and continues beyond the sale of Coulsdon estate, with documents through to 1962.

The Byron Archival Collection (AR1057) is a substantial collection of papers covering the domestic, social, business and farming history of the family, their role and relationship as local squires with the wider community of Coulsdon and Surrey, and the extensive foreign travels undertaken by members of the family.

Papers relating to the early decades are relatively sparse and the strength of the archive lies with the years when Thomas and then Edmund Byron held the Manor and estate, 1845-1921, continuing with Edmund’s children through to the 1940s. During these years, the archive has the breadth and depth for thorough and detailed research into this middle squirearchy landed family who were deeply rooted in and committed to the small rural community which was their home. Attention is particularly drawn to Edmund’s six decades as Lord of the Manor. To him lies the distinction of preserving the traditional – and in many respects patriarchal – rural life of the village from 1863 until his death in 1921. The archive is very strong in its coverage of Edmund’s eventful life and that of his four children, as is indicated in the Series descriptions of the archive.

The archive was originally read, noted and arranged by members of The Bourne Society, Surrey and this work has provided a number of papers that supplement the catalogue entries. These papers include Excel spreadsheets, some of which are quite detailed, covering nearly the whole archive, and summaries of a large part of the personal family correspondence. Produced for the purpose of developing the catalogue, these entries identify only the name of the relevant Series for each item and the item accession number and there has been much further refinement in catalogue numbering since their production. They are available on request to support specific areas of interest and research.

The Collection consists of 14 series:

AR1057/1- Personal Correspondence
AR1057/2- Family and Non-Family Settlements-Marriage, Wills and Trusts
AR1057/3- Domestic and Family Expenses and Accounts
AR1057/4- Outdoor Sports
AR1057/5- Public Offices and Family Philanthropy
AR1057/6- Journal and Memoirs
AR1057/7- Personal Records and Ephemera
AR1057/8- Business Correspondence and Estate Management
AR1057/9- Property Purchases and Valuations and Property Sales Before 1921
AR1057/10- Valuations and Property Sales After 1921
AR1057/11- Leases and Deeds
AR1057/12- Ledgers, Rental Income and Account Books
AR1057/13- Shares and Bond Holdings
AR1057/14- Solicitors' Accounts

Byron Family

F.G. Creed Papers

  • AR53
  • Collection
  • c.1890-c.1980

Personal papers of Frederick George Creed (1871-1957), inventor of the teleprinter, including family papers, patents, drawings and correspondence regarding his invention of the 'Seadrome', and other variations on ocean platforms, and the papers of his widow Mrs V.GL. Creed

Frederick George Creed

H. G. Simmons Memorabilia

  • AR33
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 1944

Home Guard Duty Book and photographs of Harry Guy Simmons (1909-1964).

H. G. Simmons

Woodford Old Girls Association

  • AR19
  • Collection
  • 1902-1969

Records of the Woodford (House) Old Girls Association; and photographs and mementoes of Woodford School.

Woodford Old Girls Association

Harold Bing Homework Books

  • AR17
  • Collection
  • 1905 - 1910

11 school exercise books, used while at Croydon Boys British School. These exercise books were used for Harold Bings homework; the British School was unusual among elementary schools in Croydon in setting homework in this period. the school was noted for an emphasis on artisitic production (drawing, painting, illumination, etc), which is a feature of these books. The books are marked by teachers, but also by the Headmaster, W H Jarvis, at his weekly inspection (normally with blue pencil in a circle).

Harold Frederick Bing

Ernest Wimble Scrapbook and Cuttings

  • AR7
  • Collection
  • 1911-1979

Scrapbook of cuttings, and printed ephemera, etc, of Ernest W Wimble, mainly re his three campaigns as Labour candidate for election to Croydon Corporation, 1920, 1922 and 1923. 2 cuttings re his visit to Russia in 1934.

Ernest Wimble

Croydon Amateur Boxing Club

  • AR3
  • Collection
  • 1928 - 1958

Two minute books (1928 - 1939; 1957), membership lists 1930s - 1940s; photographs 1920s - 1930s; posters, ephemera and insignia.

Croydon Amateur Boxing Club

J R Bex: Account Books

  • AR2
  • Collection
  • 1912 - 1977

Financial records of J R Bex, builders and undertakers, of 23 Wyche Road, Croydon

James R Bex

Sidney Joseph Madge: Papers Relating to Coulsdon and Purley

  • SJM
  • Collection
  • 1951 - 1953

Three histories of the Coulsdon and Purley area by Sidney J. Madge:

Coulsdon and Purley Source Book of Materials for Local History with Index 1951[SJM/1] Manuscript of Coulsdon: From the time of Cuthred to the Crusades, October 1952, with related correspondence 1952 - 3 [SJM/2]

Manuscript of Coulsdon Records: the Principal Lands of Coulsdon and Purley and their Holders, June 1953 [SJM/3]; and a typescript copy of same [SJM/4]

Sidney Joseph Madge

W.C. Berwick Sayers Collection

  • AR1011
  • Collection
  • 1899 - 1940
  1. WCBSs hand-written exercise book entitled Stray Verses 1902-1910 1916-1918 with 63 poems transcribed from his notebooks.
    1. Olive Emily Clarkes (WCBSs future wifes) autograph Album compiled 1910-1915 with a contribution by WCBS in 1911 (she married him in 1915) and contributions by James Duff Brown and by staff at Islington and Darlington Libraries.
    2. WCBSs notebook early 1940s with notes for the Library Association Classification Examination 18 May 1942, notes for lectures on Classification at Croydon Polytechnic 1941, and details of the blitz on Croydon from 13-24 November 1940. This ends with the 24 / 25 November 1940 and a later note explaining that this was when a bomb hit the South Report Centre in the Town Hall and WCBS was injured and put in hospital for some months.
    3. WCBSs first draft entitled Some Canons of Classification (in a library binding) which was published as Canons of Classification (1915). The draft combines reprints of his thesis submitted for the Professional Diploma and his papers read at the Library Association in 1907 and 1910 with a few pencil annotations.
    4. WCBSs desk diary for 1928 including (amongst other things) a poem by him and the titles of talks given at Croydon Public Library which include Selections from the Works of a Croydon Poet (no doubt WCBS).
    5. Six slim volumes of manuscript music sheets with words by WCBS and music by several of his friends and occasionally by WCBS too.
    6. Two song sheets with words by W. C. Berwick Sayers and music by Herbert Oliver published by J. H. Larway in the 1920s.
  2. A copy of Balaustons Adventure by Robert Browning (1889) inscribed in pencil with a poem composed by WCBS lauding Browning.
  3. the Foremost Trail by C. Fox Smith (1899), a prize book awared to W.C.Berwick Sayers by Heath and Home for Verses on Dreyfus in 1899 with three relevant loose newspaper cuttings, one of them annotated by him.

William Charles Berwick Sayers

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